Living Stones

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:The most beautiful temple in the history of the universe is not made with bricks or gold, but "living stones" - people who are followers of Jesus Christ, his church! But do we really understand what the church is? In this message we tackle three of the big misconceptions that people have about church.

How to Make a Miracle

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:Stories can capture our imagination and shape our faith...if we read them slowly enough. In this first message in our summer series, Pastor Darcy talks about the important role that each of us play in seeing God do amazing things in our lives.

Equiped to Serve

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:God has intentionally built something into our humanity that if we are to flourish in our lives and walk with Jesus requires we give ourselves away by serving others. That's exactly what the Holy Spirit equipes us to do!

Filled with the Spirit

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:This message kicks off an new series that talks about how we can flourish in our spiritual lives as we follow Jesus. In this first message, Pastor Darcy talks the Day of Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit has been poured out upon followers of Jesus so that we can flourish!

A Sheepish Look at the World

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does the picture of a sheep say about how we look at God, ourselves, and how we live life? In this message Pastor Darcy looks at Psalm 23:1 talks about what it means to have a sheep's-eye-view of God and life.

Living for the Line of Eternity

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:God is more interested in the line of your eternity than the dot of your present. But which are you more interested in?

The God Who Makes Room for You

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:Have you ever felt like you were an outsider? That there are obvious or even unspoken rules and traditions that make you feel like you really don't belong? In this message in our This is Gospel series, Pastor Darcy looks at a shocking story from Mark 11 and shows us how Jesus is absolutely committed to making a place for you so that you belong!

The God Who Will Return

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:Everyone wants to know what the future will bring. Jesus actually knows! In this message Pastor Darcy looks at the most import event that Jesus promised will happen before the end of time: his own return to earth.

The God Who Invites You to Follow

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:People often try to make Jesus less that he is so that we can escape his claim on our lives. But if Jesus is who he said he is and did what the Bible says he did, it changes everything.

The God Who Does What No One Else Can

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:What do you do when you have a desperate, overwhelming need in your life? In this message Pastor Darcy explores how faith is not some mystical, abstract concept, but the practical act of putting your trust trust in Jesus into action.

The God You Never Expected

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:Someone said Instagram is all the best parts of your life displayed to the world while ignoring the worst parts. Is that also a description of your spirituality? What if Jesus doesn't buy into Instagram spirituality? In this first message in "This Is Gospel" we look at the Gospel of Mark and find a picture of a real Jesus who insists on taking an honest look at the real you.

Radical Stewardship

Clarence Mitchell


Description:Radical Stewardship is a 50 minute seminar that presents Biblical principles dealing with budgeting, debt reduction, money management, retirement and estate planning. It is a practical, easy-to-understand talk everyone in the church can relate to no matter what stage of life or financial status.

More in Our Worship Gatherings

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:One of the most obvious activities a Christian can engage in is going to church on Sunday. But do we really know why do we go to church? And how can we find MORE of God in our worship gatherings?

More in Your Time with God

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:What's the #1 key for experiencing More of God in your life? Tune into this first message in our new series called MORE and find out! MORE: More of God | More for God.

We Are Citizens

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:Your security, identity, and aspiriations are all tied to your citizenship. But what happens when you are citizens of a different Kingdom? In the final paragraph of Philippians 1, Paul reminds his friends in Philippi (an us!) that as followers of Jesus, they are first citizens not of Philippi or Rome, but of Heaven and that this reality should be the organizing principle for thier lives.

The Definition of Life

Darcy Siggelkow


Description:How would you be feeling about life if you were unjustly imprisoned for your faith, held in a squalid prison, chained 24/7 to a thug of a guard and really had no idea when or if you'd ever be released or maybe even be executed? That's the situation Paul was in, yet he chose to rejoice in what God was still doing in his life. What would your life look like if you chose to beleive that the quality of your life is not defined by your circumstances?