*An Actual Savior (Not a Hypothetical One) - [John 11:45-57]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:In today's sermon from John 11:45-57, we learn about...I. A debased leadership [vv47-48]II. A definite atonement [vv49-53]III. A divided crowd [vv54-57]Pastor Jojo reminds us of two very important truths. First, that Jesus came to redeem an actual people, to atone for their sins fully. Second, that Jesus will always threaten our self-centered agendas. It doesn’t matter who you are. Jesus demands a radical commitment to God and Kingdom priorities.

*Lazarus, Come Out! [John 11:38-44]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:In previous weeks, the Lord Jesus has been sad at Lazarus' passing and mad at the great enemy death. Today in our passage from John 11:38-44, he will do something about it. Jesus will show his power over death and put the devil on notice. In today's sermon, we will see Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead, foreshadowing his great victory to come in his own death and resurrection.Brothers and sisters, how many times each day do you need encouragement, some reminder from the Word of God, to keep you from despair and keep you moving forward? We trust today's message will encourage you to keep your eyes fixes on the One who can do anything...including raising the dead.I.The objection [vv38-41]II.The prayer [vv41-42]III.The miracle [vv43-44]

*When Jesus Wept [John 11:33-37]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Can God suffer? Can He experience pain? Does God have emotions? In today's sermon from John 11:33-37, Pastor Jojo answers these questions and reminds us that God indeed cares for us, has feelings toward us, and deeply loves us. If you are a Christian, it’s significant for you to believe, to know, deep inside your spirit, that God cares about your sorrows and your pains and your griefs. The unchanging Sovereign of the universe is also a caring Father to His children. May this sermon challenge your mind and encourage your heart.

*A Balanced Faith [John 11:27-32]

Jojo Ma [video]


Description:In today's sermon, Pastor Jojo encourages us to pursue a balanced faith where doctrine blends with devotion and truth is married to love. We look at the faith of both Martha and Mary --- how they are different, how they teach us, and how they can grow. Ultimately, may we all who confess the name of Jesus seek to be more like him --- one who loves truth passionately and one who loves people deeply.

*Safety in the Light of Christ [John 11:7-16]

Justin Chan [Video]


Description:As Christians, Jesus not only allows suffering, but calls us to a dangerous mission. What does Jesus promise us as he calls us into danger? What assurances do we have as we accomplish God’s mission of reaching the lost of this world? In today’s sermon, Pastor Justin teaches that true safety is not found in the comforts of our own homes but in following the light of Christ. There’s no safer place to be than in obedience to him. We trust him because He’s saved us and will one day call us to glory with him. Justin’s sermon follows these points:I. The Light’s SafetyII. The Light’s AssuranceChurch, follow Jesus through danger, obey Jesus at all costs, and trust him even in the darkness because he is your refuge and your everlasting light.

*The Man Whom Jesus Loved [John 11:1-6]

Justin Chan [Video]


Description:In John 11, John records Jesus’ seventh and final sign—the raising of Lazarus from the dead. As we begin this story, we see how Jesus’ love reaches Lazarus and his sisters in their darkest hour. Jesus allows Lazarus’ death. But he never withholds what this family truly needs: his unchanging love. In today’s sermon, Pastor Justin reminds us that Jesus’ love never lets us go. Even when we face great hardship, Jesus assures us of his unfailing grace. So church, when you suffer, don’t count on human wisdom; trust in Jesus’ perfect love.

