Responding To Injustice

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:How should we respond when we are treated unjustly?Scripture text: Acts 5:41, "So they went on their way from the presence of the Council, rejoicing that they had been considered worthy to suffer shame for His name."1. We May Face Unjust Threats & Accusations (25:1-22)2. We Are to Faithfully Testify (26:1-23)3. We May be Thought of as Fools (26:24)4. We Are to be Soul Winners (26:25-29)5. We Are to be Innocent of Sin (25:23-27; 26:30-32)

What God Hates

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:Proverbs 8:13, "“The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way And the perverted mouth, I hate."

A Heart That Avoids Truth

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:Lessons from the trial of Paul before Felix

God's Protection

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:When the situation fits God's plans, even in the most dire of circumstances, God provides protection for His people.

Facing Opposition with Courage

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:"Indeed all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted."

The Gospel Truth

Stephen Duwe, Youth Minister


Description:Fully grasp that you are free from condemnation so as to strengthen your assurance of salvation in the face of sin.

2017 Retreat Special Session

Dr. Douglas Bookman


Description:Special session on about the land of Israel

The Transforming Power of the Word

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:Loving people and loving the Word is not an option – it’s a command despite how we may feel.

Worthy Worshipers

Stephen Duwe, Youth Minister


Description:For God to be honored by your worship, your life and your lips must be aligned with His.

Unselfish Submission for Unity

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:Sometimes, it is important to give deference toward others so that our actions do not impede the gospel.1. Missions Report (v. 17-20a)2. Unfounded Accusations (v. 20b-22)3. Unselfish Deference (v. 23-26)

Remembering God

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:We are forgetful people who need to be continually reminded of God's Word and work.

The Word of the Lord Shall Surely Come to Pass

Andrew Craig, Pastor, Guest Speaker


Description:The Word of God is clear, but there is a constant battle to believe and not be deceived.

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:The decision to follow Jesus in obedience to God’s Word often involves suffering.

Key Responsibilities for Church Leaders

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:The sobering work of elders is a serious responsibility. What are their priorities to be?

Paul’s Ministry Mindset

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:Five key perspectives in serving the Lord

Adverse Responses To The Word of God

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:Though some are receptive to the truth, many have negative responses.

Assaulting the Enemy

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:Being in the world isn't an easy task; there's a constant spiritual battle. But Paul's experiences in Ephesus - along with a counterexample from some Jewish exorcists - show that there is a way we can still be a light unto the world.

Fathering the Next Generation

Andy Lew, Pastor, Guest Speaker


Description:For fathers and all those involved in mentoring the next generation. What is the biblical model for passing down our faith to the next generation?

The Fountain of Youth

Stephen Duwe, Youth Minister


Description:God calls you to enjoy life 'under the sun' and prepare for life beyond the sun.

The Need to Grow in the Knowledge of Jesus

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:A lesson about the need to continually pursue Jesus's ways and His path to ministering to others.

Encouragement through Ministry Difficulties

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:An exploration of how God led Paul through difficult times as he preached the Word in Europe

Session 6: How the Church Should View Israel

Dr. Michael Vlach, Guest Speaker


Description:LHBC spring conference session 6/Sunday message

Wisdom for Our Relationship with Our Mother

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:Tips from the book of Proverbs regarding our relationships with our mothers

Paul on Mars Hill

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:Proclaiming Christ to those who believe in many gods.

Working Unto the Lord

Stephen Duwe, Youth Minister


Description:You must internalize that God is your Master in order to honor Him with your work.

Responding to the Word with a Noble Mind

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:What is your mindset when you listen to the Word of the Lord?1. Paul’s Approach to Evangelism (v. 1-3)2. Thessalonian Response: Mixed (v. 4-9)3. Berean Response: Nobel-Mindedness (v. 10-15)

Resurrection Hope

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:He is not here, but He has risen.

Suffering For The Gospel

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:Mistreatment is an open door of opportunity to display and share the gospel

Practices of a Gospel-Centered Ministry

Joe Lum Pastor


Description:What are some principles of doing ministry in a way that pleases the Lord?

Conflict Among God's People

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:All people will encounter conflict. How can we resolve conflict in a Godly manner?

The Main Threat to the Gospel of Grace

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:The constant threat to the gospel of grace is legalism.

Making Wise Decisions

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:Abram and Lot provide examples of wise and unwise decisions that affect the course of their lives.

The Joy of Parenting

Bob Amigo, Guest Speaker


Description:Bringing up our children in "the nurture and admonition of the Lord" is definitely a daunting task. But in spite of the many challenges connected with this call from God, the Scriptures assure parents that this could be a most joyful endeavor.

The Incomparable Greatness of God

Stephen Duwe, Youth Minister


Description:The incomparable greatness of God equips you to quit doubting and patiently trust Him.

The Ministry of Humble Messengers

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:The humble give God glory for all good things.

The Gospel Divides

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:The preaching of Jesus brings division between those who accept and those who reject the gospel.

Unashamed of Jesus

Joe Lum, Pastor


Description:We are willing to suffer for what we love. Do you love Jesus and the gospel?

The Effect of Fervent Prayer

Robb Kensinger, Guest Speaker


Description:Prayer is a critical component of the Christian life as a mandate from our Lord, and it is always a necessity of any ministry, especially for missions. However, it’s hard to understand how God’s sovereignty works with our responsibility in prayer, but in Acts 12 we have an incredible example of the effect of fervent prayer within the church.