Life Group Survey

Small groups have been around forever...beginning with God…

Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When Jesus came to fulfill his earthly ministry he called together a small group, the apostles. God has been accomplishing amazing things in the lives of his followers for centuries through groups.

At First Baptist, we are convinced that God uses small groups to energize your life... to grow in your relationship with him, to deepen your bonds with other believers and to experience true biblical community in your spiritual life. Thus we call our small groups, LIFE groups.

Would you please take a moment to fill out this survey. Our Coordinator of Assimilation and Life Groups, Terry Port, will be in contact with you soon. Thank you.

1. Please indicate your current involvement in small groups (mark all that apply)

2. If you are not presently in a small group, please mark any particular group you would be willing to join

3. What kind of group would you be interested in joining?

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