*Scripture Cannot Be Broken [John 10:30-42]

Jojo Ma [video]


Description:Is the New Testament a historically reliable document? Why should we even believe the Bible is the Word of God? Was Jesus really the Son of God? Was he also truly man? And what are some take-home application points from our passage today? Pastor Jojo answers these important questions and more as he teaches through John 10:30-42 today.I. One unbreakable wordII. Two natures of ChristIII. Three callings for believers

*Safe in His Hands Forever [ohn 10:22-29]

Jojo Ma [video]


Description:Why are you a Christian? Have you ever asked yourself that very important question? Maybe you think, "Well, I had faith in Jesus." True enough! But that is not the ultimate grounds of your salvation. As important and necessary as faith is, there is something even more foundational than our faith that saves us…grace. God’s grace. God’s sovereign grace. You believe because you have been given a gracious gift from God.In today's sermon, Pastor Jojo teaches us about grace. We learn that salvation is of grace --- from beginning to end. Or, in the words of our Lord Jesus Christ himself: "I give them eternal life." [Jn 10:28] The message today will both challenge your mind and encourage your heart --- and you will be strengthened in faith knowing that you are safe in Jesus' hands forever.

*I am the Good Shepherd [John 10-11-21]

Jojo Ma [video]


Description:From Genesis to Revelation, the shepherd symbolizes the faithful man of God. As we continue in John 10 this morning, Jesus identifies himself as a shepherd, as the Good Shepherd. In contrast to the false shepherds of Israel (e.g., the Pharisees), Jesus loves the sheep, cares for the sheep, lays his own life down for the sheep.Are you one of Jesus’ sheep? Is he calling you today? Have you heard his voice through his Word? Will you repent of your sins and put your whole trust in him alone? It is through believing that one experiences belonging...fellowship in the flock of Christ, the Good Shepherd.I. Jesus’ worth: I am the good shepherd [vv11-13]II. Jesus’ love: I lay down my life for the sheep [vv11-18]III. Jesus’ mission: I have other sheep to gather [vv14-16]

*Greener Pastures [John 10:6-10]

Justin Chan [Video]


Description:What are you lacking today? What are your spiritual needs? In today’s sermon, Pastor Justin reminds us that our Great Shepherd always leads us to greener pastures. Our many needs are matched by his abundant provision of grace. If we come to him, he will satisfy us with life overflowing with life. His sermon follows these points:I. The CallII. The DoorIII. The PastureChurch, don’t take too long to recognize the voice of your Shepherd. Listen to his voice and follow him. He will never fail to lead you to greener pastures.

*Do You Know His Voice? [John 10:1-6]

Jojo Ma [video]


Description:One of the most comforting truths in all Scripture is the great reality that God is our Shepherd. He watches over His loved ones, provides for them, protects them, and cares for them. In today's sermon, we see that Jesus is our Shepherd who calls us to himself. And while he is our True Shepherd, we must be vigilant and on-guard against false shepherds, those who seek to lead his sheep astray into dangerous territory. Pastor Jojo teaches out of John 10 this morning with a message entitled, "Do you know his voice?" May we all know our True Shepherd's voice (through his Word) and be diligent in humbly obeying his call to faithful discipleship.

*God's Providence is Your Inheritance [John 9:24-41]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Why do bad things happen to good people, even to God's people? Why do children suffer diseases? How do we make sense of all the gratuitous evil taking place everyday and everywhere? In today's sermon from John 9:24-41, Pastor Jojo teaches us that knowing God in Christ is the only satisfying answer to enduring the trials of this life. We hear from Jesus himself that God has a purpose for all that happens, good and bad, and Christians can walk with Him in faith, knowing our lives are in His good hands.

*Glorious Sight [John 9:1-23]

Justin Chan [Video]


Description:In the sixth sign of John’s gospel, Jesus heals a man born blind. But this miracle is a more than a physical healing. Jesus doesn’t just open this man’s eyes. He renews this man’s faith. He gives him glorious sight in God’s power. In today’s sermon, Pastor Justin teaches that God works even in our greatest suffering. This doesn’t mean that God will take away our suffering. But he surely meets us in the midst of it. So open your eyes to the work of God. Grow your faith and trust in his compassionate love over you. Jesus’ grace is greater than our blindness.

