Week 3 - Hell

Joel Herman


Description:Jonah Chapter 1:17-2:10

Psalm 19:1-14

Joel Herman


Description:Audio ends around 37:05. recorder was left on

Refocus - Parental Vision: How far can you see?

Matt Braucher


Description:We continue our look into the life of Eli and his sons. This time we focus on his inability to see and the spiritual picture that is for us as parents.

Refocus - An Issue of Authority

Matt Braucher


Description:Looking at what went wrong for Eli in 1 Sam. 2:27-29 and how to avoid it while raising our kids. Eli lost sight of his One True authority and put himself and his kids before God.

Refocus - Intro

Matt Braucher


Description:We're taking a quick look at Eli and his two sons from 1st Sam. and learning the importance of having a biblical vision for our families.