Pastor Jeff & Judy Special

A Trio of Pastors


Description:Pastors Mike Thevenin, Zach Burris and Matt Turbedsky share their memories and thoughts with the church during a special Sunday to honor the retirement of Pastor Jeff & Judy from active ministry. We have a feeling their retirement will be anything but in-active with all the grand-kids!

Crowder Family Special


Description:Elisabeth Crowder wrote a beautiful song earlier this year and shares it with our Harvest family. Accompanied by Judah and Lynne Crowder.

Team Testimonials

Harvest Missions Team


Description:Following a slide show, the Harvest Missions Team returns from Nicaragua with touching stories on how God was present and working in the lives of not only the Nicaraguan people and families, but also our team.

Legends of the Faith

Pastor Charles Church


Description:Youth Pastor Charles engages the church with a story about Noah. If Noah could speak, what would he say? Can one person make a difference? With God, everything is possible!

In The Meantime

Pastor Matt Turbedsky


Description:What do you do when you feel like God made you a promise but it hasn't come true yet? Do you know that David waited 14 years from the time he was anointed to be the next king of Israel until he actually sat on the throne? What's important is what he did in the meantime waiting on God and waiting on the promise.

Purpose Pt.1

Pastor Jeff Burris


Description:Jonah, Judah and Elisabeth Crowder share a special song with the church before Pastor Jeff's message.

The Vision

Pastor Matt Turbedsky


Description:Pastor Matt shares his vision of Harvest Community Church in the coming years as the church continues positive growth, both spiritually and in human footprint.

Jesus Changes Lives

Pastor Jeff Burris


Description:Pastor Jeff follows Cardboard Testimies with an inspiring and heart filled message.

Starting Point Pt.1

Pastor Jeff Burris


Description:Happy New Year from Harvest Community Church! How will you allow God to work in your life this year? How do you get started?

Got Faith? Pt.7

Pastor Jeff Burris


Description:Pastor Jeff concludes the message series on Faith.