*Jesus, the True and Better [John 8:48-59]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Just like lightning and thunder, the claims of Jesus about himself are meant to grab our attention and shake us up. In this morning's sermon, Pastor Jojo teaches out of John 8:48-59 and reminds us that Jesus is a real Lord to be followed and a true Savior to be trusted. We hope this CrossLife message is both challenging and encouraging for your Christian journey.

*Traits of a False Disciple [John 8:37-47]

Justin Chan [Video]


Description:What are the traits of a false disciple? How can someone be deceived into thinking they’re followers of Christ when they’re truly followers of the devil? In today’s sermon, Pastor Justin explores the characteristics of fake followers of Christ. While true disciples have a sincere love for Jesus, fake disciples boast in their religious accolades and ignore their sin. Today’s sermon follows these points:I. False Disciples Boast in Religious HeritageII. False Disciples Reject the WordIII. False Disciples Desire Satan’s WillChurch, be careful to examine your heart before the Lord and allow his word to take root in your life. May God give us a sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

*Free Indeed! [John 8:33-36]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Freedom is what the human soul craves. Freedom is a universal desire of mankind. We naturally yearn to be free. In today's sermon, we’ll learn about the greatest freedom a human can experience, and we'll learn about the greatest freedom fighter the world has ever seen. As John 8:36 powerfully says, "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."I. We have never been enslaved [v33]II. If you sin, you’re enslaved [v34]III. Only the Son can set you free [v36]Christians, do not listen to the lies of Satan. Listen to the truth of your Savior. You might continue to sin, but you no longer must continue in sin. Jesus, your freedom fighter, has liberated you to live a new life of increasing obedience to God and His Word. So learn to live from this new identity.

*Traits of a True Disciple [John 8:31-32]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Christian, is the Word of God food for your soul in which you constantly abide? Is your commitment to Jesus such that His Word, His church, His Kingdom are your highest priorities? And as a result, is there godly fruit in your life? Is your character changing, becoming more like Jesus? Are godly habits forming? Has your attitude toward relationships, money, time, and speech been sculpted by the words of Christ?In today's sermon, Pastor Jojo teaches from John 8:31-32 on what true discipleship is. We learn that...I. A true disciple remains in the Word [v31]II. A true disciple knows the truth [vv31-32]III. A true disciple has been set free [v32]So let us remember that it is not a decision that proves salvation; it is discipleship. True faith will show itself with time and perseverance.

*I am the Light of the World [John 8:12-30]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:This morning we come to the second of Jesus' famous "I am" sayings when he declares, "I am the light of the world." What does he mean when he says this? How is this statement life-changing? Listen as Pastor Jojo teaches out of John 8:12-30 and shares these three (3) points:I. Jesus is the light of the world [v12]II. Jesus has a special relationship with the Father [vv13-20]III.Jesus saves us from what we deserve [vv21-30]

*A Heart of Repentance [Psalm 51]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:The German reformer Martin Luther once wrote, "When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said ‘Repent,’ he intended that the entire life of believers should be repentance." In many Christian circles today, it is commonly believed that repentance is only for the conversion experience. When someone becomes a Christian, that is the only time he or she needs to "repent and believe". However, as Luther rightly says, and more importantly, as Scripture teaches, repentance is an on-going practice of the Christian experience.As the new 2019 year begins, Pastor Jojo brings a timely message on the necessity of repentance in the Christian faith and practice. He points us to the pattern of Psalm 51, David's great psalm of repentance. And it is in this precious psalm that we can learn how to gain a heart of repentance in our own lives.I. Ask for mercy [vv1-2]II. Be aware of your sin [vv3-6]III.Cry for cleansing [vv7-9]IV.Desire a clean heart [v10]

*Commissioned by the Great and Humble King [Mt. 28:16-20]

Justin Chan [video]


Description:Jesus’ great commission can become a heavy burden for Christians. We know we should reach the lost. But we become paralyzed by our failures, our weaknesses, our fears. In today’s sermon, Pastor Justin teaches on Matthew 28:16-20. He reminds us that the Jesus who sends us is also the one who empowers us and walks with us. His sermon follows these points:I. The CommissionII. The StrategyIII. The Power

