He Shall Be Called: Wonderful Counselor

Jared Lanza


Description:"The counsel of Jesus can be trusted because he understands how we feel, but can see perfectly beyond it."-Pastor Jared Lanza

The Road: What Matters Most

Jared Lanza


Description:This week, we wrap up our series called "The Road"!

The Road: The Smaller Details

Jared Lanza


Description:Today, we take it a little differently. Today, we read Romans: 12-13 together and then discuss our thoughts on the passage.

The Road: The Bigger Picture

Jared Lanza


Description:In addition to the weekly message, we take ie to honor our Pastor.

God In The Movies: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Jared Lanza


Description:We are back wit our annual series that takes a look into popular movies to see the possible spiritual themes woven through out!

Special Panel Discussion: Racism

Encounter Church


Description:This week, we spoke with three prominent members of the black community in Pittsburgh to begin the conversation about racism in our community and nation, and what steps we can begin to take to bring reconciliation.

Ministry Interview w/Scott Sober

Jared Lanza & Scott Sober


Description:Pastor Jared talks with former Encounter Church staff member, Scott Sober, about his family's move to Melbourne, FL to join the Bridges For Peace organization and the ministry that Scott and his wife, Dawn, are involved in.

Q&A: Why do bad things happen to good people?

Jared Lanza


Description:This is perhaps...one of the most asked questions about God and faith. Pastor Jared helps to shed some light on this big question.


Heather Lanza


Description:Grace? Didn't she die over 30 years ago? Not according to the bible! God's grace is VERY MUCH ALIVE!


Jared Lanza


Description:Happy Easter!!

Rebuilding The Walls: 2 Year Anniversary Special

Jared Lanza


Description:Today is a HUGE day in the life of our church. Today, we elebrate our 2nd birthday as a church and become sovereign!!

The Dream Part 2: Grow

Jared Lanza


Description:Happy Valentine's Day!!!