One Alliance

Andrew Blundell


Description:Andrew shares a prophetic word he received during worship on 12/11/17 relating to Joshua 5, and draws from the Living Word to bring awareness and focus for this season. Be encouraged!

Passion for Jesus

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy shares personally about his journey into faith and into freedom, and the role that love and raw passion for Jesus has played in his life.

Revelation chapter 8 & 9

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy teaches more on the book of Revelation, focusing on chapters 8 & 9.

Revelation chapter 7

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy teaches out of his own revelation from the book of Revelation chapter 7. Strap in, get your Bible ready and press 'play'. The talk concluded in a powerful time with the Lord, we pray you are also blessed as you hear the message.

Catalysts of change

Bill Wilson, Metro Ministries


Description:Is there a single thing, a catalyst that in itself can cause change? Pastor Bill Wilson gives a challenging and thought provoking message, this is well worth a listen!

The book of Revelation part 8: The 7 Churches (focus on Philadelphia)

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy gives part 8 of the Revelation series, focusing in particular on the church of Philadelphia, and the implications on today's remnant church and coming times - exciting!

The book of Revelation part 7: The 7 Churches (Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicia)

Andy Tiplady


Description:Revelation part 7: A stirring talk about the last 3 Churches listed in Revelation 3, giving historical and Biblical insight to better understand the relevance and significance of this message for these end times. Next week Andy will be talking specifically about the Church of Philadelphia.

The book of Revelation part 6: The 7 Churches (first 4)

Andy Tiplady


Description:Revelation Part 6: Andy speaks from his understanding of the book of Revelation, relating to the seven Churches, giving an overview and a checklist for self examination. Great promises await those who overcome, but each church type have different areas to overcome. Where are you?

The book of Revelation part 5: The 7 Churches

Andy Tiplady


Description:Revelation Part 5: Looking at the book of Revelation and the different church types, seeing similarites and likenesses in this age.

Citizens of Heaven

Dr Howard Morgan


Description:Dr Howard Morgan brings a message that will challenge you to check your heart and motives when it comes to the things of the Spirit of God. How easily we slip into self seeking attitudes even in churchlife. Our carnal mind is at enmity with God, and these hidden strongholds need to come down, to let the glory of God enter and take true dominion. Advancing the Kingdom of Heaven starts in you and me.

Revelation, the Study ~ Intro Part II

Andy Tiplady


Description:The second introductory talk about the book of Revelation, introducing terminology and schools of thought that are useful for the Church to understand, as we prepare to walk through the book of Revelation. A discussion is opened up at the end, bringing in individual's thoughts and questions that make for interesting listening.

Revelation, the Study ~ Intro Part I

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy gives an introduction into the study of the book of Revelation. Is it something to be feared? Has 'it' all already happened? Is it just figurative? Why is this book something every Christian should be reading and seeking understanding for...join us for the journey as Andy introduces the topic.

The Palm Tree Lesson

Ariel Keren-Or


Description:In Psalm 92, David writes: 12 The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree... Ariel teaches five significant attributes about the Palm Tree which will surprise you. For the Body of Christ to show God's righteousness in these days, we need to learn and apply the lessons of the Palm Tree surviving in the Middle East. This is an excellent message that will really bless you, and help you mature. Hands on, practical and very encouraging.

Disciple of the King

Dr Howard Morgan's lyrics


Description:Lyrics by Dr Howard Morgan, sung at Bushfire on 14th February 2015. Join in the declaration and do some feet stomping while you're about it!

Millions of apples

Howard Morgan


Description:Dr Howard Morgan speaks his second session at the day conference, drawing attention to the fight between the nature of man, and the chief gardener who wishes us to bear fruit. As always, Howard's witt and humour makes the accuracy of his punches palatable, and memorable! Another great talk on practical discipleship.

Place of purification

Howard Morgan


Description:Dr Howard Morgan gives a message to Bushfire, bringing focus and encouragement to the body and leadership. A place of purification, preparing the Bride of Christ, a place of safety and growth.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt27

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy concludes the final verses of Daniel, bringing us to a shocking realisation of how close we really are to the final countdown to the visible entrance and rule of the Anti Christ. Study it for yourself, let us know what you discover!

Studying the book of Daniel, pt26

Andy Tiplady


Description:The penultimate talk on the book of Daniel, Andy brings out more from this amazing book relating it to the present prophetic age and what we can and should be looking out for, and how to get ready.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt25

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy shares his studies further from the book of Daniel.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt24

Andy Tiplady


Description:Concluding Daniel 9 chapter 11, Andy gives another rousing talk to shine a light and gain further understanding on the characteristics of the Anti Christ, the signs we need to watch out for and how to prepare for it.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt23

Andy Tiplady


Description:Daniel 11 v21-35, Daniel is trying to get our attention, highlighting endtime prophecy indicating the rising of the antichrist, looking at historical figures as a shadow of what's to come.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt22

Andy Tiplady


Description:Hear about ancient battles, Kings of the North and South Kingdoms, the relevance it has to this very era we're living in, be awakened more and more to the importance of understanding what God is doing, right here, right now, and your role in these end times.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt21

Andy Tiplady


Description:This message will challenge you to research some ancient history, discovering Daniel's predictions in Chapter 11 v1-9 came about. Daniel's accuracy is amazing and important to note, as in this peak prophecy we can see that if so much was accurate and has already come about, we certainly need to take heed to the outstanding prophecies yet unfulfilled. As Andy always says, "don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself and do the research". With Andy's passion and determination clear for all to see and hear, this message too may take you out of your comfort zone.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt20

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy brings the total present day situation into perspective. We need to be like Daniel in purity, seeking the Word of the Father for this moment. The UK hangs in the balance - we need to pray fervently for our government right now.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt19: When Jesus appears

Andy Tiplady


Description:Join the study from Daniel chapter 10. When Jesus appears and Daniel falls to his face.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt18: The 70 week prophecy

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy shares the outcome of his personal study and research into Daniel 9:20-27, understanding where we are in the scheme of the 70 week prophecy given to Daniel. How close are we to the fulfillment of the Gentile age?

