Right on the Money: "Serve Me!"

Jared Roth


Description:When money talks it usually says, “Good Bye”! What is money saying to you, and what are you saying to money in 2018? Is this your year to get it right? Sunday, Jared launches a series, “Right On The Money”, as we ask, "Why not get the money right in 2018"?

Believe: Keep it Simple

Ann Roth


Description:“It’s complicated”. Good way to tell friends the relationship went bad.“KISS”. Keep it simple (you know the word).Is believing ‘Complicated’ or ‘KISS’?Belief might be easier than you’ve made it. Get simple - Sunday.

Believe: When Jesus Says "Not Yet"

Brad Paice


Description:This weekend come and hear a fascinating story of the life, death and life again of a man named Lazarus. What does his story and encounter with Jesus have to teach us in our busy culture today?

Believe: Follow

Ann Roth


Description:Does belief mean the absence of doubt? Belief is not static. Our doubts, questions, and skepticism can be part of following Jesus! They were for Jesus' disciples. What about you? Explore what it means to believe and enjoy the surprises along the trail!What do weddings, wine and belief have in common? Jesus gave the ultimate wedding gift to a couple and used it to demonstrate who he really is. His followers got a faith infusion. How can you grow in belief? Join us this Sunday for a wedding story that will challenge your ideas about doubt and give you a faith burst!

Believe: In What?

Jared Roth


Description:“If you believe in yourself it will happen.” "Just believe.” “Anything can happen if you believe.”Really?Sunday we launch a series called “BELIEVE” straight from the words and life of Jesus in the book of John. The word believe is used 97 times by John. Let’s examine how American culture uses belief, and how we can believe more and better - per Jesus.

NEXT: Part 2 - You

Ann Roth


Description:Every relationship has a beginning…some dramatic, others sneak up on you, some rocky, still others filled with passion, and some filled with doubts and questions, others with fun adventure. How would you describe your relationship with Jesus right now? Join us for a conversation on what’s next for YOU!!!

NEXT: Part 1

Jared Roth


Description:Ann and I hiked to the top of a mountain this week. All was well until the trip back. We took the wrong trail and got lost. We finally got to our destination but…. what a detour! As we start a new year, let’s define the Evergreen destination and be on the right trail together. Where are we going in 2018? Explore the trail with us this Sunday!

More Than Expected

Brad Paice


Description:Who is God to you? As creatures of habit, we tend to stick with the God that we find most familiar. It’s no wonder we get confused when God acts in ways that are unfamiliar or unrecognizable. Come to this family friendly service and hear about the beautiful complexity of God and how it is we can broaden our understanding in order to see what He’s up to in our lives.

For You

Ann Roth


Description:Dear Santa,I know what you said about listening to my parents but things are not going too good on that. I’ve been trying hard but its just not working. So Santa, maybe you could help me because I’m trying to get on the nice list and there are only 5 more days left till Christmas. This sounds like a letter some of us might write to Jesus! Good news! Jesus has a love list not a naughty list—and you are on it!Christmas Eve at Evergreen—For You!

Unto Us: God Through Us

Jared Roth


Description:Re-Gifting -- the art of passing on bad gifts to unsuspecting others. But what if Re-Gifting actually passed on the best gift to others? That's exactly what "God Through Us" is about. Sunday lets learn the art of spiritual re-gifting.

Unto Us: God in Us

Ann Roth


Description:Babies. They can stop people on the streets, evoke oohs and ah's from complete strangers, and their smiles can brighten the day of anyone in sight. Maybe that's why we like to linger at the manger. Baby Jesus is safer than Jesus all grown up. The grown up Jesus wants to come live in us and that changes everything. How does that happen?This weekend at Evergreen! See you there!

Unto Us: God With Us

Jared Roth


Description:"He's making a list and checking it twice. Gonna find out who's naughty and nice. Santa Claus is comin' to town”. Can you hear the tune? A Christmas song hoping to scare kid’s into behaving well. You might have been taught that God is like that - making a list…focused on your naughties. Sunday we’ll explode that myth. God loves you so much that he came to be with you - God with Us.

When Jesus is in Charge: Church Matters

Lydia Shepard-Kiser


Description:Does Church really make a difference? What does the Bible say about gathering? Does God actually care about my Church involvement? Join us this weekend to discuss these vital questions and be equipped to respond to a growing anti-church culture.

When Jesus is in Charge: Good News!

