Absolute Faith

Nothing Wasted


Description:In mathematical terms, absolute refers to a value...the positive form of a number. Absolute is a simple idea, but difficult to execute in life...to be pure. What does absolute faith look like? When you welcome Jesus into your heart, you're turning the negative of sin into the positive of Jesus' influence on your life.

Left Behind

Nothing Wasted


Description:There's a healthy type of fear about not wanting to be left behind when it comes to the outpouring of God and what he wants to do in and through our lives. When given the opportunity to live in the past or move into God's future, do you have a fear of being left behind?

Burn Pile

Nothing Wasted


Description:When it comes to living a Nothing Wasted life, the piles of brush in our lives represent our past...past experiences, memories, beliefs, etc. If we want to live into the future that God has for us, we need to set our past on fire.

Two Ways

Nothing Wasted


Description:In the book of Galatians we read about two ways of living this life as a follower of Jesus Christ, the common way and the better way. Through transformation by the Holy Spirit, we can live the better way!

Leading the Presence Driven Church

Nothing Wasted


Description:God's presence is not a theory, it's an experience. The scripture points us to an encounter with a living God that's available and accessible to every person.

Source ID

Nothing Wasted


Description:As we begin to live a "Nothing Wasted" life, Jesus will take us through an amazing process to make sure that His love is what we are drawing from as our source.


Nothing Wasted


Description:Romans 12:11 tells us to be "fervent in spirit," which in the Greek translates to "boil in spirit" or "boil in the spirit." Our passion for God should include our whole heart, soul, mind and strength...to the boiling point!

Nothing Wasted

Nothing Wasted


Description:Are we leaving nothing undone that Jesus gave us to do? Nothing Wasted is a series that will hopefully move us to a place where we stop underestimating what God intends for our lives. Instead, we dream Spirit-sized dreams and begin to enjoy living Spirit-driven lives.

Time to Dream

Kingdom Invasion


Description:Kingdom invasions happen when we walk in our worthiness. It's time to dream again about what will happen when you walk in the truth of who you are in God's design. He will use you to cause earthly kingdoms to fall!

No Excuses

Kingdom Invasion


Description:We are individually, uniquely made by God, and He has purposed each of us for a unique task. We have no excuses to do what God has called us to do.

The Weight of Love

Kingdom Invasion


Description:When it comes to experiencing Kingdom Invasions in the circumstances of our lives, it is God's love, in Christ, that makes it possible.

Power of Prayer/Praise

Kingdom Invasion


Description:Prayer/praise serves to lift us up into higher thinking where we are given Kingdom perspective on our current circumstances, knowing in all circumstances, God will reign and He will reveal His glory.


Kingdom Invasion


Description:In the gospels we read that Jesus taught the disciples what to do, and they would go practice it. We have also been given this calling to participate in bringing God's Kingdom to earth.

Power of the Testimony

Kingdom Invasion


Description:A testimony is a story with a beginning, middle and end. It has twists and turns. It is deeply personal. It happened to you or through you. It's a story of how the Kingdom of Heaven invades the kingdom of earth and the Holy Spirit does something powerful that draws a life to the person of Jesus.

Spiritual Fathers

Kingdom Invasion


Description:We need Spiritual Fathers and Mothers...those who model and influence lives, spiritually positioning others to become authentic followers of Jesus, calling the Kingdom of God down in other people's circumstances.

Off the Map

Kingdom Invasion


Description:When it comes to the Holy Spirit and experiencing a Kingdom Invasion, we are not on our timetable and we are not following a prescribed route. We face a decision to follow God's Spirit off the map.


Kingdom Invasion


Description:Because our identity is in Christ, we can trust the He will empower us to serve Him and others in those moments when His Kingdom invades the kingdom of earth.


Kingdom Invasion


Description:A Kingdom Invasion is experienced when we anchor our faith in the unseen, the undiscovered,...the God of the impossible!

Drive to Discover

Kingdom Invasion


Description:Because of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, what was undiscoverable is now discoverable...what is unseen is now able to be seen for those who have a drive to discover the realities of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Kingdom Invasion


Description:Jesus teaches us to pray for His Kingdom to come. We need to hunger for the realities of the Kingdom of Heaven to become the realities in our everyday lives and the life of our Church.

Respect God's Commands

From Where You Are To Where God Wants You To Be


Description:Our spiritual journey that takes us to where God wants us to be requires that we submit to His rule and authority in every area of our lives. We do that by being completely and consistently obedient.

Recognize God's Commitment

From Where You Are To Where God Wants You To Be


Description:When we recognize God's commitment, we find that His presence is with us powerfully, personally, and permanently!

Receive the Challenge

From Where You Are To Where God Wants You To Be


Description:Most of us fear the unknown, so we often settle for our problems instead of facing our challenges. But God calls us to challenges, not complacency!