*Promises Made, Promises Kept - Advent #4 [Is. 53:4-6 & Rom. 5:6-11]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:What is the meaning of suffering? Why do bad things happen to good people? No matter our thoughts on this issue, one thing is clear: At the heart of the Christmas message is the theme of suffering. As we look at Isaiah 53 this Christmas Sunday, we are reminded that Christmas is not just about a Savior, it's not just about God’s servant, but Christmas is about God’s suffering servant, one who would be crushed and put to grief for our sake.As you celebrate Christ this Christmas, remember that at the heart of the manger message is the theme of suffering: God’s suffering servant, a baby born to die, for you and for me and for all who will put their trust in him.2 Cor 5:21 For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

*Promises Made, Promises Kept - Advent #3 [Micah 5:1-5 & Luke 2:1-7]

Justin Chan [video]


Description:Micah prophesied that the coming Savior would be born in Bethlehem. This promise isn’t just about the location of Christ’s birth; it’s about the humble heart of God—that he would send his Son into this world to save sinners. In today’s sermon Pastor Justin shows how Micah 5:1-5 finds its fulfillment in Luke 2:1-7. The Almighty Creator stoops down into his creation to be born in a manger. This Christmas, rejoice that the humble king has come to save!

*Promises Made, Promises Kept - Advent #2 [Is. 7:14 & Mt. 1:18-2:1]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:God long ago promised a sign -- a son -- and in the New Testament He delivered on that promise with the birth of Jesus the Christ, Immanuel, God with us. In today's second sermon of our Advent series "Promises Made, Promises Kept", Pastor Jojo shows us the promise of Isaiah 7:14 and the fulfillment in Matthew 1:18-2:1. We continue to see that the Lord our God is the ultimate Promise Keeper and His Son is absolutely worthy of your trust and devotion. May you be blessed as you hear this CrossLife Advent sermon!

*Promises Made, Promises Kept - Advent #1 [Gen. 3:15 & Gal. 4:4]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Throughout the Old Testament, God made promises of a Savior to come, and it’s in the New Testament that we see how He kept His promises.In the gospel, you and I are forgiven, adopted, and loved by God. Is anyone here missing the good news? Are you trusting and treasuring Jesus Christ right now? Do you know the meaning of Christmas, of this Advent season? Are you forgiven, adopted, and loved by God? The promise is for you.Christmas is a special time when we as Christians remember the promise made, the promise kept, and treasure the promised one, Jesus Christ.

*The Divider of Men [John 7:40-52)

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Jesus said in Matt 10:34 "Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword." The fact is that truth divides, Jesus divides. He divides families, he divides friendships, he divides cities and countries and continents. Jesus is a divider.This is the point of our message this morning as we study John 7:40-52. We see Jesus bring division into the lives of the people. You are either for Jesus or you are against him. You are either united to him or you are divided against him. There is no middle ground.I.Dividing the People [vv40-44]II.Dividing the Police [vv45-49]III.Dividing the Pharisees [vv50-52]

*Blessed to be a Blessing [John 7:37-39]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:One could make a strong case that the most powerful of all human physical needs is thirst. People can live without food for a good while, but thirst must be quenched, it must be satisfied.As we study John 7:37-39 this morning, Jesus stands up, and with all his strength cries out, "If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink." Of course, Jesus is speaking in a spiritual sense. When he says come and drink, what he’s saying is this: "Believe in me. Put your trust in me. Have faith in me. And when you do, you'll be saved and you'll be satisfied." Coming to Jesus means trusting in who he is and what he has done. And if you come and drink of him, you will never thirst again.I.A gracious invitation [v37]II.A glorious promise [vv38-39]III.A great purpose [v38]

*The Christian's Priority [Luke 19:38-42]

Justin Chan [Video]


Description:What are your priorities? What do you center your life around? It’s an important question to ask. We live in a world of distraction. And we easily lose sight of the most important matters in life. Today’s sermon reminds us that the Christian’s priority is to worship Christ. While many things are deserve our attention, only Jesus deserves our utmost worship. Justin’s sermon follows these points:I. The SistersII. The DistractionIII. The PriorityChurch, don’t get distracted by the many things that rob you of what you need most. Refocus your heart and turn your eyes to Jesus.