Jared Roth


Description:Saturday morning and you hear a knock on your door - magazines. Or, guys in white shirts on bicycles. Yikes. Is that what you have to do to share your faith? Sunday let’s tear the bad rap off the good news, and figure out how to share your faith story.

When Jesus is in Charge - Money

Ann Roth


Description:Someone has said, “Money is the opposite of the weather. Nobody talks about it, but everybody does something about it.” Jesus, on the other hand, did. He talked about money even more than prayer or faith. Hmmm, what does He know that we don't? Let's have a bold conversation about money...a Jesus conversation that sets us free to live life to the full! Sunday @ Evergreen.

When Jesus is in Charge: SURPRISE!

Sean Sottile


Description:When Jesus is in Charge...You don't want to miss out on His plans! Join us as we welcome Sean Sottile, executive pastor at Church on the Way, in Santa Clarita California. The fun part of the story is that he grew up at Evergreen, went to Life Bible College, and had his heart captured by a girl named Katie. He and his wife Katie have two wonderful kids with a third one on the way! We will be on the edge of our seats with you! See you Sunday!

When Jesus is in Charge: Life on Purpose 2

Ann Roth, Renae Jacoby, Ben Farley, Stephen Crane


Description:Jesus was interrupted--a lot. Many of His opportunities to serve others happened in those interruptions. How do we interrupt our lives to love and serve others, here, near and far? This week three people share their stories of how God asked them to make room in their lives for more---more love, more service, and more of His big world. Guaranteed--you won't go home the same! See you Sunday!

When Jesus is in Charge: Life on Purpose 1

Jared Roth


Description:You are good. For what!? None of us are good for everything. All us us are good for something. Sunday, Jared leads us on a discovery journey about how we are wired for purpose. Don’t waste your time growing from bad to mediocre. Focus on growing in your gifts from good to great. On Purpose. For Purpose.

When Jesus is in Charge: There is an Enemy

Jared Roth


Description:Las Vegas Shooting - how can we explain such evil? How can this happen in our well-educated, affluent, sophisticated society? Sunday, Jared unpacks the reality of an enemy that declared war against all that God loves including you. Let’s learn about our enemy and how to fight and win.

When Jesus is in Charge: Finding God in Suffering

Joe Wittwer


Description:Let's be honest, some of us would prefer not to talk about suffering at all, much less in the same breath as God. This week we tackle something that is on the minds of many of us after the horrific shooting in Las Vegas. Joe Wittwer, pastor of Life Center in Spokane, Washington, will be with us. Join us as we experience the God of hope--who is at work even in our darkest moments.

When Jesus is in Charge: Hearing God

Ann Roth


Description:When we talk about hearing God, lots of questions come to mind. How does God speak? Why don't we hear Him sometimes? How can we be sure it's God? Hearing God is a relational process not an ask.com experience. God wants to be in relationship with us not just an answer vending machine. Join the conversation this Sunday!

When Jesus is in Charge: Help 24/7

Ann Roth


Description:Help is on the way! Have you ever heard those words or wanted to hear those words? Good news! Help is HERE not just on the way! Jesus made sure his followers knew that before He exited planet earth. Come experience the 24/7 help Jesus was talking about!

When Jesus is in Charge: Who?

Jared Roth


Description:"If I had only known that….!” We’ve all been there. If we had correct background information we would have come to different conclusions. Same deal with our view of God. We have some bad information. Sunday we’ll unpack “Who is God” by going back to the beginning. Give your understanding of God a fresh start.

Your Next Step

Ann Roth


Description:She's seven years old and starting the second grade with an eagerness that has her dressed for the first day of school several days early! The start of school, kids and parents waiting for the school bus, leaves turning color...all signs of a change in seasons! There is an enthusiasm for a fresh start, a new season. Students are taking their next steps in growing up! What about us? God's plans for us always include growing. What's your next step?

Don't Feed the Wildlife: Work

Jared Roth


Description:In the movie Snow White, the seven dwarfs sang something like, “Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to work we go”. On Monday mornings are you more like Grumpy, Sleepy or Happy? What does God have to do with your attitude and view toward work? A Lot! Sunday, we’ll discover what God thinks about our work. We’ll unpack the difference between work and a job. We’ll challenge the idea of what is secular and what is sacred. Your work is important and spiritual.

Sawczuk Goodbye

Ann Roth; Rick & Elizabeth Sawczuk


Description:"You are not the boss of me!", declares one five year old to another. Who has not overheard a conversation like this? Sending is about God's big story--what He is up to in the world. Sending anyone reminds us that Jesus is in charge of our lives and may interrupt us at any time--but this is not the whole story! Want to know more? Join us this Sunday as we love and send the Sawczuk family!

