A Fresh Perspective on the Lost

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie illustrates the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15.

Membership Matters

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie talks about the importance of church membership.

First Family Sunday: The Great Covenant/The Hubs

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie uses the first Sunday of the month to focus on families.

WINNING: When Winning Looks Like Losing

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie concludes the Winning series talking about when winning looks like losing.

WINNING: Winning at the Right Thing

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie continues "Winning," looking at Ephesians 3.

WINNING: Anyone can wear a foam finger

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie starts a new series called "Winning," focusing on how our culture measures success vs how God measures it.

First Family Sunday - VIDEO

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie introduces the first of First Family Sundays. The first Sunday of every month we will focus on the Family.

Comfort Zones

Tim Sumners


Description:Our Senior Adults Minister discusses comfort zones and the Christian walk.

Spiritual Agriculture: The sower and the seed

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie begins a new series called Spiritual Agriculture, examining the fruitfulness of the Christian Life.

The Journey

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie opens our first Sunday in transition talking about the journey of faith from Hebrews 11:8-10.

A New Chapter

Pastor Jamie


Description:In this Special Final service in our historic downtown location, Pastor Jamie encourages us to embrace the future.

The Race of Faith

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie encourages us to look to others, ourselves, and Jesus in preparation for our race of faith

Doors: The Need for Preparation

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie concludes his Doors series by illustrating one of Jesus' parables and our need to be prepared.

A Mother's Redemption

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie takes a look at Bathsheba for Mother's Day.

Doors: The Anatomy of an Opportunity

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie highlights the the three parts of a ministry opportunity.

Doors: Opportunities vs Obstacles

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie compares the opportunities versus the obstacles that the Christian life provides.

Doors: The Door of Opportunity

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie begins a new sermon series entitled, "Doors," and provides a new perspective on the opportunities the Lord provides.


Tim Sumners


Description:Tim Sumners encourages the church.

Following From a Distance

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie highlights the importance of having a close walk with Jesus.

Living on Empty: A Life of Victory

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie celebrates Easter Sunday sharing the Life of Victory found in Jesus Christ.

Living On Empty: A Life of Purpose

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie illuminates how we are dead to sin and alive to God, and eternity starts when we believe.

Living on Empty: A Life of Hope

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie reminds us that the resurrection stands as a reminder that no believer should ever be hopeless.

Living on Empty: A Life of Peace

Pastor Jamie


Description:Due to technical difficulties, the recording starts in the middle of the sermon.

Living on Empty: A Life of Stability

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie introduces a new series about how we have a full life because of an empty tomb.

Back to our Roots

Alex Herrin


Description:Alex Herrin urges us to get back to our Biblical roots and share the Good News.

What Does Love Look Lile?

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie discusses the Love of God.

Are We There Yet? We've Arrived

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie concludes the Are We There Yet series with the Israelites arriving in the Promised Land.


Brian Crouch


Description:Brian talks about the struggles of the Christian Life, but God's rewards system is worth it.

Are We There Yet? The Final Exam

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie discusses the testing of our faith.

How God Views Life

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie embraces Sanctity of Life Sunday by discussing how God views life.

Are We There Yet? Almost Destroyed

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie illuminates the idolatry of the Israelites, and confronts us about the idols in our own lives.

The End of a Thing

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie encourages us to persevere through our beginnings to finish strong.

Are We There Yet? A New Challenge Arises

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie introduces Joshua into the continuing series, "Are We There Yet?"

That's the Best God Could Do?

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie illuminates the Christmas story.

Are We There Yet? The Challenges of the Journey

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie continues the current sermon series by encouraging us to hold on to our faith through the challenges of the journey.

Are We There Yet? Pulling out of the Driveway

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie encourages us in our Journey of Faith.

Are We There Yet? Packing our Bags

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie continues the "Are We There Yet?" series about preparing for our Spiritual Journey.

Are We There Yet? The Deliverer

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie shares about how God used Moses and the trials of his life to deliver the people of God.

To Serve or Not to Serve

Pat Findlay


Description:Impact Weekend Guest Speaker Pat Findlay urges us to find a way to serve.

Just One

Tim Sumners


Description:Special Guest Speaker Tim Sumners encourages us to be Just One who will stand in the gap.

Are We There Yet? When you don't know there's a there there

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie introduces a new sermon series about the Journey of Faith.

House of Mercy

Pastor Jamie


Description:Pastor Jamie challenges us with the account of Jesus healing a lame man at the Pool of Bethesda.

A Spiritual Barometer

Steve Dighton


Description:Special guest speaker Pastor Steve Dighton shares out of Galatians about measuring your faith.