Why is the World Here?

Luke Tattersall


Description:The short answer is "Because God spoke". The Bible says that creation sprang into existence because the all-powerful God said it should. This passage tells us everything we need to know about the God who made the world and the world he made.

Why Am I Here?

Luke Tattersall


Description:The focus of the creation account is the man & woman. They alone are made to be in God's image and to rule over the creation. They alone are made for relationship with God.

What's Wrong with the World (part 1)

Luke Tattersall


Description:Genesis 3 shows us sin entering into the world. It is not just a matter of eating fruit but rejecting God's authority and wanting to choose for ourselves what is right & wrong.

What's Wrong with the World (part 2)

Luke Tattersall


Description:Genesis 4 shows the spread and increase of sin. We see it with Cain … but we are also taken 5 generations ahead to Lamech.

Why Doesn't God Do Something About Evil?

Luke Tattersall


Description:This is a very common question … and the story of the flood is God doing something about sin. It reminds us that rebellion against God is serious and that God will one day judge the world again.

Do We Have the Ability to Fix Things?

Luke Tattersall


Description:The story of the Tower of Bable … while somewhat more subtle … is man again grasping at being like God.

Does God Still Have a Plan for This World?

Luke Tattersall


Description:In light of all that has happened with the world you would understand if God were to just give up on the world. But God's response in the face of man's rebellion is to choose Abraham and begin a plan of salvation that will culminate in Jesus.

Put Your Hope in God (Psalm 42-43)

Luke Tattersall


Description:Depression is a serious issue in our society today. Most commentators think that the writer of these Psalms is suffering from depression. As people who trust in God there is some good advice in here.

When Bad Things Happen

Luke Tattersall


Description:How should we respond when bad things happen to us? Should we think that it is God's punishment or judgement? They are the questions being asked by the writer of this Psalm ... and the answers are helpful for us.

God Is Our Strength and Refuge

Luke Tattersall


Description:A great Psalm of confidence in the God who rules over everything.

To Know Him Is To ...

Luke Tattersall


Description:We should love one another. Why? Because God sent his son into the world. If you understand the truth about Jesus you will love. If you deny the truth about Jesus then you are not from God. Obedience, Truth and Love are all connected.

Blessed Assurance

Luke Tattersall


Description:Eternal life comes through Jesus. He who has the son has life. He who does not have the son does not have life. Life comes through Jesus. And the life we have in Jesus gives us confidence about this life, confidence in our prayer and confidence about our future.

Amazed by Grace

Luke Tattersall


Description:Grace is the doctrine that stands at the very heart of Christianity. Grace is the defining difference between Christianity and all the other religions of the world. But we struggle to understand grace ... and often think that our relationship with God is achieved by our effort. Jesus seeks to correct that thinking in Matthew 20:1-16.

Motivated By Grace

Luke Tattersall


Description:Christians can sometimes be motivated by wrong things in their Christian lives - fear, guilt, pride, obligation, etc. The Bible says our primary motivation as we seek to follow Jesus should be God's grace to us in Jesus.

Christmas Emotions

Luke Tattersall


Description:Christmas is a time when we can experience a whole range of emotions - happiness, surprise, sadness, etc.Two of the big emotions of the very first Christmas day were fear and joy. We see those emotions in the story of the shepherds.

A Very Aussie God

Luke Tattersall


Description:One characteristic of Australians is that they seem willing to forgive people. David, the king of Israel, says that the most praise-worthy thing about God is his willingness to forgive.

Reflections on Money

Luke Tattersall


Description:In this Wisdom Psalm the writer wants to point out the fact that money can't give the security that you might think it can ... and there is one things that money can't do.

Who Do You Envy?

Luke Tattersall


Description:Are there poeple you envy? Do you sometimes think that others have the "good" life ... and that being Christian means you are missing out?

A Woman's Thirst

Anthony King


Description:Anthony retells the story of the Woman at the well from the woman's perspective ... what she might have seen and felt about her encounter with Jesus.

Real Food - John 6

Anthony King


Description:Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?” Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” (John 6:28-29)

The Fields re White ...

Luke Tattersall


Description:Chapter 8 sees the beginning of Jesus ministry. He establishes by is actions he is the saviour God promised to send. The surprise in these chapters is the response to Jesus. Jesus also challenges his followers to work at building the Kingdom.

Jesus and the Death of Religion

Luke Tattersall


Description:One of the surprises in Matthew is that Jesus greatest opposition comes from the people who should be most excited he has come … the Religious Leaders.

