Our First Love Wk 3 The Lord's Prayer - Heaven on Earth

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Destiny and AuthorityYour will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Our First Love -The Lord's Prayer Part 1 Wk. 2

Jeff Hoyos


Description:First watch a video for some information on the IF: Gathering , and then Pastor Jeff talks about how he can provide an opportunity, to step toward relationships, real friendships with others and with the lord. This is near to God's heart....something that he loves and reminds his church, his family, to continually walk toward and keep as a priority.

Our First Love Wk. 1

Jeff Hoyos


Description:First we reviews our church vision set out last week, then the small groups team shares the plan for Small Groups in the coming months, and Pastor Jeff brings a brief message about keeping our love for God as the first priority in our lives.

Vision Sunday

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff is going to share our new vision for this Year. As a leadership team we've been seeking God's heart for where he's leading us this year. Take a look at the 5 year and 1 year visions.

Beyond Faith: Living with Purpose

Duke Dutkevitch


Description:Pastor Duke starts off 2018 with a message on living intentionally and putting our faith to WORK.

The Glory of God Wk.5 The Lord Our Healer

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff encourages you to live a life where more Glory flows through it. Listen to the story and learn how the Power of walking together ca heal you.

Advent Testimony

Jacob & Leah Moss


Description:Join us for our last session of advent as we celebrate this Christmas season with a testimony.

The Glory of God Wk 4: Immanuel God with us, Christmas Eve

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Join us this Christmas Eve morning as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the meaning of this Christmas season as we finish out our series on the Glory of God. Merry Christmas from Church for Life!

The Gloy of God Wk 3: Yaheh Jireh

Jeff Hoyos


Description:This week, Pastor Jeff Hoyos shares another name of God... Yahweh Jireh, The Lord Will Provide. We walk through the life of Abraham with a focus on his needs, wants, and deepest desires. How did God provide for Abraham, and what can we learn about how he will provide for us? Listen now and be encouraged!

The Glory of God - Wk 2: El Qanna

Chris Roina


Description:This week we've been seeing the awful and terrifying images of entire hillsides on fire here in California. Pastor Chris is continuing the series of The Glory of God and the burning bush. Watch and listen to see how Fire and Glory are connected in the Bible.

The Glory of God-Wk 1: Yahweh

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff loves this season. It's about honoring the lord and giving him Glory. Listen on how to experience more of God's glory in our lives. How to experience more of his peace, strength, provision, and healing.

God's Presence-Testimony Service

Jeff Hoyos


Description:This week we are continuing our series on God’s Presence. Watch as Pastor Jeff Hoyos talks about the principle of Thanksgiving. When we choose to be thankful, even when through tough circumstances and seasons of life, being thankful opens up our lives to the presence of God. Listen to the teststimonys.

God's Presence - Thankfulness

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff brings us example after example from the Bible of people rolling out the red carpet for God's presence with the simple act of thankfulness. Listen now and be encouraged!

God's Presence - Generosity

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff lets us know that there is a second principle that as believers we should also be known for? There’s another way of doing life, a gift, that God wants us to experience firsthand that will show the world that God exists and that he wants to be a part of their lives.

Loving Well Wk.8 -Forgiveness

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff Hoyos continues the conversation on one the most important principles found in scripture. It's the principle of Love. Today we’re going to wrap up our series and explore the gift of Sound Mind or what some scholars call self control. Hear about the bible story of a father and son and how their broken relationship was restored because the father walked in the gift of sound mind.

Big Kids Church Take Over

Christie Ortiz


Description:Meet Christie Ortiz, one of the fearless Big Kids Church Leaders. Experience how it is to Big Kids Church.

Loving Well Wk.7 What do you Need?

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff Hoyos shares insights on the story of Jesus healing the blind man in Jericho and how that interaction shows US how WE should love and serve those around us.

Loving Well Wk.6 Do You Speak My Language?

Duke Dutkevitch


Description:Pastor Duke examines how in a healthy relationship, love is how to build and maintain connection. Learn about the 5 Love Languages and that each person has a basic love language.

Loving Well Wk 5 Loving Conflict

Chris Roina


Description:Pastor Chris examines how conflict, when done well, is one of God's greatest tools to help us love better and draw us closer to each other and him. Listen and be encouraged today!

Loving Well Wk 4 The Goals of Relationship

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff Hoyos continues the conversation on one the most important principles found in scripture. It's the principle of Love. Christ set the example for us and shows all of us that this goal of connection can release miracles in our relationships. Someone has to be brave enough to make the first move, to step out and extend love. Could that be you?

Loving Well Wk 3 Power Part 2

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff Hoyos continues the conversation about how LOVE and POWER go hand in hand to help us live our lives in such a way that we can love well.

Loving Well Wk 2 Power Part 1

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff continues to spend time diving into each of the other areas listed in verse 2 Timothy 1:7.Unpack what Power/Love/ and Sound Mind mean and how we can apply them to loving others well.

Loving Well Wk 1 Driving out Fear

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff introduces a new Series "Driving out Fear" with a look a how LOVE is the ultimate tool to do just that! Listen now and be encouraged.


Cindy Hoyos


Description:Pastor Cindy Hoyos walks us through another bible story. The story of Zaccheus the chief tax collector. Watch and listen to the restoration working in Zaccheus.

Abraham and Sarah

Eric Fernandez


Description:Pastor Eric Fernandez is really excited today to share with you a Bible story that rings near and dear to his heart because the heart struggle of the couple in the story and how God used them thru their faith to bless you and me.