All In


Description:If we continue to drift in areas that lead us to sin, we have the potential of wrecking our lives and forfeiting the lasting change that God's Spirit has fought hard for. We need to guard against drifting!


All In


Description:Being in agreement with God means that we are on the same page as Him. It involves the commitments that ensure lasting change, making sure rebellion, division and disunity don't come back into out hearts, lives and experiences.

Promise Centered (11am)

All In


Description:When God rebuilds your life, you are no longer to center on who you were, but on who you are becoming in Christ. Being promise centered -- centered on the promises of God made from His presence -- positions us to continue to become a rebuilding group in a broken and fallen world.

Promise Centered (9am)

All In


Description:When God rebuilds your life, you are no longer to center on who you were, but on who you are becoming in Christ. Being promise centered -- centered on the promises of God made from His presence -- positions us to continue to become a rebuilding group in a broken and fallen world.

Living and Active

All In


Description:When we experience God's Spirit and His word as living and active, we will continue the work of rebuilding and restoring broken lives.

Daring Resistance 3.0

All In


Description:Nothing has the potential to distract us (at best) or take us out (at worst) from continuing to do God's will than personal attacks.When we remember that God has called us to do a work, we can resist these attacks and stay on the wall.

Daring Resistance 2.0

All In


Description:When outside opposition fails to stop us from doing God's will, we can almost always predict that there will be "attacks" from within. Nehemiah shows us how to respond to injustice that causes strife.

Daring Resistance

All In


Description:It will take nothing short of daring resistance for us to counter the opposition sent to discourage and frustrate us from fulfilling God's will.

Reckless Abandon

All In


Description:"All In" actually requires us to live recklessly with hearts and lives abandoned to Jesus and His purposes.


All In


Description:The first step of becoming All In is a personal process of consecration...setting ourselves apart for Jesus and His kingdom gospel purposes.




Description:The Holy Spirit is changing the atmosphere of our life, family, relationships, job experience, etc. We can trust Jesus and the work of the Spirit in and through us...we can experience resurrection power in order to live laid down lives.




Description:As we celebrate Palm Sunday, we unpack an early parade in history, whose purpose is to honor Jesus and introduce Him for who He really is to the world...a parade that releases us from lives that dishonor into lives of authentic honor.

Blood Trail



Description:The blood of Jesus is powerful. Through it, we are released from the results of the curse and released into the freedom and abundance that we have in our relationship and life in Christ.




Description:When our lives are shaken, the Holy Spirit reveals what things are keeping us in overdraft so that He can release us from them.

Presence Driven Church | Resolve



Description:Resolve means deciding firmly; coming to a definite or earnest decision. Just as Jesus resolved to pay whatever price to set a person free, a Presence Driven Church will resolve to surrender to what Holy Spirit values to see that others get set free.

Presence Driven Church | Breakthrough



Description:A Presence Driven Church expects and experiences sudden and dramatic acts of the Spirit that move us through an obstacle to breakthrough. When we invest time to enter into the presence of the Holy Spirit, breakthroughs are common.

Presence Driven Church | Louder



Description:A Presence Driven Life/Church's love for God must be louder than the love of self. What makes the message of the grace-saturated embrace of Jesus/selfless living louder than the culture's message of self-centered living is the "all in and all out" love that we have for the Lord our God!

Presence Driven Church | A Sling and 5 Stones



Description:A presence driven church is known for its harmony/unity that isn't manufactured, but grows naturally out of the presence of the Spirit, the Father, and the Son.

Presence Driven Church | Coin Toss



Description:James teaches us about two kinds of wisdom. What we do, how we fulfill the gospel mission, and how we treat people will show what kind of wisdom we possess.

Presence Driven Church | Holy Discomfort



Description:God orders our footsteps; God sets up our divine appointments. If we get really comfortable as a church with Holy Discomfort, we will have the amazing privilege of seeing God's Spirit move in powerful ways.

Presence Driven Church | Fire



Description:A natural, organic thing that bears fruit and is a result of a Presence-Driven Church is "Fire"...literally, the power of God showing up in and through the Christ-followers of a presence-driven church.

Presence Driven Church Defined



Description:A presence-driven church is a community of Christ-followers whose unique calling and expression of the kingdom gospel is discerned and driven from the presence of God's Spirit.

Life Rhythm



Description:When we remain intentional about being in the presence of the Holy Spirit daily, we are given the cure that brings our hearts and our lives back into rhythm.




Description:The embrace of presence happens as His love extends to us and we respond with obedience.

Simple Pursuit



Description:The pursuit of His Presence is a great place to begin for positioning our lives to become presence-driven.




Description:The outpouring of our spirit from the pouring in of His Spirit will be a living testimony of God's works on earth. That's living from the overflow!

Journey of Faith

Uncommon Christmas


Description:God knows the path we need to follow and He will guide us if we will listen to Him and place Him at the center of our hearts and minds.