More Than Clean

Mark Pierce


Description:Challenges in our lives demonstrate our need of a Savior and draw us to Christ. But what about when things are going well in our lives? What keeps us in need of Jesus? Today we learn the story of the grateful Samaritan and the surprising purpose of thanksgiving in the lives of authentic Christ-followers.

The Work Of Faith

Mark Pierce


Description:When do faith and work belong in the same sentence? More often than you might suppose! Jesus gives His Nike talk in Luke 17: “Just do it!” What should I be doing? That is the topic of today’s talk - where Christian faith and Christian work cross paths.

The Great Reversal

Mark Pierce


Description:We consider the haunting parable of the Rich Man and the Beggar. We learn about the great turnaround in fortunes for both men and what it might mean for us - both in this life and in the one to come. Open your Bible to Luke 16:19-31 and prepare yourself for the only journey we all equally will take some day.

The View From 60

Mark Pierce


Description:Pastor Mark turned 60 years old and prepared a special talk, “The View From 60.” He shares 6 lessons he has learned from 6 decades of living. Valuable insights combined with Bible truths and personal stories should make this sermon special!

Follow The Money

Mark Pierce


Description:We consider the parable of the shrewd manager - one of Jesus’ stories with a real plot twist at the end! We’ll use this parable to follow our own money and how we handle it. Open your Bible and your heart to Luke 16:1-15.

Outsiders & Insiders

Mark Pierce


Description:We finish our six-week study of Luke 15 by considering the prodigal son’s older brother. We reach the sobering conclusion that it is possible to be both faithful and obedient, while at the same time, have wrong expectations of God and misplaced affections for those God loves.

Radical Love

Mark Pierce


Description:The love God the Father has for us is radical! Today we discover just how much He really loves us by considering the parable of the prodigal son. Along the way we discover 7 action verbs that describe just how R.A.D.I.C.A.L. God’s love really is!

Lost & Found

Mark Pierce


Description:Our Easter message this year focuses on the Prodigal Son. If we find ourselves LOST, a u-turn is usually a good idea. Have you ever heard the GPS say, “Please turn around?” Sometimes the Holy Spirit whispers that to us too. The Biblical word for this is repentance. We examine the six-step process of how to R.E.P.E.N.T.


Mark Pierce


Description:What should a Christ follower learn from the younger son in Jesus' Prodigal parable? In "Wasted" we consider 5 versions of our commitment to Christ - questions we should ask ourselves every single day if we are really determined to become who God created us to be.

Search Party

Mark Pierce


Description:We study the parable of the woman who lost one coin and searched diligently for it. God invites us to join His search party for even one lost loved one. We consider 10 motivating reasons we should join in the party.

One In A Hundred

Mark Pierce


Description:Jesus said that God’s love for people is so great that he searches for the one who is lost from Him. What does this mean for our relationship with God? What does this mean for our relationship with other people? Today we consider Luke 15:1-7. Along the way we learn not only the basic principle underlying the whole chapter, but also a core value for Church Requel.

One Priority

Mark Pierce


Description:Jesus’ appeal for us to accept His invitation to the Christian life is much different than the way we often think of it. We often consider emotional appeals to “accept Christ into our lives.” But Jesus taught that we should soberly “count the cost” ahead of time and be prepared to “carry our cross.” We consider six reasons why we should be rational, considered and enlightened when we decide to follow Jesus.

The No-Excuses RSVP

Mark Pierce


Description:Good. Better. Best. When it comes to making life choices, God is not satisfied with good or even better choices. He wants what is best for me. Especially when it comes to my relationship with God. So when God grants an invitation to His banquet, my RSVP must be “yes” and “now.” What keeps you from saying “yes” and “now” to God’s invitation? We study Jesus’ parable in Luke 14:15-26 and along the way consider how to make certain our RSVP is always the right one.

What Comes Naturally

Mark Pierce


Description:What comes naturally is often not a good idea for us if we are Christ followers. Jesus gives us a couple of natural examples in Luke 14:7-14. We talk about responding in God’s Spirit rather than reacting in our own nature.

