ASK pt. 1

Cory Engel


Description:For many Christians, prayer is the weakest part of their relationship with Jesus. In this new series, Cory talks through a definition of prayer and the theological purpose for it.

Soul Keeping pt. 7

Cory Engel


Description:One of the major keys to a healthy soul is gratitude. In this, the final message of the Soul Keeping series, we unpack the effects of gratitude and why it is so essential.

Soul Keeping pt. 6

Cory Engel


Description:What is the foundation of a healthy soul? In part 5 of the Soul Keeping serie, we explore the contrast between the cycle of gfrace vs. the cycle of works.

Soul Keeping pt. 5

Cory Engel


Description:How do we get our soul right with God?

Soul Keeping pt. 4

Cory Engel


Description:We are needy. Our souls are needy. God's plan is not to eliminate our need, but to be the one that fills it.

Soul Keeping pt. 3

Michael Stambaugh


Description:There is a struggle that exists in every soul...

Soul Keeping pt. 2

Cory Engel


Description:The difference between humans and animals is that we have souls. But what is a soul and where does it come from?

Soul Keeping pt. 1

Cory Engel


Description:We are more than just flesh and bone. Every human has a soul. But what is it and why is it important to take care of it? And how do we take care of it?

That's hard to believe pt. 4 - Can you believe the resurrection

Cory Engel


Description:There is clear evidence that Jesus died. But is there proof that he came back to life? And, more importantly, what does it mean to our faith that the resurrection actually happened?

That's hard to believe pt. 3 - Can you believe the crucifixion?

Cory Engel


Description:Did Jesus really die? Was he really tortured and killed by the Romans or was it just a story? Did he just "swoon"? It's hard to believe that someone can die and come back to life, but it happened.

That's hard to believe pt. 2 - Can you beleive in Jesus?

Cory Engel


Description:Was Jesus a real person or just a mythical historic fugure? Our faith depends on him being who he claimed to be and there's evidence that supports it.

That's hard to believe pt. 1 - Can you believe the Bible?

Cory Engel


Description:There are things about Christianity that are just... hard to believe. But that doesn't mean that we cannot be secure in the evidence that proves that these things happened. We begin this series by talking through the reliability of the Bible.

The Power of the Gospel

Cory Engel


Description:We often forget the power, the change, and the hope that the gospel can bring. We've committed as a church to sharing the gospel message every week, inviting people to step into new life in Jesus. Find out why in this message and how you can be a bigger part of what God is doing.

Love songs pt. 3 - You've lost that loving feeling

Cory Engel


Description:What changed from the beginning of our relationship - when we were so in love and infatuated and focused - until now? Love can drift out of sink over time - both in our relationship to each other and with God. So how do we reclaim our first love?

Love songs pt. 2 - Love will keep us together

Cory Engel


Description:How can we keep love - real love - as the focus in our replationships?

Love songs pt. 1 - I wanna know what love is

Cory Engel


Description:We have a love problem. Find out what it is and how we can start repairing it.

Just keep going

Cory Engel


Description:It is so easy to lose track, lose focus, and give up on the things that God is leading us towards. In this message, Cory talks about why it's so easy to quit and what we can do to keep following God.


Tucker Hibbs


Description:Our worship pastor, Tucker, talks through the plight of insecurity - what it is, why it's destructive, and what we can do to rid ourselves of it.

Do whatever you want

Neil Hancock


Description:Our children and families pastor Neil talks about allowing God access to our lives in every way and following his will

Who is my neighbor?

Paul Hansen


Description:In this message, our executive pastor, Paul Hansen, talks through the passage of the good samaritan and asks this question: how can we best care for our neighbor as Jesus commands in Luke 10? Paul unpacks the key and it may not be as obvious as we might think.

New Year's Covenant

Michael Stambaugh


Description:Our discipleship pastor, Micheal Stambaugh, talks about the similarities between New Year's resolutions and challenges us to renew our covenant with God this year

How the GRINCH steals Christmas pt. 3

Cory Engel


Description:Our relationships are designed by God. So how can we show love when it's hard? In this message Cory unpacks 1 Corinthians 13 and talks us through what love looks like from God's Word. If we can work on implementing these things, we can keep the Grinch from stealing our love.

How the GRINCH steals Christmas pt. 2

Cory Engel


Description:We all desire peace. No one looks around and says "Hey I'd like to just be frantic and tense most of the time." In part two of this series, Cory talks about how the Grinch can steal our peace. There are two components that God uses to preserve our peace - our perception and our pace.

How the GRINCH steals Christmas pt. 1

Cory Engel


Description:Remember how Christmas used to be when we were kids? Full of joy and anticipation... what happened? Where did all the joy go? In part one of our Christmas series, Cory unpacks the joy that should be in our hearts around Christmas and where it comes from.

