Sing a New Song

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:As we contne on in this sermon series, we come to Psalm 98 where we learn from the Word of God how a new song, is new and what we can do to obey God's command to sing a new song.

When Faith is at its Best

Leonard Lee


Description:Guest speaker, Leonard Lee, shares during our "Exaltations" sermon seires from Psalm 91.In this sermon we are encouraged by God's response to great faith and we are given a chance to reflect on how we can live out true and vibrant faith in the Lord.

Deeply Rooted

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:Who we are in Christ, and what He has done for us is what we must be deeply rooted in - not what we can do for the Lord, or accomplish in our strength. Psalm 139 powerfully remids us of who God is, and who God says we are. In this sermon we also connect this psalm with Romans 8.

Fairest of All

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:The focus in this sermon is Psalm 45, a beautiful picture of God as our groom and His church as the bride.

Taste & See

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:As we focus on Psalm 34, we encounter great truths for staying humble and close to the Lord while we pursue a vibrate relationship with Him.

Calling the Couregous

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:We review Matthew 14 and Judges 7 - texts we have looked two in the past three years. In this sermon we are reminded of those promises from God for our church family as we finalize one church calendar year and begin a new church calendar year - one filled with new opportunties and fresh prespective.

A Final Promise, A Final Command

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:With this sermon, we end our series on the book of Philippians.Philippians is a letter saturated in joy, and from our text in this sermon (Phil. 4:19-23) we review the entire sereis, hear from the church family as they share testimonies about what God has taught them and we from the text we look at one final promise, a final command.

God Provides

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:Our sermon series in Philippians is almost over. In this sermon we move further through chapter 4 and focus on the secure mindset and attitude - based in true contentment and in understanding God's provision for our lives.

Beautiful Peace

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:We begin our final dissent in this series, by entering more fully into chapter 4 of Philippians. This recording is not complete: it was started late.In this sermon we continue to see that joyous attitude of the heart that says, “no matter the cost, I long to see Christ glorified, His Gospel message of redemption shared, and the Kingdom of God advanced”. In this final chapter from Philippians, we will learn how to keep worry from robbing us of our joy. We will discover how to have peace and joy in our relationships with God and others.

Citizens of Heaven

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In this sermon we get back into it and we will finish Philippians 3 and touch the first verse of chapter 4. This recording is not complete: it starts after the opening prayer and cuts off before the message is over.In Philippians 3:17-4:1 we continue to see that joyous attitude of the heart that says, “no matter the cost, I long to see Christ glorified, His Gospel message of redemption shared, and the Kingdom of God advanced” by living as true citizens of heaven.

It's About Life

Jim Mallery


Description:We take a break in our current sermon series to hear from brother Jim, as he shares about King Hezekiah and about life, living a life of victory.

Press On...

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:Our lives are meant to be fully integrated around a single, unifying purpose: to know Christ and to make Him known. In this sermon we continue on in Philippians 3, by focusing on verses 12 to 16 - pressing on in this pursuit of Christlikeness.


Pastor Nick Emery


Description:Our GSWC sermon series in Philippians continues now as we transition to chapter 3 and a new mind-set as our theme: the spiritual mindset. Joy is worth fighting for and we have a priceless and mmeasurable value of Christlike joy that is found in knowing Jesus Christ.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Joy

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In this sermon we finish chapter 2 of Philippians and look to two ordinary people, as examples of extraordinary joy and we learn from their lives how we can too can experience great joy!

The Joy of Submission

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In this GSWC sermon we focus on the submissive mindset as we talk about examples of Jesus Christ and Paul in Philippians 1:1-18.The joy of the submissive mind comes not only from serving others and sharing in Christ’s suffering, but also through the truth that we are glorifying God. The submissive mind leads us to true joy, for it makes us more like Jesus Christ. And, it takes faith to exercise the submissive mind. Our example comes from Jesus, the energy to do this comes from the Holy Spirit, and the result is: true and lasting joy.

Simply Be

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In this GSWC sermon we finish Philippians 1, by focusing on verses 27 to 30. Our text gives us some powerful encourage of what we must "be" in order to know lasting, Christ-like joy and to have a single-mindset that champions the faith of the Gospel.

Our Joy in Adversity

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:Adversity takes on many forms and it has impacted each of our lives. And yet, we must purpose, as disciples of Christ, to experience joy in all the adversity that we face. Why? Because the furtherance, the advancement of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, that He alone heals, that He alone saves - that furtherance, that advancement of Gospel is powerfully linked to our joy in adversity.This sermon on Philippians 1:12-26 helps us to understand the single mindset on the furtherance of the Gospel - in our lives and the lives of others.

