Kent Wieber


Description:Happy New Year everyone! This week in our Heroes series, Kent Wieber teaches us about a true hero from the Bible. Join us as we learn about the life and story of Esther.

C.S. Lewis

Drew Price


Description:This week in our Christmas Eve morning service, Drew talked about a man who had an incredible knack for words. He had a tremendous gift of communicating his thoughts and pointing people to God. Join us as we learn about author, speaker, and hero, C.S. Lewis.

Charles Schulz

Drew Price


Description:Over the past few months, we have learned about some incredible men and women of faith! This next hero stands out because of his ability to communicate life's biggest questions through his drawings and art. He was hands down the most successful cartoonist of all time, and his legacy and cartoons still live on today. Join us as we learn about the creator of Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang, Charles Schulz.

Chuck Colson

Drew Price


Description:**Editor's Note - This week we experienced technical difficulties when recording the sermon. This video includes the audio from Drew's message accompanied with only the sermon slides. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause...thank you for your understanding!**In this week's message in our series, Drew teaches us about a man named Chuck Colson. Infamously known for his part in a scandal that rocked the country, few people actually take the time to look at his life beyond that point. As we find out in this message, Chuck would go on to radically change his life and impact the lives of many others along the way!

Jackie Robinson

Drew Price


Description:This week's hero was not only a man of great faith and courage, but he also was incredibly influential in paving the way for racial equality in American sports. Join us as we learn about a sports legend and one of the most beloved baseball players in history, Jackie Robinson.

Mother Teresa

Drew Price


Description:This week in our Heroes series, we learned about a woman of great faith who went to extraordinary lengths to help people in need and share the love of Christ with the whole world. Join us as we learn about the life of Mother Teresa!

Albert McMakin

Drew Price


Description:This week we learn about a man who isn't known for his high profile leadership, but rather because of his tireless work behind the scenes to connect people to Jesus. Join us as we learn about Albert McMakin; the man who helped introduce Billy Graham and many others to Christianity.

Corrie ten Boom

Drew Price


Description:This week in our Heroes series, Pastor Drew teaches about the life of an amazing woman of faith who overcame tremendous hardships and dedicated her life to helping others heal and teaching them about forgiveness and thankfulness. Join us as we learn about this week's hero, Corrie ten Boom.

Abraham Lincoln

Drew Price


Description:This week in our Heroes series, Drew teaches us about a humble man with great faith, courage, and a dedication to forgiveness and reconciliation. Join us as we learn more about the life of Abraham Lincoln!

Davy Crockett

Drew Price


Description:This week in our Heroes series, Drew teaches us about a man who is not only a legend today, but was also a legend in his own time. Join us as we learn about the life of Davy Crockett.

Noah Webster

Drew Price


Description:This week in our Heroes series, Drew teaches us about the man who shaped the way we talk, write, and educate our children here in America. Join us as we look at the life of another man of great faith, Noah Webster.

Joan of Arc

Drew Price


Description:This Sunday in our Heroes series, Pastor Drew teaches us about the life of a tremendous woman of faith, courageous leader, and iconic historic figure. Join us as we learn about Joan of Arc.

Paul Revere

Drew Price


Description:This week, we look at the life of a historic man of faith who helped save our nation from disaster before it even got started.

Christopher Columbus

Drew Price


Description:Join us as Drew teaches us about an often misunderstood explorer who pioneered a journey to the new world.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Matt Collins


Description:This week, Matt Collins shared with us about the life another great hero and man of faith, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Join us for this week's message about reconciliation, examining ourselves, and overcoming hate with the love of Christ.

George Washington

Drew Price


Description:This week, Drew continued our Heroes! series with a message focused on a hero of his own - the legendary George Washington. We all learned about him in school, but what sort of things did the history books leave out? Join us as we dive into the story of this man of God and how he shaped our nation.

George Whitefield

Drew Price


Description:Drew kicks off a new series called Heroes! Throughout the series, we'll be taking a look at some great people in history who relied on their faith and in God's power to accomplish amazing things.This week, we get to learn about a man who helped ignite 'The Great Awakening' in America, and had a huge influence on many of our founding fathers. Join us as we look at the life of George Whitefield.

Living in the Family

Pat & Michelle Welch


Description:This week, Pat and Michelle Welch share with us about the importance of connection and serving one another in the church family.

Who Are Your People?

Matt Collins


Description:This week Matt Collins looks at Acts 9, as we see Paul deal with the suspicion of the Disciples (something that is overcome by his friend Barnabas), and not only mention his past, but embrace it as a teaching opportunity.

Your Road Story

Drew Price


Description:This week Drew goes through Acts 6 as we discuss the origins of Paul the Apostle and the "road story" he used to share his transformative God experience.

Bold Steps

Drew Price


Description:This week Drew discusses Acts 5, where we follow Peter and John as they're arrested for sharing the gospel, and watch how they handled their predicament. Too often we get comfortable in our daily lives, when really we should be taking bold leaps of faith like the apostles to share the good news!

The Church Family

Drew Price


Description:This week, Drew talks about the importance of the church family when it comes to imparting the message we've been given, looking at verses from throughout the New Testament to give us a picture of how we ought to stand together.

Opening Day

Drew Price


Description:This week we launched a brand new series called Impart! In it, Drew Price talked about the origins of the church, starting with a revival in the streets, talked about how we need to be engaged with the church and ready to do our part, and also gave recognition to all of those who dedicated their lives to Christ at last week's baptism!

A Life Worth Living

Drew Price


Description:As we wrap up our Imprint series, Drew talks about the power of the resurrection of Christ and what it means for not only our future, but also what it means for our present life. When we truly begin to understand what Jesus did, we don't have to wait to take hold of a life worth living!

The Weight of the Cross

Drew Price


Description:This week, Drew continued our Imprint series by looking at Luke 23 - where we see the last few moments prior to Jesus' death, and learn that we have to be the ones that reach out, and answer his invitation to truly be saved.

Personal Imprint - Cody Hollister

Cody Hollister & Drew Price


Description:This week, we had special guest Cody Hollister share his story and how God has impacted his life in a tremendous way! Also, Drew takes us through a quick recap of what we have learned so far in our Imprint series.