David and Goliath

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff Hoyos brings us another great story to share and since today many of us have our minds on our kids or maybe ourselves heading back to school…Let’s jump into a story about a young teen whose schooling changed his life and the life of an entire nation.


Amber Litzinger


Description:Pastor Amber Litzinger brings us several stories about Peter, rolled into one message. Hear how this rough fisherman came to be called the "rock" by Jesus himself. Listen now and be encouraged!


Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff walks us through another bible story. The story of Daniel not giving up and letting his circumstances define him. Instead he faced the doubt and fear in his heart and chose to believe that the impossible could happen if they honored God with this actions.

Elijah and the Widow

Jeff & Cindy Hoyos


Description:Listen as Jeff & Cindy walk us through another story that will build up our faith. How a change on perspective can change everything.

Africa Mission Testimony

Mission Team


Description:The Church For Life missions trip team to South Africa is back! Hear what God did through them and in them.


Cindy Hoyos


Description:The Summer of Stories brings us those old family stories of those that came before us. This week, Pastor Cindy shares the story of Ruth and five lessons we can learn from her perseverance and humility.


Jeff Hoyos


Description:The Summer of Stories brings us those old family stories of those that came before us. This week, Pastor Jeff shares Jonah's story of TRYING to run away from God instead of acting in Faith. Let's learn a lesson!

Family- Panel Discussion PT.1

Hoyos, Granski, Garcia


Description:Wrapping up the Family sessions with panel discussion. Questions (Live from audience and streaming viewers) and Answers from Pastors, Leaders and Elders.


Chris Roina


Description:Father's Day Message.

Kids Wk 2: One Key Relationship

Jeff Hoyos


Description:This week we're going to continue our topic on kids and focus not on discipline, but on the other side of the coin...What's one thing we can do to embrace and show our kids the we love them? That key is through relationship.

Kids Wk 1 : Discipline Comes From Love

Amber Litzinger


Description:Now we are going to talk about the natural outcome of marriage-Kids. God is laying out a plan for protection and security within the families- -through discipline. So how do we walk this out God's way, through a balance relationship of discipline, love and godliness.

Marriage Wk 4: A Match Made in Heaven

Duke Dutkevitch


Description:Listen in as Pastor Duke, our newest elder, lays out God's model for marriage. As we read scriptures, we start to see how growing closer to God can lead us closer together.

Marriage Wk 3: Wives

Jeff Hoyos


Description:This week we are continuing our series on Marriage. Watch as Pastor Jeff Hoyos explain how thanks to God we don’t have to wander through trails of life alone or without a compass. God’s here o help us navigate life and he’s really good at it. Listen to the journey of the key principle that Apostle Paul wrote about.

Marriage Wk 2: Husbands

Jeff Hoyos


Description:The second message in a new series on Family! Focusing on Marriage, from husbands perspective, Pastor Jeff Hoyos and his wife Cindy, show practical ways to submit to one another. Listen now and be encouraged.

Marriage Wk 1: Priorities

Jeff Hoyos


Description:The first message in a new series on Family! Focusing on Marriage, Pastor Jeff Hoyos shows how prioritizing your life bring harmony to every part of it... including your relationships. Listen now and be encouraged.

Relationships Wk 5 : Conflict

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Family gets messy sometimes. Even in our church family, we sometimes bump up against each other. Pastor Jeff Hoyos brings a message from the Bible on how those collisions can actually help us and the other members of our family. Listen now and be encouraged!

Relationships Wk 4: Comings and Goings

Chris Roina


Description:This week we are continuing our series on Relationships. Watch as Pastor Chris Roina explain how we are all in a process of coming out of something and going into something else. He shares a story of an ancient encounter with Jesus and the 5 things that can guide us through our own transitions.

Easter Sunday - Freedom

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Join us this Easter Sunday as we celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection and what that means for us today. Happy Easter from everyone at Church for Life!

Relationships Wk3 When People Fail Us

Jeff Hoyos


Description:We are called to be in relationship with people, and honor those around us. But how do we honor someone when they fail us? What does God want us to do then? Pastor Jeff Hoyos brings us encouragement and instruction straight from the Bible.

Relationships Wk2 Honor

Amber Litzinger


Description:Pastor Amber Litzinger. Deliberate and value based action to bring honor to all.

Relationships Wk1 Messy Relationships

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Pastor Jeff Hoyos opens the new series to help us walk out together. He looks at how to prepare ourselves for when relationships get a little messy. There are are some simple God principles that will help us stay in relationship even when we step on each others toes.

Giving Testiomony Sunday



Description:Listen as members of the church share about their personal experience with giving and how "you can never out-give God". He loves to bless you when you obey His calling. Be encouaged as we share how God has done that in our own lives.

Being Generous

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Is generosity about how much you give? How much you give UP? Who you're giving to? Pastor Jeff Hoyos shows us from scripture that's it's much more about the heart behind the giving.

The Battle Over Our Finances

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Week 4 in our series on finances is on how to focus our time together on the battle for our giving and over our finances. Pastor Jeff Hoyos explains how we are also in a spiritual battle, we have our own wrestling matches that we are struggling in for our lives and our finances.

First Fruits

Jeff Hoyos


Description:Week 3 in our series on finances and giving brings us to the idea of "first fruits". Pastor Jeff Hoyos explores these questions. Does God really care about how we give? How does tithing affect our lives?