Divine Workings in Ordinary Life

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week's sermon examines the importance ofloyalty and how that loyalty leads to divine pathways. That is, when we are loyal to God (who is loyal to us), we have the privilege of participating in his divine will. Do you want to? Find out how Ruth's loyalty to Naomi and God led to our salvation in Jesus Christ.

The Importance of Memorial

Chet Rutledge


Description:In this week's sermon we will examin the importance of remembering our God and Father, the one who gives the freedom so many die for. Study with us in Judges chapter 9 as we see how forgetting God can lead to disillusionment and destruction.

Broken but Not Beaten

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week's sermon examines Psalm 51 and the posture of one who has realized their own brokenness, but also realizes the power of God that can heal and transform them.

The Circumstance of a Mother

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week’s sermon examines the life of Rahab. Although she may be an unlikely candidate for a mother’s day focus, Rahab is a great example of God working through the most difficult of circumstances in order to use a person to take part in His great work. Study with us in Joshua 2 as we discover Belief, Faith, Confession and Forgiveness.

Ready and Waiting

Chet Rutledge


Description:Be Ready! This week's sermon examines the importance ofbeing prepared, not only in relation to our dailylives but also in relation to our eternal lives as well. Study with us in Luke 12.

Loving God

Chet Rugledge


Description:God asks us to obey him - what does that mean and how do we do it. This weeks study in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 examines the direct correlation between our love for God and our obedience to him. Full obedience can only be accomplished through a TRUE LOVE for God.

Fighting Against God

Chet Rutledge


Description:Discover with us, through a story of a talking donkey, how God has given us 'free will'; but he will fight for us anyway. Numbers 22:21-41

Building Identity

Chet Rutledge


Description:Through Luke 5:1-11, we will examine teh idea of how our human identity is built through the divine identity of Jesus Christ.

Our Hope is in God

Chet Rutledge


Description:Follow along with us in Leviticus 26:40-45 as we explore the Loyalty of God. Our relationship with God is a two way street; but regardless of our unfaithfulness and blindness, God is loyal to his people and promises. Our response should be confession, repentence and divine loyalty. Divine Loyalty Transcends Human Disobedience. AMEN...

What's Next

Chet Rutledge


Description:Today as we read in Mark15-16, the women have come to the tomb to find it empty. Is this the end of the story? What's next? Jesus is Risen, He is Risen indeed!! Oh what glory, what hope!!

The House of the Lord - Is it really the building?

Buzz Beattie


Description:Walk through the scripture with us to explore what is meant by the House of the Lord - what is the Sanctuary. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, Ephesians 2: 19-22, 1 Peter 2:4-5 and more.

Looking for a Sign

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week's sermon reminds us that those who put their failth in Jesus experience the miraculous power of God. Read Mark 8:1-13 to see Jesus's Compassion, Provison and Admonition.

The Exodus

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week's sermon focuses on God's eternal provision and His idea of deliverance.

Wisdom without Knowledge

Chet Rutledge


Description:Take a look at the book of Job with us. The message of this book is the omnipotence of God. Praise Him!!!

The Power of Service

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week's sermon focuses on Jesus' idea of what service not only looks like, but what it actually does for those who believe! Join us in a study of Matthew 20:20-34 as we see that the worldly view of things often contradicts with the heavenly view.

Moving Mountains

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week's sermon focuses on teh power of faith; particularly, God's ability to work wonders through those who believe in Jesus and are faithful. This will remind you that we most likely create our own problems, but Jesus holds the Solution. Have faith and get out of the way and see what happens.

Power Over Nature - Power over Nurture

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week we will focus on the Power of Jesus - the one we follow - which has the ability to change people's lives, both internally and externally. Two stories in Matthew 8:23-34 show us how Jesus' authority and presence changes everything.

A Tale of Two Brothers

Chet Rutledge


Description:Our first step on our walk through the Bible this year is A Tale of Two Brothers. In the story of Cain and Abel we will focus on how one's sense of personal responsibility ultimately affects spiritual formation. We will all experience Conflict, how we manuever through the choices and the consequences will help us to build our character, faith and relationships.

A Year of Building

Chet Rutledge


Description:Our focus in 2016 is going to be growing the church - individually and corporately. This week we will explore the idea of building on a foundation of Christ. The Word of God will lay that foundation and it can build in us. Study with us Ephesians 2:21-22 and check out our website, under resources, to find a daily reading schedule that will aid us in our goal of building.

Word for the Body

Chet Rutledge


Description:Study in Ephesians 4 with us as we examine the Pauline notion of Stability and Growth in Jesus.

A Time to Rewind

Chet Rutledge


Description:Reflect with us the past year, 2015. We will base our reflection on Psalm 143:1-6.

The Birth of the Messiah

Children's play


Description:Our children performed a play called "Just a Little Christmas" to help us usher in this Christmas week.

The Announcement of the Messiah

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week in our series celebrating the message of Christmas, we will look at the implications of God's preparing the way for the messiah. Read with us in Luke 1:26-38.

The Purpose of the Messiah

Chet Rutledge


Description:Celebrate with us the message of Christmas over the next few weeks. Today we will look at the prophecy of Isaiah in chapter 9:1-7 and the message of Hope, Freedom and a new beginning that was fulfilled in Christ.

How to be Thankful

Chet Rutledge


Description:Last week we discussed the Christian perspective of continual thanksgiving - this week we will examine teh application of thanksgiving in our lives. We will be reading Colossians 3:15-17.

The Reality of Thanksgiving

Chet Rutledge


Description:Thanksgiving in America is a day - it is coming this Thursday; but for Christians it is a daily thing. Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians 4:13-18 how our posture of giving thanks is a foundation that drives the church. Join us in praising and giving thanks to God for all that he is and all that he does for us each day.

