Gifts of Grace

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:When we think of God's grace, it is easy to associate it with His mercy, but this couldn't be further from the truth! Mercy and grace are very different things and have a very different purpose in our lives. As we explore what grace truly is, we can begin to see the intentions God has for the grace He bestows upon us, and how we can live our lives victoriously, shining His light everywhere we go.

The Blood Part Five

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Pastor Ken wraps up this series on the blood of Christ with a message of hope. Our God is on the throne and His covenant is forever. Jesus comes to us as the lion and the lamb, bringing victory to His people. Follow along as we close out this series in victory.

The Blood Part Four

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:In this week's message on the Blood of Christ, Pastor Ken examines the results of God's covenant, the blessings, the curses, the promises, and the solution to our sin. When trouble strikes our lives, it can often be a wakeup call that maybe things aren't going to way that they should. Are there any open doors that you are keeping open? Do you think maybe you are living under a curse? For these answers, and their ultimate solution, follow along as we explore what the Scriptures have to say.

The Blood Part Three

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:In week three on this series about the blood of Christ, Pastor Ken talks to us about the provision of the Old Covenant to coverthe sins of God's people through the shedding of innocent blood, and the purpose that the Law had. The Law, and the blood of sacrifices were powerful and God kept his promise, but they were unable to accomplish God's ultimate purpose for us. Then there was Jesus. Follow along this week to hear about the Master's master plan.

The Blood Part Two

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Continuing on with this series on the blood, Pastor Ken talks to us about the importance of the covenant made in the New Testament, looking back at Old Testament Scripture in order to see the fulness of God's progressive revelation as it is revealed in His Word. We also take a look at some of the rituals God's people were expected to undergo and match them with the traditions of today to see how the principles God established still apply to us today.

The Blood Part One

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Pastor Ken kicks off the new year with a new series where he tackles one of the most talked about and often misunderstood subjects in the church: the blood. What is blood? Why is it significant, and what is the Biblical symbolism behind it? How did blood ever become known to be an agent for forgiveness? Follow along as we enter this series, walking through the Scriptures to discover these answers and much much more.


Deacon Bob Deslauriers


Description:We are joined this week by Deacon Bob Deslauriers who speaks to us about the importance of obedience. We all understand sin and we have an idea of the effect that sin has on the world. What about us? Haven't we been saved from the consequences of our sin? Does disobedience have a consequence now? What about after we die? The rewards for disobedience, and obedience, are not often talked about so follow along to answer some of these questions as we explore the Holy Bible for those answers.

Get in the Water

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:In January, New Life Church will be launching a Thursday night service! One of the things that we have to consider as people, and especially as leaders, is knowing when it is the right time to act. Often we can be paralyzed by not having perfect conditions, or rush headlong into pitfalls because we didn't do the due diligence when making a decision. We have a lot going on at New Life this coming year, and Pastor Ken talks to us this week about the Biblical basis for not only expansion, but how to measure up intended actions with the expected outcome.

Free Will

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:In January, New Life Church is launching a Celebrate Recovery program. This program is meant for anyone who is suffering from an addiction to anything! While the need is most easily seen for drugs and alcohol, people are held in bondage by so many different things. Our message this week speaks of the human misuse of the free will we have been given. Pastor Ken also goes through the first six steps of the program, providing the biblical background for each step. Follow along to learn about this program and how you can experience freedom from the snares that entangle your life.

The Church

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:As we read through the Bible, it is easy to recognize that its pages are filled with symbolism, and understanding them unlocks keys to understand the rest of the Scripture so much more. In the same way, the stories we read from the Old Testament speak to us not only of their circumstances, but the stories are chosen because they represent and foreshadow things to come. Follow along as we examine two figures from the Old Testament and see what they teach us about the modern church.