Don't Feed the Wildlife: Social Media

Brad Paice


Description:The technical wilderness of social media offers instant communication with anyone across the globe at the tap of a button. Too good to be true? Perhaps just too quick to be completely reliable. We have likely all found ourselves in a difficult situation online where good intentions were translated badly, the joke did not land well, or speaking the truth sparked a fiery debate which left everyone licking their wounds.Come and hear how we can navigate the media wildlife by standing firmly on God's word.

Don't Feed the Wildlife: Relationships

Jared Roth


Description:Good relationships need to be fed and nurtured. Some relationships….. well, they need to be recognized and NOT fed. How can you identify those toxic relationships? What should you do about them? Sunday we’ll have fun visiting the wildlife…. of relationships.

Wilderness Wisdom

Jared & Ann Roth


Description:What do a latrine shovel, bear spray, and mosquito nets have to do with our life and journey with God? Turns out--a lot! Join us for some laughter and lessons from the trail that will follow you home! Start your week with us! Sawczuk Announcement at the beginning of podcast!

Boomerang: AJ Swoboda!

AJ Swoboda


Description:It is week five, the finale to our Boomerang series where each week, we welcome back a wonderful family sent from here into God's big world!This week we welcome, AJ Swoboda, church planter in the Hawthorne District of Portland. Seven and a half years ago, AJ, his wife Quinn, and a team of 11 people stood on stage at Evergreen and shared their story and vision for the east side of Portland. After praying for them we took a special offering and sent that to them for the new church plant. We are so glad that God let us be a part of their story...but the story has a new chapter with fresh vision! AJ will share what God is up to now, we'll pray, and you will have the opportunity to give to this next chapter. Your yearnings to advance God's Kingdom here, near and far will be stirred! Expect to hear from God for your life as AJ shares about his!

Boomerang: Laurie Dickerson!

Laurie Dickerson


Description:It is week four of our Boomerang series where each week, we welcome back a wonderful family sent from here into God's big world!This week we welcome, Laurie Dickerson, missionary and church planter in Uganda. Joining her for this visit are some newlyweds we love, her daughter, Abby, and husband Jonathan. Laurie was sent out seven and a half years ago to to Budaka, Uganda, to start an orphanage, a church and a school that could help support the other efforts. Today there is a church of several hundred, an orphanage, and a school with several hundred students. Laurie left this work in the hands of a Ugandan leader and went across the country to Fort Portal where she has started a bakery and a church. This has been a grand adventure with God that Evergreen has been part of!! Be ready to hear stories and be amazed at God's goodness and love! All of us will be encouraged and challenged as we hear what God is doing!

Boomerang: Crichtons!

Grant Crichton


Description:It is week three of our Boomerang series where each week, we welcome back a wonderful family sent from here into God's big world!This week we welcome Grant & Marta Crichton and their little boy, Judah. Grant and Marta launched a new church in Walla Walla, Washington, last October, after two years of building relationships and loving people in that city. In the middle of it all, little Judah was born! What an adventure it has been! Grant will share a lesson from their journey and a few stories of along the way. Come and hear what God has done and experience the joy of what it means to send families like the Crichtons here, near, and far!

Boomerang: Hughes!

Kevin & Emily Hughes


Description:This week, we welcome Kevin & Emily Hughes and their family as we hear their story of leading Corvallis Foursquare and loving their city! We get to learn from their journey and the wonderful things God has done in them and through them. Expect to be encouraged!

Boomerang: Hovets!

Isaac Hovet


Description:Kick off your 4th of July celebration this Sunday with our new Boomerang series where each week, we welcome back a wonderful family sent from here into God's big world!This week we welcome Isaac Hovet and get to hear his story of trust as they moved from Cottage Grove to Salem to serve as Lead Pastors at New Hope. Expect fireworks--the God kind that happen on the inside of us when we encounter Him!


Elizabeth Sawczuk


Description:Like a boat on a lake, every person leaves a “wake” behind his or her life. We affect people around us in all kinds of different ways through our work and relationships. At the end of his life, King David made sure he was passing on solid relationships and a clear sense of mission to the next generation of leaders. What are you leaving behind you at your job, in your home, in your school or community? Are you investing in what really matters?

Unstoppable: Look Up

Ann Roth


Description:Woody Allen said 80% of success is showing up. We try to clean up before we show up with God. Bad move. King David showed up, warts and all, and demonstrated what a strong and authentic life looks like. Join us for some good news this Father's Day!