*The Heavenly Jesus [John 7:25-36]

Justin Chan [Video]


Description:People often say that Jesus was a good teacher, a moral example, a loving man. People don’t have a hard time believing in the earthly Jesus. Yet the Bible challenges us to consider that Jesus is more than just the man; he is God’s own Son. In today’s sermon, Pastor Justin teaches that the Jesus of earth is actually the Jesus of heaven. Behind the manger and birth of Jesus is the eternal glory of the Son of God. The carpenter’s son is the Creator. His sermon follows these points:I. Human LogicII. Heavenly JesusIII. Limited OpportunityChurch, remember that Jesus is the God-man, fully human, fully divine. So worship the whole Jesus, the Lord of heaven and earth.

*Judge With Right Judgement [John 7:14-24]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Many today like to quote Matthew 7:1 "Judge not, that you be not judged." They think Jesus intends that Christians not make any moral judgments, lest they be intolerant. But does Jesus really intend for Christians to be silent on moral issues? In today's passage, we get clarity on this matter. Jesus says in John 7:24 "Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment." Yes, Christians are to judge, but only in a certain way: with accurate, or correct, judgment. May you be challenged, encouraged, and blessed by this CrossLife sermon!

*Do You Know What Time It Is? [John 7:1-13]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Did Jesus have siblings? Who were they? What were the great Jewish feasts? Why were they important? Which group of Jews wanted Jesus dead? And how come? In today's message from John 7:1-13, Pastor Jojo addresses and answers these questions (and more). May this CrossLife sermon challenge your mind and encourage your faith!

*The Scandal of the Cross [John 6:60-71]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:75% of Americans claim Christianity as their religion of choice. 50% of Americans identify as Protestant. Yet, how many of these Americans are actual disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ? In today's sermon from John 6, Pastor Jojo teaches...I.The Scandal of the CrossII.The Sinfulness of ManIII.The Sovereignty of ChristAs we see in our passage today, when the hard teachings come, when push comes to shove, when the earthly blessings aren’t there, that’s when we find out who really believes, who really is a disciple of Jesus. Our Lord said in Jn 6:61 “Do you take offense at this?” Church, do you gladly receive the scandal of the cross and all that comes with biblical Christianity? The instruction and reception of sound doctrine is a key test of true discipleship.

*You Are What You Eat [John 6:48-59]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:What are you eating? What are you feeding on? What are you taking in? Spiritually, we are what we eat; we become what we behold. No one taught this more clearly than Jesus, who offers himself as the bread of life, that we might be saved and satisfied in him. But if we binge on Netflix day and night, if we gorge on entertainment, and all the while Scripture is neglected, we should not be surprised that we are spiritually unhealthy. So we must feed on the bread of life, eat of his flesh and drink of his blood, as we will learn in today's sermon.I.The Bread of Eternal LifeII.The Bread of Christ’s FleshIII.The Bread of Saving FaithJ.C. Ryle: “Whenever a man, feeling his own guilt and sinfulness, lays hold on Christ, and trusts in the atonement made by Christ’s death, at once he eats the flesh of the Son of Man, and drinks his blood.”

*All That the Father Gives [John 6:37-47]

Justin Chan [Video]


Description:How can sinful man turn to Christ in faith and repentance? How can wayward sinners be saved? In today’s sermon, Pastor Justin teaches that man cannot come to God unless God first comes to man. Only God’s power can draw sinners to Jesus. He doesn’t passively wait for them to come to him; He overcomes all resistance to the gospel and powerfully brings them to himself. He is completely sovereign over their salvation. Pastor Justin’s sermon follows these points:I. The Father’s DrawingII. The Son’s GraspIII. The Believer’s GazeChurch, treasure God’s overcoming grace in your life. Apart from his power, you would have continued walking in your sin and your path away from God. So remember his grace and worship the God who saves.

