Introduction to our ministry

Description:Making Life Count Ministries provides free video teachings, printed Bible studies, and weekly devotionals to people around the world through the Internet. Our goal is to help people find God, understand the Bible, and start Bible studies around the world.


Prophecy--7 Signs of End-Times

Description:Four end-time signs have been fulfilled, but it may be many years before the last three signs are fulfilled. Christ's return for His Church can happen at any time, but you'll be wise to also plan your life as if you will die of old age.


Prophecy--The Antichrist

Description:THE ANTICHRISTThe Antichrist will become ruler of the world just prior to the Second Coming of Christ. He will control the world's economy by making everyone receive a mark on their right hand or forehead in order to buy or sell.


Prophecy--Has the Ark been found?

Description:In 1981 three rabbis tunneled under the Temple Mount and claimed to have found the Ark of the Covenant hidden by King Josiah.


4 Secrets to Forgiving Others

Description:FOUR SECRETS TO FORGIVING OTHERSForgiving someone is not easy, but following these 4 things will make it easier to do.


How Will God Provide for Me?

Description:HOW WILL GOD PROVIDE FOR ME?Learn how God can provide your needs even when the situation looks impossible.


Analyzing & Overcoming Temptation

Description:ANALYZING & OVERCOMING TEMPTATIONTemptation happens in 4 steps and can be overcome by doing 4 things.


What will we be doing in Heaven?

Description:WHAT WILL WE BE DOING IN HEAVEN FOREVER? It might surprise you that God has exciting assignments planned for us in heaven--and your assignments in the next life are being determined right now during this life.


Quit Worrying & Start Trusting

Description:QUIT WORRYING AND START TRUSTINGWorry forces out trust, but trust forces out worry. If we can learn to trust God, our worry will leave.


SONG--Holy Captivated (with lyrics)

Description:HOLY CAPTIVATED with lyricsThis is an inspiring song from Nicole C. Mullen.


SONG--Clear the Stage

Description:CLEAR THE STAGE is about how singing in church can be a performance and turn into an idol. Click on the attached to read the words as she sings.


SONG--Nothing without You--lyrics

Description:NOTHING WITHOUT YOU with lyricsEverything we have comes from God and we are nothing without Him.


SONG--Hold Us Together--lyrics

Description:HOLD US TOGETHER (with lyrics)Love can't pay your bills but it can hold people together


SONG--The Only Name--lyrics

Description:THE ONLY NAME (with lyrics)Sung by Big Daddy Weave


SONG--Starts with Me--lyrics

Description:STARTS WITH ME (with lyrics)Change begins when I humbly get on my knees in prayer.


SONG--Lord I Need You--lyrics

Description:LORD, I NEED YOU (with lyrics)We are totally dependent of God.


SONG--Write Your Story--lyrics

Description:WRITE YOUR STORY with lyricsGod wants to change our lives by writing His story on our hearts.


SONG--Need You Now--lyrics

Description:NEED YOU KNOW with lyricsWhen we are desperate we must cry out to God for help. He will help us get through whatever difficulty we face.


SONG--After All (Holy)--lyrics

Description:AFTER ALL (HOLY) with lyricsThis song by David Crowder is about the holiness of God.


SONG--It's a Beautiful Day--lyrics

Description:IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY with lyricsIf you are feeling down this song will cheer you up!


SONG-Look What You've Done-lyrics

Description:Jesus bought us with His blood. The question now is--what can we do for Him?


SONG-Nothing But the Blood-lyrics

Description:The blood of Jesus is the ONLY thing that can wash away sins.


SONG--You Never Let Go

Description:No matter what we go through, God never lets go of us.


Conquering the Giant of Fear

Description:CONQUERING THE GIANT OF FEAROne of the scariest giants you will ever face is the giant of fear. He is trying to keep you away from the Promised Land that God has planned for you.


SONG-All the People Said Amen-lyrics

Description:Encouraging song by Matt Maher


SONG--Glorious Unfolding

Description:"Glorious Unfolding" by Steven Curtis ChapmanWHAT A MOVING VIDEO! If you know Jesus Christ, this life is just the beginning of the beginning!


SONG--King of My Heart--lyrics

Description:No matter what we are going through, the King who lives in our heart is bigger than any problem.


SONG--Do Life Big--lyrics

Description:DO LIFE BIG by Jamie GraceAre you living life to the fullest? Do life big!


SONG--Sovereign Over Us--lyrics

Description:SOVERIGN OVER US by Aaron KeyesIf you are discouraged listen to this great song!


SONG--O Holy Night

Description:O Holy Night sung by Josh Groban and video from The Nativity Story


SONG--Day One (of rest of my life)

Description:DAY ONE by Matthew WestGod has good plans for you! The rest of your life is the best of your life and this is Day One.


SONG--You Make Me Brave

Description:"You Make Me Brave" by Amanda Cook and Bethel Music


SONG--Forever Live with lyrics

Description:FORVER LIVE by Kari Jobe This is an incredible EASTER SONG describing the day Jesus rose from the dead. She talks a little bit before singing but it prepares you for this powerful song.


SONG--My Chains Are Gone

Description:AMAZING GRACE (My Chains Are Gone) by Michael W. SmithIf you are bound up by sin you can sing this song to God and receive your freedom!


SONG--Bless the Lord

Description:An encouraging song from Laura Story


SONG--Beyond Me--lyrics

Description:Great Song by TobyMac


SONG-Shine Your Glory Down-lyrics

Description:"Shine Your Glory Down" with lyrics by Rebecca St. James


SONG--Hallelujah for the Cross

Description:"Hallelujah for the Cross" A great song and message!


SONG--Christmas Hallelujah

Description:Christmas Hallelujah--Cloverton


SONG-Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

Description:This song is based on a true story. A heart surgeon couldn't get the woman's heart to beat, so he knelt down and told the unconscious woman, "Tell your heart to beat again." Immediately her heart started beating. Randy Phillips wrote this song based on this experience.


SONG--You're Beautiful

Description:Song by Phil Wickham. Sung by Paul & Bethany Baskin.GREAT SONG! READ LYRICS BELOW to read as you listen.This song is on the CD "Always" by Paul Baskin and can be purchased at www.paulbaskin.com



Description:CONTROL by JJ HellerDo you try to control everything and everyone in your life? If so, you are living in bondage. This song tells you to let go and trust God instead. www.jjheller.com


Kent's inteview on his Prayer book

Description:The actual interview begins at the 5:00 mark for If God Knows What I Need, Why Should I Pray? Discusses the 4 purposes of prayer and answers several questions.


No Longer Slaves

Description:NO LONGER SLAVES sung by Jonathan & Melissa Helser (Bethel Music). Please take a few minutes to watch this entire video. When you are a child of God, you are no longer a slave.


SONG--Who Am I?

Description:Casting Crown's song "Who Am I?" is performed in a church using black lights and white gloves. Over 14.5 million views on YouTube. This is one of my favorite songs of all time.


SONG--Remind Me Who I Am

Description:This song reminds us of who God says we are in Christ. Over 12.5 million views on YouTube.


No Longer Slaves to Fear

Description:This is another version of "No Longer Slaves" (Bethel Music)


SONG--"The Voice of Truth"

Description:This is a very encouraging song with lyrics by Casting Crowns.