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** PowerPoint in FLC will require your own computer and the hiring of an approved sound engineer. Contact church office for explanation.

Keyless Door Entry will be available for each group at a cost of $10 per function.


Church Usage Stipulation:

If during the course of your programming circumstances arise (such as the death of a church member) that require the church to use the room, we will work with you to reschedule your event. If rescheduling isn't possible, the event can be cancelled.

It is understood and agreed that the Facilities Manager will be responsible for the room set-up and clean-up. Under no circumstance is your group allowed to rearrange or move furniture without notifying the church office in advance. Any room changes must be made within 48 hours prior to function.

No decorations are permitted which will mar or deface any part of the building or its furnishings. For example, no decorations may be tacked, taped, glued, stapled, pinned, clamped or wired to the walls, doors, ceilings, floors, woodwork, or furniture of any in the church facility. Exits must be left free of decorations because of fire regulations. Also, lighted candles are not permitted. Special holiday church decorations (e.g., Christmas, Easter, etc.) are not to be moved or altered. All decorations and equipment must be removed immediately following the function, unless arrangements have been made with the church office. No Alcohol beverages are allowed on premises any violations from above will result in the forfeiting of your security deposit and all future reservations request.

We must also ask your group to make sure that at all times no outside doors are to be propped open for your guests. A key and/or keyless entry pass code is issued to all groups to use the main entrance of the church near the church office. This is where your guests must enter to get into the building.

Security Deposits are refundable as long as all church usage stipulations are met and there is no damage to the premises.

Cancellations and Deposits

The cancellation of a reservation with 30 days notice will qualify for a fully refunded deposit.

Cancellations with 29-15 days prior notice will qualify for a 50% refund of the deposit.

Any cancellations with less than 14 days notice will forfeit the deposit.

Upon the conclusion of the function, the security deposit will be refunded if the room is determined to be in order and free from damage.

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