To fix our marriages, let us fix our eyes on Jesus!

Walt Davis


Description:Adam & Eve had a wedding reception (of sorts) in that after they were married, they had a meal. The meal cost them their lives. Today, in the New Covenant, we have a reception in our marriage to Jesus! This doesn't take our live, but rather gives us Life! The first reception was founded on rebellion and independence. The last reception is founded on total dependence. Where do you find your marriage? Are you trying to do it independent of Jesus who lives in you? If so, death will follow. However, if you learn to see just how dependent you are upon Jesus, then you will see life in your marriage!

To submit to Jesus is to trust Jesus

Walt Davis


Description:Love and marriage may in fact go together like a horse and carriage, but what if you have no trust? If you have no trust, you likely have no love! We've been seeing how our marriages to our spouses are a glorious shadow of a glorious substance--Christ & His bride, the Church. Just as Jesus loves the Church, husbands are to love their wives! But the Apostles also taught that just as the church submits to Jesus, wives are to submit to Jesus. What is that all about? In order to know what it looks like for a wife to "submit" to her husband, we must wrap our minds around what it looks like for the church to "submit" to Jesus. At the end of the day, the church submits to Jesus by TRUSTING Him! In the same way, a wife being able to trust and actually trusting her husband makes for a great marriage!

God’s current marriage is based on His faithful commitment. What if my marriage was also?

Walt Davis


Description:It sounds weird doesn't it? But has God been through a divorce? Jeremiah 31:32 says, the new covenant will “'not like the covenant that I made with their fathers on the day when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, my covenant that they broke, though I WAS THEIR HUSBAND,' declares the Lord.” God’s “first marriage” was to the Jews and the vows were based on the faithfulness of both the husband (God) and the bride (Israel). The Jews said, “We do! We will do everything required of us!” (Exodus 19:8). However, it didn’t take much time for them to break their vows. In the breaking of their vows, the marriage covenant dissolved even though God Almighty was their HUSBAND. However, because of the deep love of God, He had in mind a new marriage to Israel. This new marriage would have new vows. The new vows would no longer be based on the faithfulness of the Husband AND the bride. The new vows would be based on the faithfulness of the Father of the Groom and the Groom/Husband himself alone! So much so, that in this new marriage to Israel the Heavens will be measured and the core of the earth will be traversed before the Husband will end the marriage because of something the bride has done (Jeremiah 31:36-37). And oh wait, there’s more! There’s a hidden mystery. This new marriage is not simply for those born physically from Israel, but for those who believe in the promised faithfulness of the Groom--which includes gentiles too! So whether you are in a difficult marriage, been divorced, or whatever your situation is, know that God is not finished with you! If you are His bride, He will never leave you and never forsake you!

Just as Adam & Eve were a perfect fit, so also Jesus and you are a perfect fit!

Walt Davis


Description:We've been doing marriage for millennia, but what do we really know about marriage? We know our experience of being married, but what is it really?As we continue our new marriage series, we will rewind all the way back to the very first marriage and possibly learn more about our own marriage to Christ than Adam's marriage to Eve, for marriage, at its core, is a glorious shadow of our union with Christ! So, as we've been saying, if we want to learn how to do marriage here in this world, we must discover what marriage is fashioned after--our union with Christ!Click here for the bible app notes:

"The only way to resist the devil is to rest in the completed work of Jesus!"

Walt Davis


Description:As we wrap up our "Christianity: ALL NATURAL" theme, we are given some of the most practical wisdom possible. The enemy shall attack! How do we stand up against it? Is it by trying harder? By committing more? By loving Jesus better? Maybe it's by learning to put on things that we already have!

Religion is all about what you do with your life, but Jesus is all about giving you His life!

Craig Kompelien


Description:We have all heard that Christianity involves a new birth. We have been told so many times that we need to be born again that, unfortunately, for many this beautiful truth has simply turned into a mundane slogan of the Christian faith. What if we looked at the first time a discussion mentioned new birth and got to the bottom of this mystery? Who first talked of new birth? To whom was it spoken? Why is new birth required and how do you receive it? We try to answer all of these questions as we tackle one of the most beautiful passages of Scripture ever written.

Christian maturity comes by getting to know Jesus, not by getting to know rules!

Walt Davis


Description:Ephesians 5:1-6:9There are many differing opinions on how we are to grow as christians. Unfortunately, the biggest "tool" religious christianity uses is to put born again believers back under the Law of Moses, thinking it will curb sinning and produce a fruitful life. But what do the Apostles teach? What actually matures us?

The same Grace of God that is enough to save us on the inside is also enough to transform us on the outside!