Shelter Under The Wings

Mark Pierce


Description:Jesus is the ultimate promise keeper! That isn’t just a statement about our future, but also about our present. We talk about how Jesus promises to become our protection in times of difficulty. We can choose to focus on our problems or on Jesus' promises to us. From Luke 13:31-35.

Narrow Wide Door

Mark Pierce


Description:This sermon’s Scripture from Luke 13:22-30 is a sobering reminder to continuously examine our Christian walk to be certain of our salvation. Jesus tells us that not everyone who believes they are a Christ-follower really is one! How can we know for sure? And what about salvation… is it by God’s grace alone or must there be effort on our part? We will talk about the balance we need to know between God’s work on our behalf and what effort is needed from us.

Small To Great

Mark Pierce


Description:What is the Kingdom of God like? It’s a question that Jesus’ disciples ask - both 2,000 years ago and today. Jesus answers that it’s like a mustard seed and yeast. What does that mean? How does it change how we live? We discover mind bending truths to the physics of God’s Kingdom.

Rule Keeping & Heart Freeing

Mark Pierce


Description:Jesus healed people on the Sabbath, according to Luke 13:10-17 and 14:1-6. What should we learn from His example about rule keeping and commandment observing? We consider 4 misunderstandings about the Sabbath and then 3 applications for ourselves.

Limited Offer

Mark Pierce


Description:“Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand!” This famous verse forms the center of Jesus’ preaching ministry. What does it mean to repent? Is this something that we do once and then forget it? Or is there something more involved? We consider Jesus’ teaching in Luke 13:1-9. We learn that there is a limited time to take advantage of God’s most amazing offer.

Advice For Today's Christian

Mark Pierce


Description:This is front and center of today’s headlines: “We Live In Divided Times.” What makes this sermon so special is not that these divisions headlined this week’s news, but that this headline was announced 2,000 years ago by Jesus himself! What should we do about the divisions that we see all around us? We consider Luke 12:49-59 and receive advice for these divided days straight from our Lord Himself.

Entrusted With Much

Mark Pierce


Description:How much have you been given? Are you entrusted with much? Compared to other Christians down through the ages, the answer might surprise you! We continue our study of Jesus’ promise to return again in Luke 12:41-48. Along the way we consider 3 applications of Jesus’ instructions.

Ready To Serve

Mark Pierce


Description:In our fast paced lifestyles, many of us enjoy frozen and prepared-in-advance, ready to serve meals. In Luke 12:35-40 Jesus tells us that we are also to be prepared-in-advance and ready to serve. We consider exactly what this means and how to do it in what we hope will be a delicious sermon for our hungry souls.

Good News Of Great Joy

Mark Pierce


Description:Good News Greetings! We talk about the very first Christmas greeting card sent from Heaven! Hallmark has nothing to compare! We consider each aspect of the fantastic, wonderful, incredible, best possible good news we have ever received. Open your Bibles to Luke 2:8-15 and prepare your heart to receive good news from God!

Why Christians Should Not Worry

Mark Pierce


Description:Don’t Worry Be Happy! Another word for happy is blessed. It’s hard to experience real Christmas blessings when suffering from Christmas stress and worry. Jesus gave us 8 really good reasons not to worry in Luke 12:22-34. Prepare to hear a “worry-free” sermon!

How To Be Rich Towards God

Mark Pierce


Description:Would you like to know about the best wealth you can have? A wealth that you literally can keep for eternity? We continue our studies in Luke by considering 12:12-21. Along the way we discover six axioms of wealth God’s way! Open up your Bibles along with your heavenly bank accounts!

Facing Giants

Ken Jacob


Description:Are you facing some giant challenges in your life? Do your problems seem too big to handle? We are blessed to hear from Ken Jacob, who as a professional counselor, has talked to children and families about every conceivable difficulty. Ken will focus our attention on 1 Corinthians 10:13 and help us see 5 truths about every giant we face in life.