Session 2: Back on the potter's wheel

Howard Morgan


Description:The second session with Howard Morgan on Saturday morning 2nd August. Just when you think it's over...

Session 3: A cold cuppa tea

Howard Morgan


Description:The third and final session with Howard Morgan at Bushfire on Saturday evening, 2nd August 2014. This message was shared after a profound meeting with the Lord, where deep worship and intercession mingled with creativity, resulting in an amazing outburst of song, dance, mourning, rejoicing, revelation, connection with the Spirit of God and

Session 1: New pair of shoes

Howard Morgan


Description:Dr Howard Morgan spent two days with Bushfire, giving of himself to help facilitate the moving of the Holy Spirit, and to teaching the body how to prepare themselves for ruling and reigning with Christ. Howards is very concerned with the details that often destroy a successful stewardship of moves of God. Please take the time to listen to all three of his sessions - they're important and relevant for the Body to hear and apply!

Studying the book of Daniel, pt17: Effective prayer

Andy Tiplady


Description:Taken from Daniel chapter 9, Andy explores the principles of effective prayer! Get your Bible ready...

Studying the book of Daniel, pt16

Andy Tiplady


Description:Open your Bible to Daniel 8 with us! Pointers and peak prophecy is found here, revealing the Anti Christ and what's to come!

Studying the book of Daniel, pt15

Andy Tiplady with Discussion


Description:More 'meat' from Daniel, with history thrown in, lots to think about and study for yourself!

Studying the book of Daniel, pt14

Andy Tiplady


Description:Another great talk, giving more insight into Daniel 7 v15-28.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt13

Andy Tiplady


Description:Taking it further, this is a good talk to take and Andy ensures that no fear sets in! We've got great times ahead of us!

Studying the book of Daniel, pt12

Andy Tiplady and discussion


Description:Andy continues with the study of the book of Daniel, now on chapter 7. Introducing the meaning and significance of words used in Biblical prophetic imagery, to help understand the visions and dreams that the Lord gave to Daniel. Also looking at history to see how part of the prophecies have been fulfilled, and what is yet to come.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt11

Andy Tiplady and discussion


Description:Final part on Daniel 6, Andy looks at the

Studying the book of Daniel, pt10

Andy Tiplady


Description:Daniel Chapter 6, the lead up into the renowned Lions Den story...What did Daniel think when he continued to openly pray to the Most High God, during the 30 day 'ban'? Couldn't he have just kept things quiet and slipt under the radar? Did he really have no fear of what could come, what was he thinking?

Studying the book of Daniel, pt9

Andy Tiplady


Description:Who is the Most High God? What does He mean to you? From the book of Daniel we gain further understanding to the names of God and what they mean to us.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt8

Andy Tiplady


Description:The writing's on the wall! When Belshazaar took what was sacred and set apart for the Lord for common use, the Lord's hand appeared on the wall, and fear of the Lord gripped him. Daniel had long been forgotten, except for the King's wife, who called for him to interpret the writing on the wall. Andy shares how so much of our culture and society today reflects on the Bablyonian way of life, idolatry and making common things that are holy.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt7

Andy Tiplady


Description:Have you lost your first love? Nebuchadnezzar has a lesson for us all!

Studying the book of Daniel, pt6

Andy Tiplady


Description:Studying the book of Daniel, passionate about God!

Studying the book of Daniel, pt5

Andy Tiplady with discussion


Description:Continuing with the study on the book of Daniel, with discussion at the end.

Studying the book of Daniel, pt4

Andy Tiplady with discussion


Description:Continuing with the study of the book of Daniel with discussion at the end.

Studying the book of Daniel, Pt3

Andy Tiplady with discussion


Description:Looking more into the book of Daniel, we can see how the strategy to capture the youth of a whole generation in Babylon is the same as today.

Studying the book of Daniel, Pt2

Andy Tiplady with discussion


Description:Looking further into the book of Daniel and the immense moral courage of Daniel

Deeper Waters, What on earth happened between Genesis 1v1 and 1v2?

Andy Tiplady


Description:So what about the fossils of dinosaurs that go back millions of years, carbon dating, the days of Noah, nephilim...the ice age? Is the Bible being proven wrong by scientists, what on earth happened between Genesis 1v1 and 1v2? Join in the discussion at Deeper Waters. Don't take our word for it, do your own research!

Deeper Waters_Global Signs pt4

Andy Tiplady


Description:More fascinating discoveries to confirm how far we already are into the End Times...

Deeper Waters_Constellations and Blood Moons pt3

Andy Tiplady


Description:Andy Tiplady brings the 3rd part on End Times, relating present day signs, constellations, current affairs and phenomena with prophecies of old from God's Word.