THANK YOU for being willing to help us populate our Journey Church Cookbook. All of the money made from this cookbook will go to the Building Fund with the goal to break ground in the Fall of 2017.

If you would rather EMAIL your recipe, if you already have it in a Word document or PDF format - please email it to


Each recipe will be credited with your name. If you would like for anything else to be included - City - Phone number - email address, etc... please enter it below and we will add it to the CREDIT: section under your recipe.


~Journey Church Worship Team Small Group

GREAT! Thank you so much for your recipe! Our church Small Group is raising money for our building fund to break ground in the fall of 2017. Your recipe will go into a Journey Church Cookbook that we will sell and 100% of the money goes to the church building fund. Each recipe used will be credited to you with your name. Thank you so much for helping us out, and if you know someone that may have some GREAT recipes, please let them know to email also. Thank you. ~Journey Church Worship Team Small Group