Revelation Chapter 8

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Pastor Don teaches through chapter 8 as we continue our study through the book of Revelation.

Revelation Chapter 7

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:"And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes."

Revelation Chapter 6

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:The world after the rapture.

Revelation Chapter 5

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us as Pastor Don teaches through Revelation 5 where we get a small glimpse of what heaven will be like.

Revelation Chapter 4

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Pastor Don continues our study through the book of Revelation.

Do Not Grieve the Spirit

Elder John Moubarek


Description:This is the companion message to what we learned last week. John takes us through Ephesians 4:25 as we are reminded of how to live holy lives that honor Jesus.

What is God's Will For Me?

Elder John Moubarek


Description:Join in as our elder, John, shares a timely message about starting a new year with waiting on God and what that looks like for practicing believers in Christ.

Revelation 3 - Part 3

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Listen in as Pastor Don teaches through the letter to the church of the Laodiceans and pulls out some application and encouragement.

Mary's Song

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us for a Christmas sermon from Pastor Don, exploring Mary's song after learning she was to give birth to the Messiah.

Revelation Chapter 3 - The Church in Philadelphia

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Listen in to what Christ had to say to the church in Philadelphia as well as to us believers today.

Revelation chapter 3

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Be encouraged through this study of Revelation chapter 3, where Pastor Don encourages us to live Spirit-led lives.

Colossians 2

Pat Johnson


Description:Pat Johnson, covering for Pastor Don, shares an applicable and challenging message from the second chapter of Colossians.

Revelation 2 part 2

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Pastor Don continues his study through the book of Revelation. Listen in and be encouraged.

Revelation 2

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join in as Pastor Don teaches through Revelation, chapter 2 with some practical applications for those following Christ.Stay tuned for a song from our special musical guest Randy Stonehill after the message!

Revelation 1

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Listen in as Pastor Don walks us through an introduction to the book of Revelation and the first chapter.

Leviticus 16

Andrew Fellman


Description:Join us as our friend Andrew points out a portrait of Christ found in Leviticus chapter 16. Be encouraged!

Biblical Worship

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Pastor Don discusses what it means to worship God in spirit and truth and how to apply that to your daily relationship with Jesus.


Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:This morning Pastor Don taught through the book of Jude, encouraging us with the five "Solas" as exampled in the epistle.

Gensis 49 - 50

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Pastor Don finishes off the book of Genesis looking at how to end well.

Genesis 48 - 49

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Pastor Don discusses how Israel looked to the future with faith in God and how we can too.

Genesis 46 - 47

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join in to be encouraged by learning about Jacob's time in Egypt after being reunited with his son, Joseph.

Genesis 42-45

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us this week by clicking on the link below to listen to Pastor Don teach through Genesis 42 - 44, which paints a beautiful literary picture of Christ's redeeming work in both the nation of Israel and those who believe in Jesus.

Strengthening the Soul

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Be encouraged as Pastor Don teaches through Genesis 40 and 41.

John 16

Elder John Moubarek


Description:Tune in to be encouraged by John's sharing from the gospel of John.

Genesis 38 - 39

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Listen in as Pastor Don shares some encouragement from the book of Genesis.

Genesis 36 - 37

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us this week as Pastor Don points out the parallels between Jacob's and Jesus' life as well as shares applications for you and I today as we study through Genesis 36 and 37.

Genesis 34 - 35

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:This week we studied through Genesis 34 and 35, discussing the different examples shown to us by our parents, and ultimately, the example we have in Christ of a good Father.

Genesis 32-33

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Come and listen to how Jacob reunited with his brother Esau then wrestled with God. Stay tuned to the end to join us in a song of worship to God.

Genesis 30-31

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us as pastor Don discusses the "King of Con", Laban, and his relationship with Jacob. Be encouraged as we hear about how God can turn around a bad situation.

Galatians 5

John Moubarek


Description:Be encouraged and challenged as John shares a message from Galatians 5.

Church Dedication Service

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us as Pastor Don hosts a dedication service upon the completion of the renovations to the building that houses Calvary Chapel Rochester.

Genesis 29

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Pastor Don discusses the consequences of living deceitfully as well as how God can take any situation and use it for His glory.

Genesis 28

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Tune in and be encouraged while Pastor Don discusses the vision Jacob received of angels ascending and descending into heaven.

Genesis 27

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Be encouraged as Pastor Don shares a message from Genesis chapter 27.

Genesis 25

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us as Pastor Don teaches through Genesis Chapter 25 and encourages us to forsake the sin that easily entangles and press toward the goal.

Genesis 24

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us as Pastor Don teaches through Genesis 24, expounding on a fascinating picture of the Holy Spirit found in the Old Testament.

Genesis 22 part 2

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us and be encouraged to keep in fellowship with God and with believers as Pastor Don teaches through the second part of Genesis 22.

Genesis 22

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us to hear an encouraging message from Genesis 22!

Genesis 20-21

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us as Pastor Don gives a message from Genesis 20-21 on God's faithfulness.

Proverbs 8 - Mother's Day

Travis Thompson


Description:Join us for a special message from Travis Thompson on Proverbs chapter 8. Listen to learn how to grow in wisdom!

Luke 22

John Moubarek


Description:Be incited to press forward as one of our Elders, John Moubarek, shares some encouraging reminders found in Luke chapter 22!

Genesis 18 part 2

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Pastor Don goes through the second portion of Genesis, chapter 18, discussing Lot. *Due to technical difficulties, the beginning four minutes of the message was not recorded.

Genesis 17 - 18

Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join in to hear about Abram's name change, hospitality, and God's promise to him.


Pastor Don Rypstra


Description:Join us as Pastor Don shares an Easter message.