Be Unmoved

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:With this sermon, we launched a new sermon series at GSWC called "Saturated in Joy" - focusing on the book of Philippians.As we explore the first eleven verses of Philippians 1, we see how we can cultivate a true and lasting joy in our lives.


Pastor Ricardo Garza


Description:As a guest to GSWC, Pastor Ricardo shares from his heart about what God has taught him through the Word of God about healing. He leads a time of healing at the end of his teaching that focuses on James 5.

Final Reflections

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:This message concludes our sermon series on spiritual disciplines. In this series we have highlighted five major habits: to grow, to pray, to give, to live and to share...BIG.In this sermon we will look at 1st & 2nd Timothy and you will be reminded of the importance of why Christ-followers must practice spiritual disciplines, and that is to grow spiritually in our devotion to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Our Responsibility: SHARE BIG

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:As we look at the Word of God in 1st and 2nd Corthians, this GSWC sermon focuses on the spiritual discipline, and responsibilty, to share our faith - and it addresses what evangelism is to every Christ-follower.

Prepared to Worship: LIVE BIG

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In this GSWC sermon on worship, we dive in Revelation 4 & 5, and from the Word of God, we see His heart, His truth, about being prepared to live big, to live a life of worship!

Rethinking Stewardship: GIVE BIG

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:We press on in our spiritual disciplines series and talk about stewardship. Pastor Nick challenges us to rethink what stewardship is, how we can respond in obedience to it, by focusing on time and money and by lookin at Ephesians 5 and Luke 16.

Prayer Habits: PRAY BIG

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:As we continue on in our GSWC series on Spiritual Disciplines, we come to the topic of prayer. In this sermon with Pastor Nick we explore Colossians 4 where we are challanged with how and why we pray.

Bible Intake: GROW BIG

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:This is first sermon in our our series on spiritual disciplines. In this sermon we discuss what spiritual disciplines are and focus on Pslam 19, and the Word of God so that we can purpose to to pursing God in great ways throughout this new year.


Pastor Nick Emery


Description:What does one do relationships (my marriage, my family and my friends) are struggling and broken? 1 Peter 2:24b say “By his wounds you have been healed.” When we talk about struggling and broken relationships, we are talking about the realities of life. But the truth of God for us, is that all things broken and fragmented, shattered, cracked and damaged can be healed – and healed through the power of God.In this GSWC sermon on Genesis 32 we explore what we must do when our relationships are struggling or broken.

LR: To Forgive Sins

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:LOVE Revealed is our Advent Series leading up to Christmas. In this message, we focus on Matthew 1:18-23 and how love is revealed to forgive sins.Revealing His LOVE for the world, God sent His only Son so that we may live through Him. It is His LOVE that drove heaven down, and it is this same LOVE that redeems, reconciles, transforms, and makes all things new. God is with us and He lives among us. This Christmas season, may those around you be drawn to His LOVE Revealed!

LR: To Bring Justice & To Give Life

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:LOVE Revealed is our Advent Series leading up to Christmas. In this message, we focus on two great texts: Isaiah 42 and John 1. Revealing His LOVE for the world, God sent His only Son so that we may live through Him. It is His LOVE that drove heaven down, and it is this same LOVE that redeems, reconciles, transforms, and makes all things new. God is with us and He lives among us. This Christmas season, may those around you be drawn to His LOVE Revealed!

Passionately Waiting

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:This is a power-packed sermon! It includes:The conclusion to our "Rock Solid" series.Testimonies from the church family about this series and how God is at work in their lives. And...A concluding intro into our season of Advent at GSWC

Don't Be A Dog

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:This sermon focuses on Chapter 2 of Second Peter - were we focus on the calling on our lives to seek out Christ and to proclaim Him in all we do - and not return to our sin, to fall victim to false ways, and to retun to our past like a dog returns to their vomit.

Trusted Reminders

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In our "Rock Solid" series this sermon focused on 2 Peter 1:16-21 were we focus on cure truths, but very trusted reminders.

Be Transformed

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:We press on in our "Rock Solid" series by starting Second Peter. In this sermon we focus on 2 Peter 1:1-15 as we are reminded about God's truth, who we are in light of that, and how His truth is meant to transform and perserve us today.

