Destruction & Devotion

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:Does the Bible say that God's people were to destory men, women and children?

Tell Your Story

Tim Merrell


Description:Are you a Christian who witness or are you a Christian who is a witness?

The Cup, the Cross and the Crown

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:To fully tell the story of Easter, one must tell the entire story of the cup, the cross and His crown.

The Importance of Remembrance

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:God is in the remembrance business. Whether it be setting a marker in the ground as in Genesis, dedicating a sacrifice to Him as in Exodus or having a meal together as in the Gospels; it all points to Him.

Freedom in God

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:Have you ever had the experience of following the Lord's leading and life seems to get harder? The real struggle of faithful obedience? Where's the freedom?

Redefining Love

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:There are many ways to define love. The culture pushes and pushes its own definition. Let's redefine today.

The Call of God

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:Understanding the call of God on your life is essential, and it starts with understanding God.

The Unlikely Deliverer

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:The story of Moses is one that may be familiar to you. To the Jews (apart from God), there may not be a larger Scriptural figure- because they do not believe their Messiah has come. His arrival and early years do not spell out a successful deliverance for God's people- yet that's what occurs.

The Faithfulness of God

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:The story of Exodus begins in God's promises to Abraham, to Jacob and through Joseph.

The Special Gifts Given To Christ

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:What is the significance of the three gifts the Magi gave? Who knows if these men understood the significance of their gifts but we see God's it we see the gospel of our Jesus.

The Importance of the Invited Guests

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:Every detail of this baby shower was significant to God including those special people that were invited to visit this newborn boy. What are you doing with your encounter with God?

Discipleship Is Relational

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:The heart of everything Christ is relational. Who are you pouring into? Who is pouring into you?

Discipleship Is Walk-Based

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:Just like our churches today, Corith was a local church with problems that covered the spectrum. How do you walk-out discipleship in your own life?

Discipleship is Gospel-Centered

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:We want discipleship to be many things: bringing someone to church, inviting someone to Bible study or playing in a church softball league. While all these can be used of God- all fall short without the core component- a gospel presentation.

The Importance of Finishing Well

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:The book of Acts draws to a close and we're left with the last biblical historical account of Paul's life. From the last account we see an example of finishing our hardships and finishing our lives well.

God's Care Amidst Life's Shipwrecks

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:Paul begins his journey by ship to Rome for his appeal to Caesar under Roman guard. It's Sept/Oct and the seas and winds are getting unpredictable. They struggle to arrive in Crete at a port called Fair Havens. Waiting opportunity for one late season push to Rome and they think they finally have it.

The Fulfillment of God's Plan

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:After defending himself before the Jewish mob his life is endangered. So the Romans take the prisoner, Paul, to Caesarea and the governor there for Paul's protection.

Telling Your God-Story

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:Paul stands before the mob that had formed seeking out his demise. He addresses them with his story...His God-story. We each have a God-story if we are born again. What are you doing with your story?

Grace Under Pressure

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:One of the amazing things you see in the formation of this new church on the move in Acts is the ability to balance truth, external pressure and grace.

Commitment & Cost

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:Consider how God has used you. If you've allowed Him to use you? What restrictions do you put on your commitment to God in your life?

The Important Purpose of Pastors

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:This is God's call to be an elder, overseer, shepherd of His people. But why? What would a church look like without a pastor?

Faith in God's Plan

Dr. David Waltz


Description:Dr. David Waltz is the Executive Director/Treasurer of the Baptist Convention of PA and S Jersey. He is tasked with assisting all Southern Baptist churches in PA and S Jershey in their cooperation together in mission and kingdom endeavors.

Communicating to a Pagan Culture

Pastor Larry Snyder


Description:A lot of times we look at the world around and know we should communicate the gospel more but we don't think we can or know how. Paul leaves Berea because of the constatnt harassment. Ends up in Athens and his eyes are opend to a new level of lostness