*I am the Bread of Life [John 6:30-36]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:"Seeing is believing!" This is a common and popular saying. And in some instances it's true. But it doesn't hold water when it comes to believing in Jesus. As we continue in John 6, the crowds have witnessed one miracle after another, yet they continue in their unbelief. Apparently, seeing is not believing. Faith comes not from seeing, not from experiencing, and not from feeling. Faith comes from believing, believing the Word of God.With love and patience, our Lord Jesus teaches this "religious but unbelieving" crowd that he is the true bread from God and the bread of life. Eat of him, drink of him, and never hunger or thirst again. In our sermon today, Pastor Jojo will explain these words by our Lord and show how they apply to our lives. The message follows this four-point outline:I.Seeing is not believing!II.Jesus is the better MosesIII.Jesus is the true breadIV.Have you come to Jesus?

*How to be (Truly) Happy [John 6:22-29]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Moldy bread. Gross. Sour milk. Yuck. We've all experienced food that goes bad. And what do we do with this spoiled food? We throw it out. Wasted resources.In our passage today, Jesus uses the language of bad food and good food to direct our attention to deeper spiritual truths; namely, to how we live and what we're living for. We'll be warned to not live with a materialistic mentality that usurps spiritual priorities. We'll be reminded that Jesus is himself worth laboring for and treasuring above all. And we'll discover the key to being truly happy. [If you want a hint on this "true happiness", read Matthew 5:6!]May you be challenged, encouraged, and blessed as you hear today's CrossLife sermon from John's gospel.

*How He Watches O'er His Loved Ones [John 6:16-21]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:In today's sermon from John 6:16-21, we witness yet another miracle of Jesus, as he walks on water toward his disciples during a violent storm. In our passage, we learn that Jesus is passionate about our maturity in faith. In other words, Jesus cares not only that we are justified by faith but that we are sanctified by faith. And often we grow most when we experience trials and difficult life circumstances, as the first disciples also experienced on the boat. The message follows three (3) points about faith:I.A Tested FaithII.A Growing FaithIII.A Saving FaithIn your hardships, you might ask: Where is Jesus? The answer is he is high above all earthly powers, interceding for you. He is looking upon you. He is praying for you, that your faith would be made mature and strong. How he watches over his loved ones!

*Is Jesus Really Enough? [John 6:1-15]

Jojo Ma [video}


Description:Our lives, in this fallen world and in our fallen bodies, is filled with troubles and hardships. Hardly a day goes by without being frustrated, discouraged, worried, or angry about something. And the big question is this: Is Jesus really enough?In today's sermon, Pastor Jojo teaches on the "feeding of the five thousand" from John 6:1-15 and answers with a resounding "Yes! Jesus is enough." We are reminded that it is through the sympathy, supremacy, and sufficiency of Jesus that he shows himself to be enough for for all our strife and struggles of this life. After all, Jesus is himself the good news.Tim Keller: “All change comes from deepening your understanding of the salvation of Christ and living out of the changes that understanding creates in your heart. Faith in the gospel restructures our motivations, our self-understanding, our identity, our view of the world.”

*Seeing Christ in All the Scriptures [John 5:39-47]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:In John 5:39 Jesus says, "The Scriptures...bear witness about me." Is Jesus in the Old Testament? A thousand times "yes!" In today's sermon, Pastor Jojo shows us how to see Christ in all the Scriptures. The message follows these two points...I.The wrong way to search the ScripturesII.The right way to search the ScripturesAs Christians, we must remember that the chief message of the Old Testament is the person and work of Jesus Christ. He is the fulfillment of all the promises of the old covenant. He is the "true and better" of everything under the old. He is the “yes” and “amen” of all God’s promises. Jesus said that the Old Testament Scriptures bear witness about “me” and all the Old Testament Scriptures concern “me”. Let us read our Bibles with Christ at the center. Let us remember that every story whispers his name.