Past, Present, Future

Dr. John Byron


Description:We welcome Dr. John Byron, New Testament professor at Ashland Theological Seminary, to our Church Requel pulpit. We learn from 2 Thessalonians 2:13 - 3:5 - “Remembering The Past, Practicing In The Present, and Looking Forward To The Future.”

The Public Christian

Mark Pierce


Description:In all of our lives, there come moments of truth for our Christianity. Times when it does not appear advantageous for us to stand up and be counted as a Christ-follower. When those moments come, will our faith wither away in fear and timidity? Or will we acknowledge Christ at all times and in all situations? Jesus had much to say about these tests of courage in Luke 12:1-12.

What Really Ticks Jesus Off

Mark Pierce


Description:When you are working for a wage, it’s helpful to know what to avoid with your boss. We name Jesus our Lord, which is another way of saying we submit to His authority and leadership. It sure would be helpful to know “what really ticks Jesus off!” We come to the section of Luke known as the “woes” passage in Luke 11:37-53. If a woe applies to us, then we’d better say “woah” to what we’re doing!

Headlights For Your Life

Mark Pierce


Description:When it’s dusk in Richland County, we drive with our headlamps on “bright” watching out for deer! In the same way we need to keep the headlamps of our souls on and bright according to Jesus in Luke 11:33-36. Let’s learn all we can about being a bright light to everyone we know and love.

A Christian Vision For The World

Todd Pierce


Description:When we look at today’s news headlines, do we see doomsday right around the corner? How do we hold on to hope in the midst of calamity? Todd Pierce contrasts the differences between the doomsday perspective and the Lord’s Day perspective.

A Christian View Of The World

Todd Pierce


Description:When we look at the world around us, do we put on our Christian spectacles first? We welcome Todd Pierce as our guest preacher. He teaches us 3 ways Jesus helps us with our Biblical worldview. Along the way Todd also shares 3 strategies to view our world in the right way. So let's polish those Biblical corrective lens by focusing our attention on Titus 2:11-15.

Proof Positive

Mark Pierce


Description:Are you a spiritual seeker or a shopper? If you’re a shopper, you’ll ask for a sign from God that fits into your reality, preferences and lifestyle. If you’re a seeker, you’ll ask to fit into God's reality, to know His preferences, and to change your lifestyle. We consider Luke 11:29-32 and discover Jesus’ pique when asked for a sign. We’ll also recall 3 truths about proving the reality of Christ in our own lives.

The Binary Choice

Mark Pierce


Description:We each have a choice. We can choose to be on the side of Jesus. Or we can choose against him. There is no neutral, middle ground. This truth was given by Jesus himself in Luke 11:14-28. We learn the implications of this choice for our lives and the spiritual battle we face every day no matter which choice we make.

Two Gifts Of Prayer

Mark Pierce


Description:How you imagine God impacts how you pray. Is God far from you or near? Powerful or passive? Disgusted with you or in love with you? Does God care? Can God help? We turn to Jesus’ words in Luke 11:11-13 to discover our two greatest gifts of prayer.

The Audacity Of Prayer

Mark Pierce


Description:Have you ever heard someone say that you should pray with boldness? What does that mean? How did Jesus describe the way we should enter into God’s throne room? We also talk about our famous instruction to Ask, Seek and Knock. Is there more to prayer than just a conversation with God? We answer all these questions as we study Luke 11:5-10.

The Model Prayer

Mark Pierce


Description:Is there a “right way” to pray? Jesus’ disciples asked him to teach them how to pray. He responded with The Lord’s Prayer. Was Jesus telling them and us that we should pray with these specific words? Or was he giving them a model of prayer to follow? In this sermon we consider 6 parts to Jesus’ model prayer.

One Needed Thing

Mark Pierce


Description:In this sermon we consider that there is more to being a Christ follower than the famous Nike slogan, “Just do it.” We study the famous story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42 and learn that distraction, worry and being upset can keep us from enjoying the Presence of Jesus in our lives.