Snapshots of the Kingdom

Luke Tattersall


Description:Matthew chapter 13 is devoted almost entirely to talking about the Kigdom that Jesus has come to bring in. In this series of Parables Jesus explains some important things about the Kingdom.

O Come All Ye Faithful

Luke Tattersall


Description:One of the things that stands out about Jesus is his compassion for people. We see it in the way he deals with the Canaanite woman ... as well as in the feeding of the five thousand. Jesus is driven by a love for people.

Jesus on Forgiveness

Luke Tattersall


Description:Jesus talks about how to handle things when someone sins against you. All this talk about forgiveness leads to teh Parable of the Unforgiving Servant.

Kingdom Demands & Rewards

Anthony King


Description:God's ways are not our ways. It a world that works on merit and pride/position Jesus says that the values in his Kingdom are very different.

The Woeful State of Israel

Luke Tattersall


Description:What stands at the heart of this passage is Israel’s rejection of the authority of Jesus and culminates with a Parable that seems to sum it all up.

Be Prepared

Luke Tattersall


Description:The motto for the scouts is "Be Prepared". In Matthew 24-35 Jesus tells his discples to "Be Prepared". He tells them what to be prepared for and how to be prepared for it.

The Crowning of the King

Luke Tattersall


Description:Matthew gives us the account of the crucifixion of Jesus ... but he knows that this is the cornoation of Jesus ...his crowning as King. But this is almost the opposite of what yo uwould expect in a coronation.

What Has This Got to do With Me?

Luke Tattersall


Description:Matthew gives us the shortest account of the resurrection of Jesus ... but tells us 5the important things that we need to know.

The Famine (Ruth 1)

Luke Tattersall


Description:God's Kindness in Hardship - While Naomi is unable to see it, but God has been with her every step of the way … through all her hardships.

The Harvest (Ruth 2)

Anthony King


Description:God is at work through what looks like a series of coincidences to bring Ruth to the feild belonging to Boaz ... their kinsman redeemer.

The Gathering (Ruth 3)

Luke Tattersall


Description:God's kindness to each of the characters in this story through family relationships. Family is how God has us wired as the people he made.

The Fullness (Ruth 4)

Luke Tattersall


Description:The genealogy at the end of the book of Ruth is where the whole story has been heading. God's kindness to Ruth, Naomi and us is seen iin the gift of a King who will lead God's people.

How NOT to Pray

Luke Tattersall


Description:Before giving his disciples the model prayer he tells them how NOT to pray: Not like hypocrites and not like pagans.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Luke Tattersall


Description:For many people the words of the Lord's Prayer are simply words to be recited from memory ... not really any throught is given to what they are praying. But Jesus is asking for us to pray for some radical changes to happen in our world and in our lives.

Waiting for the World to Change

Luke Tattersall


Description:With these final 3 petitions Jesus again wants us to pray for big things. He wants us to recognise our dependence on God, the importance of us being forgiving people and livingly godly lives for the same of God's name.

God's Solution to Our Problem

Anthony King


Description:Genesis 1-11 shows us a world that repeatedly turns away from God. God's plan to fix our problem begins with Abram ... and culminates with Jesus.

All That Glitters ...

Luke Tattersall


Description:Abram and Lot are forced to part ways because they now have so much livestock. Lot chooses to move to Sodom. Abram chooses to move into the land God has promised to give him.

Giving God a Helping Hand

Luke Tattersall


Description:Fearing that God is not going to act in giving Abram descendants, Sarai & Abram decide to give God a helping hand ... with disasterous consequences.

What Happens When God Visits?

Luke Tattersall


Description:Genesis 18 & 19 give us to contrasts of how to respond when God visits - Abraham (18) and the people of Sodom & Gomorrah (19). Amazingly, Jesus says that some of the people of his day are more hard hearted than the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.

A Test of Faith

Luke Tattersall


Description:These chapters show us the defining event in the life of Abraham.

One Wedding and a Funeral

Luke Tattersall


Description:The Abraham story closes and shows that he now makes his decisions in life based on the promises of God.

The Parable of the Fig Tree

Luke Tattersall


Description:Jesus tells this short parable to make one simple point: He is coming again to judge this world.

An Unusual Role Model

Luke Tattersall


Description:In this strange parable Jesus tells the story of a dishonest manager and says that his followers can learn from him. But it is not the dishonesty we are to copy.


Luke Tattersall


Description:Chrstians aren't left guessing what God is like or how we are to respond to him. He has clearly revealed himself. Our God is a god who speaks to us ... communicates with us. And most importantly God has made himself know in the person of Jesus.