*Unshakeable Witness [John 5:31-38]

Justin Chan [Video]


Description:Jesus makes some bold claims about himself—he forgives sins, he gives life, he is the Son of God. But how can we know that these claims are true? In today’s sermon, Pastor Justin examines some witnesses to Jesus’ divine claims and why we can have confident assurance that Jesus is the Son of God. His sermon follows these points: I. The Witness of John [vv33-35]II. The Witness of the Works [v36]III. The Witness of the Father [vv37-38]How do we know that Jesus’ claims were true? Remember that we have an unshakable witness. We have the witness of the Father whose word never fails us. He speaks and he is not silent. So listen to him.

*An Hour is Coming [John 5:19-30]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:What happens when we die? Do Christians go to a different place than everyone else? Is heaven real? What about hell? In today's sermon, Pastor Jojo addresses these questions as we continue in our study of John's gospel. The sermon flows along these 3 points:I. Jesus is one with the Father [vv19-20]II. Jesus has power to give life [vv21,24-26]III. Jesus will finally judge [vv22,27-30]Religions try to make bad people good. Jesus makes dead people live. That’s the difference. He’s the difference. Has your life been changed by Jesus, the Son of God?

*Christ, Our Sabbath Rest [John 5:9-18]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Rule-keepers observe. Grace-debtors celebrate. In today's message, Pastor Jojo reminds us to rest in Christ and celebrate his wondrous grace in our lives. As we continue in our study of John's gospel, we learn what Sabbath-rest means for Christians today and how we can make the most of our Lord's Day worship and celebration.I. A Distorted Sabbath [vv9-11]II. The Biblical Sabbath [Mk 2:27]III. The True and Better Sabbath [vv14-18]Let us remember that if the Sabbath day provides us a rest from the weariness of this fallen world, then Jesus the true and better Sabbath came to relieve us from all the burden of sin and its curse. Christ is our true Sabbath rest.Matt 11:28-29 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

The Power of Christ [John 5:1-9]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Today as we turn to John chapter 5, we witness Jesus' third sign, his third miracle, as recounted by the apostle John. Our Lord comes upon a pool in Jerusalem that is filled with a "multitude of invalids" --- the diseased, the disabled, and in the minds of many, the disgusting. Yet Jesus does not turn away; rather, he moves in. In love and compassion, our Lord sees not only the need for physical healing but spiritual healing. We hope and pray this CrossLife sermon is an encouragement to you as the grace, kindness, and power of Christ the Lord is displayed for all who know themselves in need of help and healing.I.The inability of man [vv1-3]II.The failure of religion [vv5-7]III.The power of Christ [vv6-9]

2018 Retreat - Sunday Morning Message [Revelation 2-3]

Pastor P.J. Tibayan [Video]


Description:Message #3: Revelation 2-3• Repent from sin (2:12-3:6)• Cling to him (2:8-11, 3:7-13)• Repent from sin (2:1-7, 3:14-22)

2018 Retreat - Saturday Evening Message [Revelation 4-5]

Pastor P.J. Tibayan [Video]


Description:Message #2: Revelation 4-5• God is the greatest (4:1-5:1)• No one is as great as God (5:2-4)• ___________________ is able and worthy (5:5-14)

2018 Retreat - Saturday Morning Message [Revelation 12-14]

Pastor P.J. Tibayan [Video]


Description:Message #1: Revelation 12-14• Understand the war (12)• Engage in your battle (13)• Remember who's side you're on (14)

