Baptism & Communion

Jaron Willems


Description:This is Part 2 of a two-part series that Jaron shared. In Part 1 he read numerous portions of scripture pertaining to baptism and the purpose of this act within the Christian church. Today, Jaron explained more about baptism and then talked about the purpose of communion within the fellowship of believers. Following this, the congregation was asked to participate in a meal together in which communion was part of the sharing of this meal.

The Youth Mission

Pastor Steve Roszmann


Description:Pastor Steve is sharing the vision he has in working with the youth in our church and community. He sees this type of vision working within the church body as well as we seek to grow in our walk with Christ.

Lessons from a Donkey

Wes Anderson


Description:Wes is preaching from the text in Numbers 22:2-35 where God uses Balaam's donkey to teach Balaam some valuable truths.


Keith Thompson


Description:Keith's scripture passage is from Luke 15:1-3 and 11-32.

Storytelling, Identity, and Ministry

Alex Scott


Description:Alex grew up in the Dawson Creek Alliance Church and spent the past 4 years in university in Calgary, recently graduating with his Bachelor of Arts degree. He has just been hired with Young Life in Calgary and is passionate about his ministry with youth.

The Spirit: Holy or Human?

Ian Scott


Description:The scripture portion Ian used for this sermon comes from Galatians 5: 22-23.

Where Do We Come From?

Pastor Brian Derksen


Description:Brian Derksen is the Assistant District Superintendent of the Pacific District of the C&MA. The scripture passage that Brian shares from is John 17:20-23, Christ's prayer for all believers.

Hope in Christ

Rick O'Dwyer


Description:Rick attends Dawson Creek Alliance Church and happily wanted to share wome thoughts that the Lord has laid on his heart. May you be blessed and encouraged with Rick's talk.

A Solemn Charge 2015

Pastor Michael Benty


Description:This is Pastor Michael's final sermon at Dawson Creek Alliance Church. We wish Michael and Lynn God's blessing as they move on from here. (Please note that the previous upload of this sermon on this date Nov. 22, 2015, was a sermon from 2013 by the same name. Our upload program defaulted to that sermon.)

Relating to One Another

Pastor Michael Benty


Description:We apologize that Part 2 in this series is not included in the recordings.

An Up and Down Week

Keith Thompson


Description:Keith shared this message from Matthew 16: 13-28.

Haiti Mission of Grace

Kim O'Dwyer


Description:Kim O'Dwyer was originally from Dawson Creek, but she has found herself led by God to give her life to serve in Haiti. She shared with us this past Sunday about the Mission of Grace and the work she does in Haiti.

Ruth 4:1-22

Pastor Michael Benty


Description:We missed recording part 5 in our series of Ruth last Sunday.But Pastor Michael has given a review with this final sermon in the Ruth series, so you can follow along.

Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

Pastor Michael Benty


Description:This sermon is taken from the book of Acts 8: 26-40 with reference to Isaiah 53:7-8.