Kent Wieber


Description:Happy New Year everyone! This week in our Heroes series, Kent Wieber teaches us about a true hero from the Bible. Join us as we learn about the life and story of Esther.

C.S. Lewis

Drew Price


Description:This week in our Christmas Eve morning service, Drew talked about a man who had an incredible knack for words. He had a tremendous gift of communicating his thoughts and pointing people to God. Join us as we learn about author, speaker, and hero, C.S. Lewis.

Charles Schulz

Drew Price


Description:Over the past few months, we have learned about some incredible men and women of faith! This next hero stands out because of his ability to communicate life's biggest questions through his drawings and art. He was hands down the most successful cartoonist of all time, and his legacy and cartoons still live on today. Join us as we learn about the creator of Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang, Charles Schulz.

Chuck Colson

Drew Price


Description:**Editor's Note - This week we experienced technical difficulties when recording the sermon. This video includes the audio from Drew's message accompanied with only the sermon slides. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause...thank you for your understanding!**In this week's message in our series, Drew teaches us about a man named Chuck Colson. Infamously known for his part in a scandal that rocked the country, few people actually take the time to look at his life beyond that point. As we find out in this message, Chuck would go on to radically change his life and impact the lives of many others along the way!

Jackie Robinson

Drew Price


Description:This week's hero was not only a man of great faith and courage, but he also was incredibly influential in paving the way for racial equality in American sports. Join us as we learn about a sports legend and one of the most beloved baseball players in history, Jackie Robinson.

Mother Teresa

Drew Price


Description:This week in our Heroes series, we learned about a woman of great faith who went to extraordinary lengths to help people in need and share the love of Christ with the whole world. Join us as we learn about the life of Mother Teresa!