Unstoppable: Go With Friends

Jared Roth


Description:We all have Plan A – good stuff we hope happens. Then we get hit with life and Plan B. What do we absolutely need when things go wrong? David’s story gives us a clear and powerful answer. This Sunday let's discover the answer together in the next episode of Unstoppable.

Unstoppable: Give it Up - to God!

Ann Roth


Description:They really don’t like you - enemies. How did David make it through four years of being chased by Saul and another four years living as a refugee so Saul could not kill him? David knew what it was like to have enemies. And he knew how to deal with them and please God at the same time. Let's learn from his example together Sunday @ Evergreen. See you there!

Unstoppable: Step Up!

Rick Sawczuk


Description:As we remember those that courageously sacrificed their lives for our freedom this Memorial Day weekend, we will look at two types of courage that can arise within when fear challenges us. How does God invite us to respond to fear? Sunday, lets discover the resource God makes available to us to Step Up and face our giants.

Unstoppable: Power Up!

Jared Roth


Description:Unstoppable. Where would you like to be unstoppable? Jared kicks off our new series about a flawed hero - David. This week we will see how David went from being the runt to ruler, from powerless to powerful. We will see Jesus' story foreshadowed in David’s story. And you will find your story in his. Get some traction - be unstoppable. See you Sunday!

Awkward Family Photos: Grace for Parents

Ann Roth


Description:Parents are people too! Can you believe it? What does it look like to honor them across the years and through their own struggles and failures. It's messy--but God loves it and links it to our well being. Join us for some practical help that intersects your story. See you Sunday!

Awkward Family Photos: Flexible Parenting

Jared Roth


Description:It's awkward. Your kid is acting up in the store and others stare in judgement. The principal calls because kiddo was in a fight. She missed her Friday night curfew. You got mad and blew it. All families have some awkward photo ops! Sunday, Jared will give some helpful tips about Flexible Parenting. Get some grace - and get more wisdom.

Awkward Family Photos: Classic Teenagers

Brad Paice


Description:Entitled, risk taking, phone crazy, distracted adolescents. We all know the stereotype of a 'classic teenager' in today's culture, but is this really anything new? This weekend, come and hear about how our 'classic God' transforms stereotype into spectacular!

Awkward Family Photos: Sibling UnRivalry

Ann Roth


Description:I love Sam Levenson's definition for Siblings: "Children of the same parents, each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together.” Siblings--they push our buttons and cause us to take on roles we were sure we had left in the past! God includes many stories of sibling rivalry in His big story. What's the secret for getting along with siblings...at any season of life? Join us Sunday!

LIFE: There's More!

Jared Roth


Description:How full is your life? Probably crazy full! Work. School. Sports. Lessons. Family. Stuff. Full. So why do some places feel empty? Not your calendar but your gut. Your heart. Easter is a story of fullness that counts. Not an add on or add in. But a 'full of life' fullness. Is your gage of life running low? Invest and hour to fill up on life.

One Thing I Know For Sure: He is Mercy

Lydia Shepard-Kiser


Description:Mercy is a word that many people know, but few have truly experienced. Fortunately, when we live life with God, we can experience His mercy constantly! Join us this Sunday as we continue our series on the things we know about God and take a closer look at how merciful he is!

One Thing I Know For Sure: He is Generous

Ann Roth


Description:Trust--it is hard earned and easily lost. Most of us have experienced the disappointment or pain of broken trust. What about when God says, "Trust Me"? Does your heart soar or sink? Join us as we consider the God who risked everything for us so we can gain everything He has!

One Thing I Know For Sure: He is Generous

Ann Roth


Description:If I have a dozen chocolate chip cookies and give you three, how many are left? Less for me!!! Some of us think of God's generosity this way. He is not working with a finite amount of anything. God's outrageous generosity will challenge and change us! Join us this Sunday!

One Thing I Know For Sure: He Accepts Us

Jared Roth


Description:Religion makes a mess of life. No wonder people do “not want to be religious”! What is essential? What is just religious distraction? What do we really need to know about God? Sunday we launch a new series, “One Thing I Know About God”. You’ll be surprised….. and challenged…. and focused.

Wish You Were Here - Gentleness & Self-Control

Ann Roth


Description:Sadie the wonder dog, as we liked to call her, had one command down--only one. She would respond to “Stay”. This saved her on many occasions. What does this have to do with gentleness and self control you may ask? Everything! See you Sunday for the fun, thought provoking finale to our series about the life we aspire to!