The Memory of God

Chet Rutledge


Description:As we enter into the season of Thanksgiving, let us be reminded of the woderful gift of forgiveness, in which we should always be thankful. Read through Hebrews 10:11-18 with us and learn what God has done through Jesus Christ.

The Service of a Leader

Chet Rutledge


Description:As our nation remembers its veterans this week, it would be appropriate to examine the idea of service and be reminded of God's ability to equip those who serve. Read Joshua 1:1-11 with us as we explore the courage we can get from God.

The Logic of God's Kingdom

Chet Rutledge


Description:Life's not fair - we have all probably heard that. Let's examine the idea that in God's Kingdom of Heaven our idea of logic doesn't apply - let's be grateful for that. We will look at Matthew 20:1-16 and the parable of the Workers in the Vineyard this week.

Doing What you Can

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week we will examine one dimension of what Jesus considers important to God, which is the giving of ourselves. Our study will be around Luke 7:36-50

Parable of the Sower

Chet Rutledge


Description:In Matthew 13:1-23 we hear a familiar parable - The Parable of the Sower. Let's examine how this parable is teaching us about the character of God.

Determining Value

Chet Rutledge


Description:How can we determine true value in a world where value is decided by monetary means. Explore through the parables found in Matthew 13:44-46 how finding value takes effort and committment.

I can do ALL things

Barclay "Buzz" Beattie


Description:Guest speaker Buzz Beattie reminds us about the provision and power of Jesus Christ in Philippians 4:13

The Problem with Planning

Chet Rutledge


Description:Let's look at Luke 10:38-42 - Jesus is at Martha and Mary's house. Through these short passages we can see how consulting God's word can help us reduce Distractions, Selfishness and Complications.

Building Wisely

Chet Rutledge


Description:Study with us this week about strengthening ourselves by building on the foundation of Christ. We are reading Luke 6:46-49. Our strength is directly related to our discipleship, meaning that if you daily walk with Christ, studying his word and his life and live daily trying to implement his teachings you will be strong and stablle in this life and secure in the next.

Stumbling Into Security

Chet Rutledge


Description:A study in Psalm 119 about our humanness and God's security.

Baptism Basics

Chet Rutledge


Description:There is s a time for everything - this week we will explore the basics of baptism, why do we do it, what comes next...Forgiveness of Sins, Saving Grace, Work ahead, AMAZING!!!Study with us through the New Testament about baptism and our lives.

How Jesus Avoided Sin

Chet Rutledge


Description:In this final of 3 lessons, let us look to our great example. How did Jesus Avoid Sin - Remember God's Provision, Remember God's Loyalty and Remember God's Identity. Follow along in Luke 4:1-13. Let Jesus show you the way.

Expecting Trouble

Chet Rutledge


Description:Continuing our series on Avoiding Trouble, we are looking at Joseph's interaction with Potiphar's wife - we can expect irrationality, attack and the unexpected from sin in our lives. Genesis 39:1-23

Avoiding Trouble

Chet Rutledge


Description:We are studying 1 John today and his directives to us in regards to dealing with the trouble of sin. Remember to appeal to Jesus and practice obedience to avoid the trouble of sin.

Being God's Child - The Intention of Being God's Child

Chet Rutledge


Description:In the conclusion of our series on Being God's Child, let's examine what it means to have less of "Self" and more of Jesus. We are looking at Mark 10:13-16.

Being God's Child - The Status of Being God's Child

Chet Rutledge


Description:We appologize if the audio is not good at the beginning - we had technical difficulties. But in a study of Romans 8:14-17 we are exploring what it truly means to be adopted to sonship of God. Come and find comfort and confidence. additional reading - read to the end of Romans 8.

Being God's Child - The Formula of Being God's Child

Chet Rugledge


Description:We are starting a short series on Being God's Child. This first installment explores Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:43-48) and what He is telling us about Being God's Child. Accept the challenge of living in this world, but being different from it because you are a child of God. The simple formula that Jesus gives us is to RETHINK every situation, TRY AGAIN (practice makes perfect) and DO IT BETTER - remember to strive for a perfection that the world does not understand.

The Parable of the Father's Unfailing Love

Mike Adams


Description:Sometimes it is good to look at a familiar parable in a different light - hence the name change. Mike has shown us once again in Luke 15: 11-32 that we are the story, but most of all God is the story. Please find Compassion, Love, Forgiveness and Joy as you listen to Mikes commentary on The Parable of the Prodigal Son with an emphasis on the Father and the Church.

God in 3 Persons - God the Father

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week's sermon is the conclusion of our series examining the overall function and relevance of each of the Godhead. God as the Father. His love for us, his presense, the fact that our very life is from him gives us reason to celebrate Him on this Father's Day.

God in 3 Persons - Jesus the Son

Chet Rutledge


Description:In this the second installment of God in 3 Persons we look at Jesus. Knowing Jesus as God's son, means knowing Opportunity - listen and uncover this truth with us.

God in 3 Persons - Holy Spirit

Chet Rutledge


Description:This week we will start a series of lessons on the Godhead. Come with us while we examine the overall function and relevance of each of the Godhead - starting with the Holy Spirit.Luke 4 & Romans 8

Divine Vision

Chet Rutledge


Description:God is Great!!! God is Awesome!!! God is CORRECT!!! When we realize this and move forward with that in mind we may come closer to seeing with his Divine Vision. Our lesson this week will review 1 Samuel 16:1-7 where Samuel is called to go to Jesse to annoint one of his sons as king over Israel - God definitely sees something that Samuel doesn't. Listen and decide if you want to participate in God's Vision, Direction and Correction.