Walt Davis


Description:Once we become believers by the grace of God, what is it that God uses to mature us the rest of our lives? Many would say He uses the Law of Moses (10 Commandments, etc). However, that simply isn't the case! Paul says that sin is empowered by the Law! If that's true, then why would we use the Law to supposedly mature believers? Maybe, just maybe, the same grace that saves us is the same grace that matures us!

If we get the Gospel, we'll get Race Relations!

Walt Davis


Description:It seems as though wherever you look today, there's bad news everywhere. Globally, North Korea is threatening missile strikes. Even locally, we see another chaotic protest by the KKK and their friends this weekend here in Charlottesville. There's plenty of bad news! How about some Good News?We continue looking at the greatest, most radical racial reconciliation ever in the history of man--the bringing together of Jew and Gentile into one new man! All of this was a mystery, but it is now revealed in Jesus! In fact, this bringing together of Jew and Gentile into Christ is God's way of showing off how wise and glorious He truly is! And we are a part of it! Now that's some good news!

If Jesus' sacrifice worked, then ALL our sins are GONE!

Walt Davis


Description:We're called to live by faith right? Well, that might be much more difficult that we might have thought. Particularly when we consider the truth that Jesus' once and for all work one the cross actually took away all our sins. Do we believe that we are 100% forgiven? Peter says that believing we are forgiven of all our sins is the key to seeing the Spirit work out what the Father has worked in!

In making us OK with Him, Jesus makes us OK with each other!

Walt Davis


Description:One huge part of the gospel that is often missed is that by making us who believe OK with God, He actually also makes us OK with each other! Jesus brought the most divided people group together as one new man--Jew & Gentile. He did it by tearing down the dividing wall that separated the Jews and Gentiles. What was that dividing wall you ask? Might be surprised! It was the Mosaic Law!

Is Christ Divided? No? Then on what do we base any division?

Walt Davis


Description:There's a lot of debate about whom God chose! Likely the debate will not end after this Sunday at Life Journey! However, we can take the time to look back at one of the key passages of Scripture which speaks of God's choosing and see, in context, what it's really all about without the 2000 years of add-ons!

If we see only what can be seen, then we're missing the most beautiful scene of all!

Walt Davis


Description:There's a lot of confusion surrounding the "Judgment Seat of Christ." The biggest confusion is when people say that believers will face judgment for their sins in this judgment. This is confusing because the core of the gospel is that all our sins are forgiven! So how can our sins be forgiven AND we stand before Jesus for our sins? Which is it?

When my godly identity is near, my godly activity is near!

Walt Davis


Description:We continue Sunday discussing our new identity in Christ. One of the biggest differences between the truth of the gospel and all the religious extras so prevalent today is that the true gospel says, "As our minds are renewed to the truth of who we now are, our behavior will follow naturally!" Whereas the religious add-ons state, "Get your behavior improved so that you can become who God wants you to be." See the difference?Are we trying to improve our behavior so that we can become something, or has God made us something new and the clearer we see it the more real it becomes to us and godly behavior flows from it?

Embracing my new identity begins with embracing my death!

Walt Davis


Description:As we continue our discovery of what Christianity really is without all the add-ons, we going to start talking about identity. One of the things the Enemy has blinded believers to is our true identity in Christ. The scriptures declare we are "blameless, holy, forgiven, righteous, beloved, dead to sin, alive to God" and so many other amazing things. But most of the time we don't feel these things do we? Often we feel quite the opposite. Well, instead of allowing our feelings to dictate truth, we just want to strip away all the religious add-ons and get back to the pure simple reality of our new identity in Christ and live from that! This Sunday we'll see how, if we have believed in Jesus, we have already died!

“Our sins are forgotten...let us now graduate to the fruit-filled life of Christ within!”

Walt Davis


Description:Today, we'll see the 4th promise of this New Covenant! It's so important that if we don't see it and believe it, we may never see the fruit of Christ's life within us being lived out through us. In other words, the key to seeing His fruit is to believe He has forgotten our sins!

What you’ve searched for all your life is now right under your nose!

Walt Davis


Description:Regardless of your experience with Christianity, it is very likely that you've been taught "to seek after God" and "to pursue intimacy with God." Sounds like a good thing, but what if the very thing that we've spent so much of our time in pursuit of is actually right under our nose? You see, Christianity All Natural with no add-ons reveals that we already know God in the most intimate level. The question really is, "Do we even know what we already have now in Christ?"

The Heart of Christianity is a New Heart!

Walt Davis


Description:As we continue our series "Christianity: ALL NATURAL" we dive into the question of "What is at the heart of Christianity?" What we'll discover is the heart of Christianity is a new HEART! So many believers don't know they have a new heart. We're taught our hearts are deceitfully wicked. Yes, it was! But now it's NEW!

Trying to fix a sin problem? Don't fixate on the size of your sin, but rather the size of your Savior!

Walt Davis


Description:Who of us is without some sort of nagging sin that we hate but seem to do over and over? Maybe it's a critical spirit...a hot temper...or a sexual sin. Sin is alive in our flesh and its desires are against us.As we continue our new series, Christianity: ALL NATURAL, we see how the New Covenant is totally different from the Old Covenant. In the Old, they were fixated on their sins. In the New, we are fixated on our Savior. It's only by being fixated on the size of our Savior and not the size of our sins that our sinful habits will be fixed!

The New Covenant is actually much older than the Old Covenant!

Walt Davis


Description:What is the basis for Christianity? Many may say "Judaism" thinking that Judaism and the Laws given to the Jews form the moral basis of Christianity. Well, that's not really what the Apostles taught! In fact, we'll see on Sunday that the promises of this "New Convent" predate the Laws given to the Jews as well as Judaism itself. That means the basis for Christianity is not Judaism, but rather some incredible promises God made decades before Moses and the "Israelites" were ever around!We are a part of something much older than Sinai. We are inheritors of God’s ancient promise to Jesus!


Craig Kompelien


Description:For many of us, our Christian experience is filled with a history of church cliches and preaching that sounded good but was not quite true. For some of us, the Bible feels like 66 books full of puzzle pieces that seem difficult to put together. However, if we let the Holy Spirit inside of us be our teacher, we may discover the amazing simplicity of the gospel. In Paul's letters we find that he repeatedly claims that his gospel message is unique and based on a direct revelation from Christ Himself. He claims that his gospel unveils a mystery about God that had been hidden through the ages but is now for the world to see. While digging into these claims may seem like a daunting task, Paul helps us by clearly describing a few basic principles concerning how to become a Christian, what to know as a Christian, and how to live as a Christian. Let's look at these specific instances where Paul seems to be making himself very clear in his communication with the early Christians. Would we pass Paul's Christianity 101?

"If we teach like them, we may get treated like them."

Walt Davis


Description:Who among us wants to be persecuted, alienated, ostracized, or rejected because of what we believe? None of us WANTS that! But as we kick off our new series "Christianity: ALL NATURAL", we have to come to terms with the fact that if we teach what the early apostles and christians taught, we may very well get treated they they got treated.Here's the crazy part. The first and foremost persecutors of the early christians wasn't the Romans--the wicked pagans. It was the religious! The religious crowd of the day just couldn't stand what the Christians were teaching. They weren't willing to part with Moses so they could have Jesus alone. What shall our response be as we are certain to face rejection by the religious crowd of our day who embrace a "Jesus Plus Moses" mentality rather than a "Jesus Alone?"

Am I looking for LIFE in all the wrong places?

Walt Davis


Description:Today more people will think about Jesus than any other day this year. But what is it truly all about? What did Jesus actually accomplish in His death, burial, & resurrection? Was it just something He did FOR us? Or was there something He does TO us when we trust Him?You see, Jesus doesn't just have life and He gives it to those to trust Him. Jesus IS life, and He gives HIMSELF to all who trust Him! Big difference. But sometimes we look for LIFE in all the wrong places. We look for life in stone tablets (the 10 Commandments). We look for life in dead works (living good lives). These are great things, but they are not LIFE.There's only one source of LIFE and it's Jesus!We invite you to come and discover the reality of our new life in Christ!

Jesus did what He did so that we could have what He has--Perfect Union with the Father!

Walt Davis


Description:Did you know Jesus prayed for you? He really did! John 17 records Jesus' prayer the night He was arrested, and YOU were on His mind! But the most amazing thing of it all is what Jesus was actually praying about for you. From these short verses we discover something that seems almost absent in our version of American Christianity. He prays for our oneness with the Father, our protection from the Enemy, and even says that He has given us the very same Glory the Father gave HIM. We invite you to discover what all Jesus prayed for you! Do you think Jesus' prayers were answered? If so, then we have something we could never dream of having on our own--the same relationship with the Father that Jesus Himself has! Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? That's why it's called the "Good News!"

The Spirit of Christ has come to Reveal what is REAL!

Walt Davis


Description:There are almost as many views on the Holy Spirit as there are denominations! To some, He's been nearly written off (of course, except to point out every time a believer sins). Whereas with others, He's become the means to wealth and health. So what's the truth?How about we check out what Jesus says about the Holy Spirit and why He sent Him! Instead of relying on what denominations and teachers say now 2000 years later, it just makes good sense to go back to see, in Jesus' own words, what the Holy Spirit is here to do! We may be surprised!

Are you experiencing the triumph of Christ?

Craig Kompelien


Description:We have probably heard the story of Mary anointing Jesus with oil many times, but what if it is a symbol of so much more? What if this story has less to do with Mary and so much more to do with Jesus? For what did this anointing set Jesus apart? Is it important that this event happens the night before Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem ? Over what did Jesus triumph? How does it affect us today? We hope to answer all of these questions and gain a greater understanding of who Jesus is as we dig deeper into the words of this story.

There's no substitute for The Substitute!

Walt Davis


Description:Most of the time, when we think of Jesus, we see him as lovely, gentile, peaceful, kind, and so we certainly should! Well, then there's the time He drove people out of the temple! You don't see "lovely, gentile, peaceful, nor kindness" there! You see someone so upset that He's knocking tables and chairs over. He's not allowing anyone to carry anything. He's gone mad. Or had the people gone mad and Jesus was reminding them and us today of what the entire sacrificial system of the Old Testament really pointed to--Jesus Himself. Do we find ourselves today diverting from Jesus' blood alone as the basis of our ok'ness with God by replacing His blood with our works, our obedience, our efforts, our anything as the means by which we are right with Him? If so, we might need a reminder of what it's really all about!

Jesus is the Reward

Walt Davis


Description:What did Jesus mean when He said, "The first shall be last and the last shall be first?" Was Jesus acknowledging there is hierarchy in the Kingdom of Heaven, but it's just that it's reversed from the hierarchical order we are familiar with on earth? Maybe (that's certainly what most people would say). However, we actually get a completely different picture when we read the context of what Jesus is saying. What if it's not about reverse hierarchy, but rather equality? The first is the last and the last is the first! All who place their faith in Jesus get Jesus 100% equally--the same! So maybe, instead of thinking of each other in some sort of hierarchical order of first to last or last to first, maybe we should see what Jesus is saying that everyone in His kingdom equally gets Him! Isn't Jesus Himself the prize?

While it’s difficult to see who Jesus has made us, it doesn’t change who Jesus has made us!

Walt Davis


Description:Let's be honest. Can you perfectly see clearly all that Jesus says you now are in Him? He says you are holy, righteous, complete, perfect, and even glorious. Can you see that perfectly? Of course not! Jesus healed a guy who was blind but did it in a unique way that shows us that even though we might not see perfectly who we are, it doesn't change who we are!

As we get to know Jesus, we shall know how to live by Jesus, which produces a REST religion can only dream of!

Walt Davis


Description:So if the Law does not give life and is even the ministry of death (2 Cor 3), then how do we know what to do? How do we know what is sin and isn't sin? Jesus answers that in His own words! Looking to law to know how to live produces weariness and is heavy-laden, but Jesus promises REST to all those who come to Him to find how to live! Which do you want: a weary and heavy-laden burden or REST?

"Jesus is the Good Samaritan now living in us to love through us!"

Walt Davis


Description:Is the parable of the Good Samaritan meant to motivate us to try our best to love as many people as possible, or is it a parable of life and death?

"Our only possible way to be complete is to be in Christ!"

Walt Davis


Description:We're looking at some of the "hard teachings of Jesus." Today, Jesus tells a man that the only way to have eternal life is for him to sell all his stuff and give it to the poor. What does that mean? Why didn't the Apostles write about that? I thought salvation was by grace through faith? What is Jesus saying?

"The Cross is the full payment for the sins of the world"

Walt Davis


Description:What do you do when you read Jesus saying things like He says here in Matthew 18? Do we shake in our boots? Do we double down our efforts? Or do we thank Jesus that we are not under the Old Covenant that He is teaching for we are under grace and not law?

Righteousness -- Not Acheiving, but Receiving! Audio

Walt Davis


Description:Is the sermon on the mount a guide for christian living or Jesus burying people in Law so that they would look to a Savior?

Righteousness -- Not Acheiving, but Receiving! Video

Walt Davis


Description:Is the sermon on the mount a guide for christian living or Jesus burying people in Law so that they would look to a Savior?

"Jesus formed in you!" Audio

Walt Davis


Description:New Years morning message on what it looks like for Christ to be formed in you in 2017!

"Jesus formed in you!" Video

Walt Davis


Description:New Years morning message on what it looks like for Christ to be formed in you in 2017! The teaching begins at 7:56!

“When Jesus saves us from our sins, He shows us how to live!”

Walt Davis


Description:Jesus saved Zaccheus. Does Jesus simply provide forgiveness of sins and then we need the Law to know how to live, or does Jesus alone provide it all?

Life Journey Biblical Counseling

Walt Davis & Belinda Pitts


Description:We're excited to announce the plans to begin a biblical counseling ministry in our church. Email with any questions.

"In the New Covenant, the very same God who was far from us, is now united to us!"

Walt Davis


Description:Can you think of a more famous "Jesus Story" than Jesus walking on water? Was it just a cool miracle? Or was Jesus revelaing something powerful to us?

The 7 "I AM" Statements of Jesus

David Burton


Description:Want to get to know Jesus? Why not look at who He plainly says He is?