The Human Value

Daniel Keeling


Description:Are you worth more, or worth less, than those around you? What about those whom you have never met?If God decided who is worth any kind of value based on who you believe is worth it, what would the value of your life be?

"You Gotta Have Faith"

Kelly Roberts


Description:Faith seems to be the answer for everything. Sometimes we don't understand it, because it seems like we're left to being thrown into the fire. Faith doesn't desolve the storms of this world, it is believing that we are conquerers through Jesus and that we are able to endure the troubles that we encounter.

CAMO 2 Treasure Hunt

Kelly Roberts


Description:Many people dream of buying a painting at a garage sale and then discovering that it is actually a valuable Monet or an original Norman Rockwell. We are always looking for that hidden treasure and in this sermon we discuss how finding Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven is the greatest discovery of all.

CAMO 1- Exposed

Kelly Roberts


Description:We often try to blend in and or even hide who we really are, but Scripture tells us that we are all open and naked before God and every part...even our deepest parts are exposed to Him. In this message we explore what God really sees when he looks at us!

Fathers Day- Missing The Mark

Kelly Roberts


Description:As people, we are eternally messed up and incapable of "hitting the target". This message explores how Christ is not only the standard and the reward but also the only hope we have for reaching the goal at all!

Holiness to the Lord

Kelly Roberts


Description:As "true believers", others should...see us coming, know we are there, and miss us when we are gone!


Kelly Roberts


Description:Spiritual Storms have the ability to destroy our lives like a tornade tearing through a house. This sermon looks at the warnings that God has in place to protect and preserve us and our loved ones!

The Big 2- Love People

Kelly Roberts


Description:The 2nd part in our series "The Big 2" deals with Loving People" and we explore just how easy it is to share God's love with others through 0ur giving!!!!!

The Big 2- Love God

Kelly Roberts


Description:Ever feel like serving God was too hard? We look at just how easy it is when we focus on the Laws Jesus said were most important...The Big 2.......Love God!

How big is your BUT?

Kelly Roberts


Description:BUT is defined as a word that joins two opposites, as in..."I know God can, BUT." This messaage explores how all too often our big ole BUTS get in the way.