What Does Christ Mean To You?

Pastor Jason Lohorn


Description:Mark Chapter 10What does Christ mean to you?Nothing? - PhariseesSomething? - Rich Young RulerEverything? - Peter and the other Disciples

As He Is, So Are We, In This World

Pastor Jason Lohorn


Description:Text - 1 John 4:172 Kings 2:5-15

Worship /Sarah Arnold PM

Sarah Arnold


Description:Sarah Arnold (daughter of worship leader Mike Arnold) leads here first worship service at New Bethel Baptist Church.

Links In A Chain

Pastor Jason Lohorn


Description:No inheritance without sonshipNo sonship without spiritual birthNo spiritual birth without ChristNo Christ without faith

Anyone Can Fall 1Kings 11

Pastor Jason Lohorn


Description:This message was preached on May 29th the day before Memorial Day 2016. Text 1 Kings 111. The Fall of a King 11:1-52. The Progress of Evil 11:6-83. The Anger of God 11:9-14