Discipleship in Real Life pt. 10

Cory Engel


Description:Making disciples is a lot like raising children. Our goal is to help people progress and mature through the stages of spiritual growth - from a spiritual infant to child, a young adult, and a parent. In this message Cory focuses on the step from a spiritual child to a spiritual young adult. What does it take to move from a self-centered outlook to a God and others-centered outlook?

Discipleship in Real Life pt. 9

Cory Engel


Description:A major part of the discipleship process is helping people connect - Connecting to God and others in the body of the church. Without relationships, little progress can be made in becoming a disciple of Jesus. So what holds us back? What are the keys to making lasting connections and what are the obstacles that we can avoid? Cory talks through these and more in part 9 of Discipleship in Real Life.

Discipleship in Real Life pt. 8

Cory Engel


Description:When we are called to disciple people, there is a lot left up to us as far as a process. But we can discern some great guidelines from scripture - Share, Connect. Minister, & Disciple. This week we unpack what it means to share our lives - not just our salvation experiences - with the people in our lives.

Discipleship in Real Life pt. 7

Cory Engel


Description:How do we help people grow spiritually? Unfortunately Jesus didn't leave us any curriculum because discipleship needs to be tailored to each individual. But today Cory talks through an easily remembered process - Share, Connect, Minister, Disciple.

Discipleship in Real Life pt. 6

Cory Engel


Description:Discipleship has to happen in relationship. And so it is the call of disciple makers to create a relational environment. In part 6 of this series, Cory talks through the importance of a relational environment and how to create one.

Discipleship in Real Life pt. 5

Cory Engel


Description:A good coach can make all the difference. Whether it's in life or work or sports, a great coach inspires success. In discipleship, coaching has to be intentional. Cory unpacks the 5 aspects of intentional leaders in the discipleship process in this message, part 5 of Discipleship in Real Life.

Discipleship in Real Life pt. 4

Paul Hansen


Description:What are the essential components of a disciple-making process? Paul talks through these three components and why they are so important in week 4 of our discipleship series, "Discipleship in Real Life".

Discipleship in Real Life pt. 3

Cory Engel


Description:Discipleship in real life pt. 2

Discipleship in Real Life pt. 2

Cory Engel


Description:Being a disciple means 3 different changes that Christ works in us. Find out what they are and why they are so vital in part two of our series, "Real Life Discipleship".

Discipleship in Real Life pt. 1

Cory Engel


Description:In the first part in our new series, Discipleship in Real Life, Cory talks about the call to discipleship, what it is, and how important it is for our church and the world. God didn't call us to "save" people, he called us to make disciples.

Be Still

Neil Hancock


Description:What does it mean to be still and why is it important?

Be... Forgiving

Cory Engel


Description:Lead pastor, Cory Engel, closes out the "Be..." series with this message on being forgiving. Forgiveness is foundationally important to a Christian's life. Unpack with us the detriment of being unforgiving and the blessings of forgiveness

Be... Faithful

Neil Hancock


Description:We need to be faithful when it comes to the areas of Temptation, Trials, and Tragedies.

Be... Patient

Michael Stambaugh


Description:Patience is a fruit of the Spirit. In this week's message, Pastor Michael gives us some skills that we can use as we learn to be patient.


Tucker Hibbs


Description:Being holy is about being set apart. In this week's message, Tucker, our worship pastor, unpacks what the bible says about being holy and challenges us to evaluate 3 different areas of our lives.

Be... Generous

Paul Hansen


Description:Being generous isn't about giving lots of money. It's much more about the heart than anything else. In this week's message, Paul, our executive pastor, unpacks what the bible says about generosity and how it impacts our lives and the people around us.

Be... Humble

Neil Hancock


Description:Being humble is not just about being quiet or reserved. It's about where our true focus lays. This week, Neil, our family and students pastor, talks through the process of humility and why it's so important for us to get on the same page with God about being humble.

Be... Steadfast

Michael Stambaugh


Description:What does it mean to be steadfast? It is one of the challenges that God has set before us and this week our discipleship pastor, Michael Stambaugh, teaches through the biblical definition and why it's so important.

Be... Joyful

Tucker Hibbs


Description:Joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit. It's evidence that God is working in our lives. So how do we team up with God to be more joyful and what is joy anyway? We unpack these questions and more in this week's message by our worship pastor, Tucker Hibbs.

Be... Courageous

Paul Hansen


Description:Be... courageous

Serving at Harvest Springs

Michael Stambaugh


Description:Jesus served us in humility and compassion. So today we dive into what it means to serve and follow his example and we unpack the different opportunities to serve at Harvest Springs. The bottom line is that when you serve, you grow. It's your next step. Find out how and why today.