The Calling of Ruth & The Role of Gentiles in Messianic Judaism

Rebbitzen Helene Rosenberg, MDiv.

Description:Rebbitzen Helene Rosenberg has been in full time Ministry for 25 years as a founder of Shuvah Yisrael Messianic Synagogue in Plainview, New York. Her teaching on the Book of Ruth and her personal story as a Gentile woman, called to raise a Jewish family in a Messianic Jewish Community, brings balence and wisdom to the issue of the Gentile role in the Messianic Movement. Rabbi Frank Lowinger said, "this study should be a required course in every Messianic Synagogue!" Let Rebbitzen Helene know how you liked it! >>

The Mystery of The Godhead & The Divinity of Yeshua

Rabbi David Rosenberg, MDiv.


Description:The Divinity of Yeshua is one of the most heated theological issues in the divide between Jewish & Christian thinking. Messianic Jewish Theology bridges the gap between the two. Rabbi David Rosenberg has researched and studied this issue for more than three decades. Can we find a simpler way to resolve the conflict? How did the gap widen over the centuries? Listen to this foundational message in Messianic Jewish theology as we examine the imapct of Art history and how we can bridge the gap!1

Tikkun Olam: Healing The World & Our High Calling in Messiah

Rabbi David Rosenberg, MDiv.


Description:The theological importance of understanding our "High Calling in Messiah" and why mankind was created in the image of God is liberating and inspiring! It was God's plan from the beginning of time to make us His partners in making Messiah known, bringing healing to the World, now and in the World To Come.

The Godhead: Male & Female Made in The Image of God

Rabbi David Rosenberg, MDiv.


Description:Mankind, made in the image of God is the ferensic evidence that God has an image. It also helps us to understand the divinity of Yeshua and how God the Father (Ha Av) God the Son (Ha Ben) and God (the Ruach) are indeed Echad (one). This is one of the most difficult theological issues in sharing our faith with the rest of our Jewish world. We must be ready to give an answer to everyone of this hope we have in Messiah, including a good explanation about Messiah's Divinity! This is a very important message that is part of a the larger collection of messages onThe Messianic Jewish Foundations of our faith.

Hope For Our Loved Ones

Rabbi David Rosenberg, MDiv.


Description:How do we cope with the loss of loved ones when we are uncertain about their relationship with God? This teaching is very important because it addresses a prayer strategy for our loved ones before and after we experience loss. It also addresses the issue of loved ones who passed away even before we came to know our Messiah. What happened to them? There is so much confusion about this issue that it leaves many unprepared and even open to torment that postpones resolving our grief and loss. It also affects our ability to share our faith with our frinds and families, especially when they need it the most, as they are begin to approach the end of life, uncertain of their eternal destiny. This message will comfort, encourage and strengthen you in your faith and in your relationships with your loved ones!

The Word As A Way Of Life: My Story: Finding God's Word

Rabbi David Rosenberg, MDiv.


Description:FINDING THE WORD AS FOOD: The prophet Jeremiah discovered the Word of God as food for his inner man. He said "Your words were found and I did eat them and Your word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart" (Jer. 15:16). Devotinal Life is one of the most important foundations of faith for anyone who desires a intimate relationship with God! If devotional life has been a struggle, this Seminar can change your life forever! Listen to my story and learn how to establish a real devotional life that becomes a way of life for you!

The Word as A Way of Life Part 2: "Guidlines"

Rabbi David Rosenberg, MDiv.


Description:These simple Guidlines will help you plan & establish the basic disciplines of building a solid devotional life, that actually allows you to read the entire Bible every 90 days. Carefully follow these simple steps to find "The Word As A Way of Life!" Please let me know how you are doing and how His Word has changed your life!

Rejoice & Sing: Isaiah 54

Jhan Moskowitz, DMin.


Description:We are honored and amazed that we had the priviledge of havig Jhan & Melissa Moskowitz spend the Shabbat of September 1st (Parasha Ki Tetze) with us at Shuvah Yisrael in Plainview New York. We had no idea this would be the last sermon Jhan would ever give. His life is an inspiration to us and only God knows how many others. But, here is his final sermon "Rejoice & Sing, Isaiah 54"