Taking Jesus At His Word [John 4:43-54]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:George Mueller, a pastor and founder of the Ashley Down Orphanage, once said this: “Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man’s power ends.”In today's sermon, we meet a father who is powerless to save his dying son from an illness. This man realizes he has nowhere to turn but to the Lord Jesus Christ in faith. And it is precisely this faith that brings God glory and shows God's power to save. Pastor Jojo teaches us these four important truths about biblical faith from our passage today:I.The necessity of faith [vv43-48]II.The persistence of faith [vv47-49]III.The expression of faith [vv49-50]IV.The reward of faith [vv51-54]

LeBron, In-n-Out and Evangelism [John 4:27-42]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:What excites you? What thrills you so much that you forget about everything else? What engages your heart such that you have no care to even eat? In today's sermon, Pastor Jojo shows us, through the lives of the Samaritan woman and our Lord Jesus, the biblical passions and priorities of the Kingdom of God. Looking specifically at the Samaritan woman, we learn these four (4) points...I.Her life and witness proved she was born again [vv28-29]II.Her life and witness models what our priorities should be [vv31-34]III.Her life and witness encourages our own Christian witness [vv35-41]IV.Her life and witness revealed Jesus as Savior of the world [v42]As you reflect on the message, ask yourself these questions: Do I care more about what restaurants to eat at than evangelism and making disciples? If Jesus’ passion and priority was the salvation of this despised woman, should not our passion for the lost be the same? Should we not be thrilled by this “food” and doing the will and work of the Father? May the Lord grant us all the grace to believe His Word and be faithful witnesses to our Lord Jesus Christ!

*Never Thirst [John 4:10-19]

Justin Chan [Video]


Description:What is your source of life? Where do you go to find satisfaction and happiness? We all seek to find life and meaning in someone or something. But there is only one stream that provides lasting joy—the living water of Jesus. Only Jesus can forgive us of our sins and reconcile us to God. In today’s sermon, Pastor Justin takes us through the story of the woman at the well and examines what Jesus means when he says, “Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again.” His sermon follows these points:I. Living Water [vv10-15]II. Honest Repentance [vv16-19]III. Generous Giver [v10]Church, remember that only Jesus can provide you with lasting spiritual nourishment. In every physical deficiency, He provides a greater spiritual sufficiency. So leave your broken cisterns behind, and drink deeply of the everlasting stream of Jesus.

*Jesus, the Giver of Life [John 4:1-10]

Jerry Tom [Video]


Description:God is sovereign overall of his creation, including the salvation of sinners. In today’s sermon from John 4:1-10, Pastor Jerry points out the sovereign grace of God to seek out and save sinners like the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus has created the world and has given life by his spoken word and in the same way he came to give life to that which is spiritually dead by his spoken word. Our teaching today follows these four 4) points:1.Divine Purpose (v. 1-3)2.Divine Appointment (v. 4-6)3.Divine Grace (v. 7-9)4.Divine Giver (v. 10)It is by God’s sovereign grace that anyone is saved, even for someone to believe in Christ requires regeneration by the Holy Spirit through the spoken word of God in the preaching of the gospel, so no one can even boast about believing. Jesus said “those who are forgiven much, love much.” The only response to this amazing grace is for the forgiven sinner to love God much, because that is what he was created to do.

*God's Son, Our Savior [John 3:31-36]

Jojo Ma [Video]


Description:Who has your ear? What voices do you listen to, even give your heart's allegiance to? In our world today, we have countless voices seeking to lead us to happiness and salvation. In today's sermon, Pastor Jojo reminds us that there is one person who rightfully deserves to be heard and given ultimate allegiance: Jesus, the Son of God. There is no one more trustworthy, no one more worthy.I.Jesus is the Son of God [v31]II.Jesus reveals the truth of God [vv32-35]III.Jesus saves from the wrath of God [v36]J.C. Ryle: “We can never make too much of Christ. We can never have too high thoughts about Christ. We can never love him too much, nor trust him too much. We can never speak too highly in his praise. He is worthy of all the honor that we can give him. He will be all in heaven. Let us see to it, that he is all in our hearts on earth.”