A Neighbor's Love

Mark Pierce


Description:Who is my neighbor, really? You don’t want to ask that question when Jesus is around! In this sermon we talk about what it means to love God and love other people the way God intends. We are reminded that this is mission critical for us here at Church Requel.

Shaking The Champagne

Mark Pierce


Description:No one has more reason to celebrate than Christ-followers. Think about it. You’ve been declared children of the Most High God. You’ve received eternal life from the Eternal Giver of Life. You have the opportunity to help restore creation from the Redeemer in Chief. Relationship. Eternity. Purpose. On top of everything else we know how the story ends - complete victory!

9 Principles Of Ministry

Mark Pierce


Description:Did you know that if you are a Christ-follower then you are a minister? You’ve been given the work of ministry! In Luke 10:1-16 we find out what Jesus had to say to his disciples as he sent them out on a missions trip. Along the way we discover 9 guiding principles of ministry.

Four Lessons From Frustration

Mark Pierce


Description:If you find yourself frustrated, we have good news for you. Even Jesus was frustrated sometimes. Our take home message is that you don’t have to remain frustrated. We learn 4 lessons from Jesus’ frustrations in Luke 9:38-56. Then we discover 5 simple steps for handling our frustrations.

The Glory Of The Mountaintop

Mark Pierce


Description:We need mountaintop experiences in our Christian lives. Life is filled with the mundane, dipping often into disappointment. Every now and again we rise above ourselves and our circumstances to see the Kingdom of God and recognize our good fortune to be God’s children. In this Church Requel sermon we talk about our mountaintop experiences and why we need them.

Cost Counting - Part 2

Mark Pierce


Description:Last Sunday we began a discussion about the costs of following Jesus. We know our salvation is offered freely to us by God’s grace. There is nothing we can do to earn it or deserve it. Yet Jesus also tells us that there will be costs to us if we follow Him. Today we consider 3 more costs to follow Jesus found in Luke 9:57-62.

Cost Counting - Part 1

Mark Pierce


Description:For the next two Sundays we address a challenging teaching from Jesus. We know our salvation is offered freely to us by God’s grace. There is nothing we can do to earn it or deserve it. Yet Jesus also tells us that there will be costs to us if we follow Him. What are those costs? Today we consider 4 costs from Luke 9:18-27. Next week we’ll turn our attention to 3 more costs found in Luke 9:57-62.

Talking About Jesus

Mark Pierce


Description:We celebrate our nation’s freedoms on this 4th of July weekend. Two of our most important liberties are found in the first amendment to our Constitution - our freedom of religion and our freedom of speech. Jesus told us how we should handle these freedoms for His kingdom in the beginning of Luke 9 and Luke 10. We learn 4 lessons and 4 applied truths when we talk about Jesus.

Master Over Hunger

Mark Pierce


Description:Jesus fed 5,000 men (plus women and children) with just 2 fish and 5 loaves. What do we learn about miracles from this example? Are miracles still possible today? How should we respond as a church? We answer these questions and learn 5 lessons from the feeding of the 5,000 in Luke 9:10-17.

Master Over Illness

Mark Pierce


Description:On this Father’s Day we follow the story of a first century dad named Jairus, who sought out Jesus to heal his daughter. Along the way back to his home another woman stopped Jesus and him with her own surprise healing. The example of Jairus teaches us 5 things that great dads do every day for their kids.

Master Over The Voices

Mark Pierce


Description:We are reminded that storms are a fact of life, even for the Christ-follower. Or maybe even more so for the Christian! How do we remain calm and keep faithful? As we examine Luke 8:22-25 we’ll welcome 3 encouragements for a weather-worn faith.

Master Over The Storms

Mark Pierce


Description:We are reminded that storms are a fact of life, even for the Christ-follower. Or maybe even more so for the Christian! How do we remain calm and keep faithful? As we examine Luke 8:22-25 we’ll welcome 3 encouragements for a weather-worn faith.