Essentials for Holiness

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:This sermon brings to a close the first letter of Peter in our Rock Solid sermon series with Pastor Nick. In this message we are given several essentials for holiness that we must apply to our lives as we continue to live out faith in the Lord.


Pastor Nick Emery


Description:Based on 1 Peter 4, this sermon focuses on attitudes we can cultivate within our lives as we pursue the Lord. This message challenges us to perserve as we face the pressures of the world and remain Christlike in our attitude, our service and in unity with others.

Three Questions

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:How does a follower of Christ not only live within this world, and perhaps a hostile culture, but do so with a heart to see their world transformed by the love of Christ? We must live in this tension and we must do so with a heart to see the lives of people transformed by the hope we have in Jesus Christ!In this sermon on 1 Peter 3:8-22 in our "ROCK SOLID" series, we look at three specific questions ( How should we respond? What will it cost? Why should I pay the cost?) And then we look to text for the answers: our response, the cost and why it is worth the cost.

The Standard of Honor

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In this week of our ROCK SOLID sermon series we focus on 1 Peter 2:13-3:7. Last week we focused on who we are in Christ - living stones, His beloved and chosen meant to proclaim the goodness of God. In this sermon we finish chapter 2 of 1st Peter and start on chapter 3 were we focus in on the theme of honor.

Our Purpose, Our Identity

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:As we continue on in our ROCK SOLID series, we explore 1 Peter 2:4-12. In this sermon we continue to focus again on spiritual growth - but not just as individuals but as indviduals living in community with another, thus being the church.

A Commitment to Growth

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In week 3 of our ROCK SOLID sermon series, we begin 1 Peter, chapter 2 and focus on the things we must get rid of so that we can grow in our relationship with the Lord - and from this we see what we need: to repent of our sin, to know God's Word, and to be consumed with God's goodness.

Embracing Suffering

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In this second sermon of our new "Rock Solid" series, Pastor Nick focuses us on 1st Peter 1:3-5 and how we are live out hope, holiness, and in harmony as we embrace suffering.

A Living Hope

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In this series launch on 1st & 2nd Peter, Pastor Nick gives an overview of each letter and then focuses on the powerful greeting Peter gave to the scattered house-churches where we learn about the living hope we have, in Christ alone.

Hearing From God

Dr. Phil Stevenson


Description:Our newly elected DS of our district of churches in the Wesleyan Movement shares from 1st Samuel 3:1-10 about what it takes to hear from Lord and how we can purpose to repsond.

A Passon for People, Part 2

Pastort Nick Emery


Description:In this sermon we look at the Great Commandment from Matthew 22, asking ourselves: are we FAITHFUL to fulfilling the the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment?? Pastor Nick shares from Kevin Harney's Book, "Organic Outreach for the Church" on how to have the hands and voice for authentic outreach - He challenged the church to be open to what God is going to do in our church and live with an intensity for outreach that reflects how God has desinged us!

A Passsion for People, Part 1

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In this sermon we look at the Great Commission from Matthew 28, asking ourselves: are we GRIPPED by the Great Commission? Pastor Nick shares from Kevin Harney's Book, "Organic Outreach for the Church" on how to have a heart and mind for authentic outreach - He challenged the church to be open to what God is going to do in our church and to begin to raise our outreach temp by one degree and be praying for those that God has placed within our reach!

Review, Celebration & Final Challenge

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In this final message in our Ruth & Esther sermon series, Pastor Nick reviews with us the entire series, we hear testimonies from several in the church abou how God has been working in their lives during this series, and then Pastor Nick gives one final challenge as we wrap-up the series on Ruth and Esther.

From Sorrow to Joy

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:In this sermon on Esther 9 & 10, Pastor Nick shares about the peace that is found when we face our sorrow, in fear and awe of God, and learn to grow and celebrate what He has done.

Problem Solving

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:With this sermon by Pastor Nick on Esther 8, we see clearly God's way of solving the problems we face - but we learn that we must face the problems of life in order to learn and grow from them.

Perfectly Timed

Pastor Nick Emery


Description:As Pastor Nick takes us through Esther 8, we examine our timing versus God's timing and we focus on the soverignty of God and what we must do as we wait on the Lord and His perfect timing in our lives.

To Please the King

Jim Mallery


Description:In chapter 6 of Eshter, our guest speaker - Jim Mallery - addresses the issues of Haman's life, by looking at who Queen Esther was and her heart to please her king.We were challenged by Jim to live a life daily, to please our King and Savior, by reaching outside the walls of our church and fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord.