Why Follow

Paul Juntunen


Description:Today we take a look at why anyone would want to follow Jesus. This recording is from the church picnic, so the quality is not as good as normal. We had some of the children acting out the Bible stories, so you will have to imagine them doing that as you listen.

Endurance Running

Paul Juntunen


Description:Today we look at the difficulty of the endurace races, the reality of disqualification, and our challenge to follow Jesus with perseverance.


Paul Juntunen


Description:As we chase after Jesus, the truth is that the race we run is a team race. Today we look at the good news of teamwork.

Training Camp

Paul Juntunen


Description:There is an intense amount of training that goes into every olympic athlete. Today we talk about how spiritual training helps us in our walk following Jesus.

Gold Medal Goals

Paul Juntunen


Description:We are going to spend a few weeks looking at our spiritual journey as an athletic, olympic event. Today we begin by taking a look at our goals.

Lion Hunt

Paul Juntunen


Description:We have an enemy, and today we look at how to stand up to him.

Glorious Tomorrow

Paul Juntunen


Description:There is an end to our time, and it is coming soon. Peter helps us know how we should live.

Hope's Reason

Paul Juntunen


Description:There are a couple of difficult passages in chapter 3 of 1 Petter that we look at today, but the main point is in one little word that doesn't seem to belong.

Special People

Paul Juntunen


Description:As a special people, how are we to live in a world that doesn't get Christianity, and sometimes even persecutes believers? Today we look at how Peter teaches us to live in a world that doesn't understand.

It's Go Time

Paul Juntunen


Description:We begin a new series on the letter of 1 Peter by looking at Peter's challenge to put our trust in Jesus into action.

Bright Ideas

Paul Juntunen


Description:On this Father's Day, we look at some of the "bright ideas" in the Bible. These bright ideas give us some hope with our mission.

The Perfect Family

Paul Juntunen


Description:We would love to have a perfect family, but that family doesn't exist. Today we talk about what we should aim for instead of perfection.

Those Crazy Kids

Paul Juntunen


Description:Today we talk about the most energetic monkeys in our family circuses: the kids.


Paul Juntunen


Description:We are all somebody's children. Today we look at how children relate to their parents, using the story of Noah (with a little Superman thrown in).

Submit and Sacrifice

Paul Juntunen


Description:Today we focus on the pillar of the family: the relationship between husband and wife. This one actually gets controversial, but we endeavor to stay Biblical.

First Family

Paul Juntunen


Description:We begin our series about following God in your circus of a family by looking at the first family, and what they can teach us about what a family is ideally like.


Paul Juntunen


Description:For Mother's Day we are talking about heirlooms and keepsakes passed down from on generation to the next, focusing on the greatest heirloom of all.


Paul Juntunen


Description:A lame man, a bell-ringer, and things that are too easily ignored leads us today to our mission we have in the life after Easter


Paul Juntunen


Description:After Easter, we belong to a team. Thanks to the work of Jesus in bringing His followers into His family, we now belong to a team the Scripture calls the "body of Christ".


Paul Juntunen


Description:In the life after the reality of Easter there is a strength and a power to those who follow after Jesus.


Paul Juntunen


Description:In the reality of life after Easter, we find that there is rest. But this rest is different than what we expect, and much better.


Paul Juntunen


Description:Today we begin looking at living in the reality of life after Easter. We start by discovering that life after Easter is real life.

Food Pictures

Paul Juntunen


Description:For Easter, we look at the pictures God showed us through the Passover meal. These ancient meals and foods hold great truths for us today.

New LIving

Paul Juntunen


Description:As we conclude the Galatians series, we look at the Apostle Paul's final instructions on living the life of the Spirit.

Living Free

Paul Juntunen


Description:Today we see the wonderful full free life to be found in Christ, as the Apostle Paul continues teaching us about the gospel in Galatians chapter 5.The cow video Pastor Paul mentions can be found here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUZ1YLhIAg8Part-way through, the sound changes because Pastor Paul switched microphones. Don't worry, that's how it is supposed to sound.

Slaves and Sons

Paul Juntunen


Description:There is a huge difference between a slave and an heir. The Apostle Paul uses those differences to paint a picture for us of the freedom we have in Christ.


Paul Juntunen


Description:Let's spend some time looking at the fact that the Apostle Paul uses the word "cursed" a couple of times in this chapter. We will discover that it is part of a wonderful truth.

Saint Peter and the Great Blondin

Paul Juntunen


Description:Today in the book of Galatians we look at the time Paul told Peter to shape up. Why he confronted Peter teaches us wonderful things about the Gospel and how we should live.

The Deceptive Exchange

Paul Juntunen


Description:We begin a new series on the book of Galatians by looking at Paul's warning about false gospels. Plus, some fun trivia about Valentine's Day.


Paul Juntunen


Description:Perhaps the most unpopular part of the Lord's prayer, today we talk about the power and necessity of forgiveness.

Vending Machine Bread

Paul Juntunen


Description:Jesus talks about bread, and to help us understand His teaching, Pastor Paul talks about vending machines as we continue our study of the Lord's Prayer.

The Kingdom Symphony

Paul Juntunen


Description:What do we pray when we say "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done"?

The One Behind the Prayer

Paul Juntunen


Description:As we begin a new series on prayer, we look to the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6 and see the great news of the one that we are praying to.

Hope Secure

Paul Juntunen


Description:There is nothing more solid we can put our hope in than in Jesus Christ.

Hope of Glory

Paul Juntunen


Description:There is a new hope for our lives, better than the hope of New Year's resolutions.

Hope for a King

Paul Juntunen


Description:When Jesus arrived, He brought with him a new era of hope. Today we look at the word "Messiah", and the hope for a king.

Interactive Christmas

Paul Juntunen


Description:This was a short message at the end of a fun impromptu Christmas play we did at church on Sunday morning.

The Family

Paul Juntunen


Description:To close out this Self Portrait series, we look at two portraits: the Army, and the Family

The Building

Paul Juntunen


Description:Being compared to a building is not necessarily flattering, but as we will see today, when the church is compared to a building it is a beautiful thing.

The Body

Paul Juntunen


Description:We, as believers, are all part of the body of Christ. It is a beautiful metaphor of how we relate and work together.

The Bride

Paul Juntunen


Description:The Scriptures use the picture of bride and groom to speak of the church and Jesus. Today we take a look at that picture and the awesome truth it shows us.

The Assembly

Paul Juntunen


Description:In this series we take a look at some of the images the Bible uses for the church. But to start, we are going to look a the significance of a single word: "assembly".

Family Sunday

Paul Juntunen


Description:Let's celebrate our awesome church family!


Paul Juntunen


Description:To conclude the book of Romans, we take a peek at the Apostle Paul's goals, and we can learn a lot from them.

Life Together

Paul Juntunen


Description:It is not always easy living in close proximity to others, especially when you disagree. Let's see how we as believers should live together when we don't see eye to eye.


Paul Juntunen


Description:The book of Romans has a lot of practical advice for believers, and here we come to Paul's teaching to the church in Rome about how to relate to authorities. We will see what that means for us as believers.

Sacrificial Living

Paul Juntunen


Description:The Apostle Paul begins to speak of very practical things here in this chapter, and we discover that the life of the believer is a life of sacrificial worship.

Untold Stories

Paul Juntunen


Description:We return to Romans to look at the Apostle Paul's rabbit trail starting in chapter 9, and discover some important truths about the good news for the world around us.

Living Debt Free

Paul Juntunen


Description:Our final look in this series, we see what the currency of the Kingdom of God is, and how we can live debt-free.

Weeding and Fishing

Paul Juntunen


Description:Today we look at two parables of Jesus about the Kingdom of God that have the same point through different pictures. One is about weeding, and another about fishing, but they both show us the great separation coming for the Kingdom.