Facility Usage Request

Cost: For members and regular attendees of MCC, all rental fees are waived. However, to finalize your reservation we do require a payment of $50 for our custodians (who are needed to spruce up and secure the building following your event). Please make checks payable to MEDWAY COMMUNITY CHURCH.

Reservation Window: Church functions and ministry events must be given priority in our scheduling. Therefore, private parties and activities may not reserve MCC rooms more than 6 weeks in advance of the date.

Clean-Up: By reserving the MCC facility, you commit to leave your room in excellent condition. This includes wiping down all tables, returning tables and chairs to their original location, and sweeping the floor.

Trash Removal: MCC facility usage includes a garbage carry-in/carry-out policy; dumpsters are locked and unavailable. (Note: exceptions can sometimes be made by special request).

Kitchen: Aside from tap-water, we are unable to offer use of the church kitchen and any of its supplies (our kitchen is regulated by the town and subject to ServSafe regulations). This means all food, coffee, and supplies need to be prepared offsite.

Bathrooms: Please utilize only the main bathrooms (in the education hallway beside the nursery) during your event.

Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

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