Pastor Gene, Pastor Eric


Description:What is the value of the presence of God?


Pastor Gene


Description:The miracle of the Exodus shows us that God not only wants to free us from something, God wants to free us for something.


Pastor Scott, Pastor Eric


Description:Yesterday's miracles still affect today's story

God's Economy

Pastor Gene


Description:Are you intentionally working with what God has entrusted to you?

The Journey

Pastor Gene, Pastor Scott, Pastor Eric


Description:Vivid faith doesn’t promise an answer, Vivid Faith shows the way.

Marriage and Relationships

Pastor Eric


Description:The goal of a relationship is not to recreate a feeling we once had. The goal of a relationship is to recreate and reflect the love of God.

A Place To Serve

Pastor Gene


Description:Serving is using our gifts as faithful stewards

A Place To Thrive

Pastor Gene


Description:We all need a place to thrive

A Place To Grow

Pastor Gene


Description:We all need a place to grow

A Place To Belong

Pastor Gene


Description:We all need a place to belong

Next Steps

Pastor Gene, Pastor Nick


Description:We can't see all of the journey, but God helps us see the next steps.

God's Love

Pastor Gene, Pastor Scott, Pastor Eric


Description:The same God who loved Mary, love's you as well - Pastor Gene

God's Favor Does What?

Pastor Gene


Description:What does God's favor actually bring to our lives if we receive it?

Receiving God's Favor

Pastor Scott


Description:How do we receive the favor of God?

Highly Favored wk1

Pastor Eric


Description:What does God's favor bring?

Movin' - wk4 Whatcha' Learnin'

Pastor Gene


Description:What are you learning on the journey?

Movin' - wk3 Where Ya Goin'

Pastor Gene


Description:Everyone is going to arrive somewhere, few arrive somewhere on purpose.

Movin' - wk2 Who Ya Followin'

Pastor Gene


Description:What does it take to see with God's eyes?

Movin' -wk1 Whatcha Got?

Pastor Gene


Description:What do you do with what you have?

Identity Theft - wk4 I Am Always With God

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:You can live as a child of God now, you can live in the confidence of being named by God, in the safety of being forgiven by God and in the sure and certain hope of always being with God.

Identity Theft - wk3 I Am Forgiven

Pastor Scot & Pastor Eric


Description:Forgiveness is not a feeling, forgiveness is our identity

Identity Theft - wk1 I Am A Child Of God

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:our identity crumbles when we build it on anything that changes

Being New - wk8 Taking a Complaining Fast

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:Complaining is anytime I tell my own story with no intention of bringing God praise

Being New - wk7 Taking a Gossip Fast

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:Gossip is anytime we tell someone else's story with no intention of loving them.

Being New - wk6 Speak Encouragement p2

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:To speak encouragement we must first receive encouragement from God through worship, His Word and prayer

Being New - wk5 Speak Encouragement prt1

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:Believers who are being made New are being transformed to speak encouragement. Ephesians 4:29 Don’t use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.

Being New - wk4 Speak Truth prt2

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:God we praise you for being greater, stronger, and higher than any other. We know that Satan is our enemy and he is not to be taken lightly. But we proclaim that he is not your equal counterpart. By the blood of the Lamb, by the blood of Your precious Son Jesus Christ, Satan has been overcome.So we declare that nothing, absolutely nothing, could ever separate us from Your love. Not the blatant lies or the half-truths we've spoken. Not the ways we've deceived ourselves and others. Not the blame stories we've told. Not even the words of death we have so foolishly allowed to come from our mouths.Lord, we submit our tongues to youAnd we believe in faith that even now as we ask you to fill our mouths with words that are:True, necessary, and beneficial.You will do itAmen

Being New - wk3 Speak Truth prt1

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:For believers the question is not, what is truth, the question is who is Truth?

Being New - wk2 Kindness prt2

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:When we are being made new, Godly kindness becomes part of who we are

Being New - wk1 Kindness prt1

Superintendent Brad Button


Description:"May we love the person and trust the Holy Spirit" - Superintendent Brad Button

July Is The New January - wk5

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:Believers believe. We celebrate communion and remember the saving work of Jesus - we believe.

July Is The New January - wk4

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:I believe in the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting. Amen.

July Is The New January - wk3

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:Where we anchor our lives determine how we will respond to all of life.

July Is The New January - wk2

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:God has provided us with guardrails of belief that guide and protect us during any new start.

July Is The New January - wk1

Pastor Scott & Pastor Eric


Description:It is never too late for a new start

Hope & Expectations

Pastor Eric


Description:How do you listen to God when His plans don't meet your expectations?

How far am I going to take this God thing?

Pastor Dave


Description:I can't follow God and serve me - Pastor Dave

Moving To Kansas

Pastor Dave


Description:Pastor Dave announces he will be moving to Kansas

My Master My Friend

Pastor Scott


Description:whose slave are you?

Will You Follow?

Pastor Dave


Description:The call remains, will you follow?


Pastor Eric


Description:Sent to forgive, forgiven to be sent

Questions For Easter

Pastor Dave


Description:what slows down my seeking after Christ?


Pastor Dave


Description:We will reflect what we put our hope in

The Scent Of The Garden

Pator Dve


Description:I can't save me, I can't fix what is broken, but I can surrender. Pastor Dave

What Have You Done With Your Freedom?

Pastor Dave


Description:What have you done with your freedom?

Sword Swinging And Cup Drinking

Pastor Dave


Description:Sometimes we look more like Peter than Jesus

Freedom Is Important To God

Pastor Dave


Description:Breaking free from Spiritual bondage


Pastor Dave


Description:In the Old Testament the word for glory is the word that means weighty or heavy. As we consider the prayer of Christ in John 17, do we receive glory or do we instead try to dim or reduce the heavy glory that God has offered.