The Future for God's People - Genesis 49:29-50:26

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:The book of Genesis concludes with the deaths of Jacob and Joseph, a portrait of forgiveness, and God's people awaiting His visitation.

An Awards Ceremony - Genesis 49:1-28

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Israel blesses his sons with specific attention to Judah and Joseph and much to be learned from the character of the boys and the blessing they received.

Who is Raising our Children

Chad Hayenga


Description:Chad Hayenga of Connected Families Ministries offered a simple biblical strategy for passing on the faith to the next generation with three powerful messages parents and believers can send to children and youth!

A Life of Faith - Genesis 47:29-48:22

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Dying Jacob adopts his grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh as full recipients of the covenant blessing.

Longing for a Better Land - Genesis 46:31-47:31

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Joseph's family settles in Goshen and Joseph purchases all of Egypt for Pharaoh.

From Famine to Fortune - Genesis 45:16-46:30

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Israel is reunited with Joseph in Egypt as God reassures him of His blessing and His presence in his life.

How God Saves His Family - Genesis 44:1-45:15

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Joseph gives his brothers one last test before revealing himself to them in this amazing story of God's reconciliation!

What it Takes to Make Peace - Genesis 43

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Find out what it takes to make peace in Joseph's family and how God begins to reconcile the family of Israel.Note: The USAT Dorchester referenced in this message was torpedoed by the Germans, not the Canadians -- oops!

God's Path to Reconciliation - Genesis 42

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:The sons of Jacob come to Egypt in search of food and are recognized and tested by their brother Joseph.

God's Plan to Save the World - Genesis 41

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Learn from Joseph's life what God's people are called to do in the world.

What is God Doing, When Hope is put on Hold? - Genesis 40

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Learn three things God is doing when hope is put on hold from the life of Joseph.

Redefining Success - Genesis 39

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Joseph rides the rollercoaster of success that lands him in prison for doing the right thing. What is God up to in the midst of such difficult times?

A Breakthrough for Sinners & Victims - Genesis 38

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:How God uses horrific tragedy, sin, and deception in the life of Judah and Tamar to bring glory to Himself and hope for us.

Where is God When My Dreams are Destroyed? - Genesis 37:12-36

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:The providence and grace of God are shown in Joseph's suffering.

Hope for Dysfunctional Families - Genesis 37:2-11

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:The story of Joseph and the coat of many colors reveals a great deal about God and His people.NOTE: We apologize for the poor audio quality of this recording, technical difficulty.

The KING of Kings - Psalm 2

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:The Coronation of God's King is Psalm 2 reveals God's victorious King reigning over every power and authority!

Why do the Wicked Prosper? - Genesis 36

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:The unrighteous line of Esau shows the prosperity and prestige of this world but Jacob continues to sojourn in the land of his father's sojournings

Imperfect Progress in the Promised Land - Genesis 35

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:God's Word to Jacob is fulfilled but sin and death still linger on.

Warning Against Worldliness - Genesis 34

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:A story of grievous sin and horrific violence due to worldly compromise.

Immanuel Home Kids

India Orphanage


Description:A highlight video of the orphans CrossRidge supports in Hyderabad, India

India Highlights 2013

Hyderabad India


Description:Highlights from Pastor Tyler's 2013 trip to Hyderabad, India to minister among the missions that CrossRidge supports in partnership with Summit Evangelical Free Church and Wawasee Bible Evangelical Free Church.

India Missions Report - Luke 13:18-19

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Pastor Tyler offers a report of what God is doing in India after his recent trip to Hyderabad with AIM Asia.Check out some highlight videos by visiting our youtube channel at:

Turkey Bowl 2013 Highlights

Thanksgiving Football


Description:Highlights from CrossRidge's third annual Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving morning touch football game.

God's Glory in Christian Pain - 1 Peter 4:12-19

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:A message for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

Fighting for Favor - Genesis 32:22-32

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Jacob wrestles with God and limps away blessed

Faith Amidst Fear - Genesis 32:1-21

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Jacob prepares to re-enter the Promised Land and prepares to encounter his estranged brother, Esau.

Depending on God - Genesis 31

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Jacob must depend on God as he flees from his father-in-law to return to the Promised Land.

A Prototype of Prosperity

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Jacob prospers with his father-in-law's flock trusting in the promise of the LORD

Sister Wives - Genesis 29:31-30:24

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Leah and Rachel compete for Jacob's affection and bearing children that result in the 12 tribes of Israel.

Tying the Knot - Genesis 29:1-30

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Jacob ties the knot but the marriage is much more tangled than he'd expected when the LORD disciplines his deception through his father-in-law.

Stairway to Heaven - Genesis 28:10-22

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:God reveals Himself to Jacob in a personal way when Jacob is at the lowest point of his life in a dream of a stairway to heaven.

Obtaining God's Blessing - Genesis 26:34-28:9

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Jacob disguises himself as his brother Esau and swindles the blessing out of his father, Isaac at his mother's prompting.

God's Blessing in My Life

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:God passes His blessing on to Abraham's offspring, Isaac and reassures him with His enduring presence.

Cherishing God's Blessing - Genesis 25:19-34

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:The births of Jacob & Esau reveal to us God's sovereign and free grace and a call to cherish God's promised blessing unlike Esau who traded it for a bowl of soup!

This World Is Not My Home - Genesis 25:1-18

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:What do two brief genealogies and Abraham's death show us about God's plan to bless all people?

Four Keys to Passing on God's Promise - Genesis 24

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Abraham instructs his servant to find a wife for Isaac from his people and trusts the LORD to lead providentially.

Possessing the Promise - Genesis 22:20-23:20

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Abraham's wife, Sarah dies and his response is to negotiate a deal to purchase land in Canaan for her burial.

The LORD Provides - Genesis 22:1-19

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:God tests Abraham by commanding him to sacrifice his son, Isaac--the promised heir.

God Keeps His Word - Genesis 21

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Barren Sarah gives birth to Isaac according to the Word of the LORD and a treaty with Abimelech allows Abraham to dwell peacefully in the land.

When Faith Falters - Genesis 20

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Abraham's pattern of deceoption rears its head again in his interaction with the neighboring nations, how will God bless all nations through him in spite of his sin?

God's Glory in Salvation Through Judgment - Genesis 19

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:The story of God's judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah reveals His glory and grace!

A Portrait of Spiritual Fatherhood - 2 Timothy 2:1-2

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:A Father's Day message examining the relationship between the Apostle Paul and his spiritual son, Timothy.

Is Anything Too Hard for the LORD? - Genesis 18

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:Abraham shows hospitality two three men and the LORD reassures him of His promise. Abraham intercedes for Sodom after the LORD reveals His plans.

The Sign of God's Promise - Genesis 17

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:God changes Abram's name to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah and gives the sign of His covenant promise.

Helping God Keep His Promise

Pastor Tyler Parson


Description:In response to her barrenness, Sarai concocts a plan to bring about God's promise through human effort. But her plan suspiciously mirrors the story of Genesis 3.