Turn Up The Heat Part 3

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:This week, we look at the power of surrender. When we think about turning up the heat with God, one of the best ways to do that is to give yourself back to Him. He created you, he knows you, and all that you are is because of Him. When we pray, when we worship, when we go about our daily lives, we need to make a choice to hand our lives to God and let him lead us. Only when our desires align with his will we feel what it's like to really turn up the heat!

Turn Up The Heat Part 2

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Continuing on in the series about turning up the heat, Pastor Ken speaks more about worship and it's place in spiritual warfare. Conventional wisdom would never suggest that we send out the band to meet an invading army, but when God's people sing His praise and worship Him, something special happens. Our voices align with the voices in Heaven and the full power of God and His angels come into agreement to fight the circumstances that seem to surround us. Follow along and hear the revelation that has been given to us about the power of praise.


Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Pastor Ken kicks off a new series on how we can turn up the heat. Many of us would like to see change and growth in our lives, but never see things happening. As Christians, we often expect things to happen by magic, but that isn't how things work. Sometimes we need to turn up the heat in our lives, seek God and find Him, just as His promise says. We begin this week with worship. Don't let your next worship experience to be just another song service. Go all in and give Him everything you have; you will be shocked with what He gives you in return.

Care For Others

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Concluding this series on mercy, Pastor Ken talks to us this week about caring for others, outlining five principles we can follow to show others that we value them and are willing to sacrifice on their behalf. Without action, our lives are fruitless and our ultimate purpose remains unmet. Follow along this week to hear some Biblical principles that will shape the way you see and interact with the people you meet, to show them the truth of God's love and the hope that you have in Him.

Chi Alpha

Joe Gavin


Description:This week we have a special guest, Joe Gavin, with us from Chi Alpha in Vermont. It is easy to look at our education system and be distressed by the path our young adults are on. In the midst of this chaos, Chi Alpha seems to reach college students and bring them into a relationship with Jesus Christ, healing their bodies and minds. Join us this week as we heard some stories and transformations from college campuses that Joe and his team have witnessed by the grace of God.


Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:We have been talking about mercy, but what happens when a relationship gets broken? It is inevitable that we will find ourselves in conflict with each other. Who is right? Who is wrong? What really happened? Who should apologize? These are all questions that we ask ourselves when we have a problem with someone else and the answer is usually pretty clear to us. What is the proper Biblical perspective here? What does God think we should do to ensure our relationships are healed? Join us as Pastor Ken investigates some Biblical ways we can seek reconciliation.

Show Mercy

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Pastor Ken returns to the series on Mercy this week. We have heard a lot about what mercy is, what it looks like, and why we should extend it to our fellow man. Today we explore six very pragmatic ways that you can practice mercy and show it when you might find yourself not wanting to dish it out.


Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:In anticipation of moving the church forward, Pastor Ken issued a call to prayer and fasting and God has been moving in powerful ways through His people. Many of us still have some questions about what fasting is, why we do it, and how we should present ourselves to God, and the people around us. Join us this week for a special teaching about fasting, what it is, what it isn't, and how you can enjoy the blessings of God through sacrifice.


Mark Fee


Description:We are joined this week by Pastor Mark Gordon Fee from First Loved Ministries. Mark has been leading worship for a great number of years and comes to us to discuss that very topic. Worship isn't just about music, though the music is importantly. It reflects so much more than that. If you are watching or listening online, you have missed an awesome worship service this week and we would love to have you join us live to experience the fullness of what God has in store.

Love in Action

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:We understand about Mercy, and we understand forgiveness, but how are we supposed to bring these attributes to life? This week, Pastor Ken speaks to us about Love. Not romantic love, but showing love to our neighbor, to strangers, because of the love that God has shown us. Follow along as we learn what it means to love as God commands us to do.


Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Continuing the series about Mercy, Pastor Ken teaches us about forgiveness. In order to show mercy, we must be willing to forgive, but forgiveness isn't truly for the one we are forgiving. Forgiving is a command from God that repairs relationships, but also repairs the one who is carrying resentment. Being unforgiving puts us in a very dangerous. Follow along to hear some reasons why we must be willing to forgive, and a few ways to actually accomplish it.


Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:As followers of Christ, one of our chief goals is to walk the way He walked. In order to imitate our Lord, we need to know Him. While the fullest extent will not be realized until we stand in glory with Him, the Holy Bible gives us a glimpse into His character. One such characteristic is mercy. What does it mean to be merciful? If we should be merciful, to whom should we be and why? Join us as Pastor Ken leads us on a journey through the Scripture to discover the answers to these questions.

Don't Lose Heart

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:This week, Pastor Ken speaks to us about hope. God makes many promises to us and by faith, we can hope with assurance that He will deliver. God has shown himself to be faithful and true. We have trusted him with salvation, our eternal souls, but often we fail to put our trust in him when it comes to earthly matters. We may not see results right away, or the results may not be what we expect, but God will provide. Follow along with us this week and be encouraged to hope, have faith, and not lose heart.


Missionary Rachel Mullens


Description:We are visited this week by Rachel Mullens who has been serving God as a missionary for a few years in Mexico. Her heart is with children and she has had the pleasure of serving the children of Mexico, now finding herself with a new calling to Honduras. Follow along to ear about the exciting work God has been doing, the lives that have been changed, and the plan for the future.

Prayer and Fasting

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Pastor Ken touches on a subject that is largely overlooked in our American churches, fasting and prayer. As we read our Bibles, it is easy to wonder what things don't happen now like they did. Where are the miraculous happenings we read about? What has changed? We know God remains constant, so where have things gone wrong? Life for the early church was far different than it is for us, and they were a very disciplined people. God honors our sacrifices and our praise. If we want Him to move, we need to show him earnestly that we truly desire it. Join us this week as we see how that played out in the early church.

Meeting Goals

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:This week, Pastor Ken lays out the four year plan for the future of New Life Church. Our mission and vision statements have long been the foundation of everything we do and that is not about to change today. In order to serve a new generation, living in a dramatically altered culture, we must learn how to adapt. To that end, Pastor Ken and the leaders of the church have worked on a plan to transform how things get done at New Life, without sacrificing the mission or the message. If you are a member, or someone looking for a new church, we hope you will be as excited about the prospects this future brings and will join us as partners to see it through to the end with God's grace.

Leadership 2

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Pastor Ken continues talking on learning to become leaders this week. Building on the idea of leading ourselves and exhibiting positivity, Pastor raises points on learning to think critically and reject passivity. So often we let the world around us just continue in its way without any due consideration. In the event we do recognize things that need to change, it is easy to be passive and let someone else take charge. This is not where God has called us to be! Follow along and see the instructions He has left for you to become the influencer He created you to be.


Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:This week, Pastor Ken takes on a topic that everyone is talking about: leadership. We have many voices telling us what leadership is. We have our own ideas about what would make us be better leaders, but for many of us we just don't see those results. The best source of instruction for life, and leadership is the Word of God. Join us as we take a look at what the our Creator has to share with us about leadership.

Slaying Giants

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:This Memorial Day Pastor Ken takes us to a familiar story in the Bible: David and Goliath. As we remember those who have paid the price facing the giants that threatened our nation, we can look to our own giants and the problems that we face. When we look at the giants we face we can be reminded of how small we are, or we can have faith in how big God is. Follow along with us as we look through some Scripture and see how God delivered His people from seemingly insurmountable odds. Don't live as a prisoner to the giants in your life, rather trust God and bring those giants down!

Master Plan

Evangelist Ken Gaub


Description:We are visited this week by Evangelist Ken Gaub. Ken comes to us with a message about God's plan for our lives. Everyone has a plan, whether it be for running a business, looking forward through our day, or planning out a year, retirement, etc. This is all well and good but God is the only one who knows what our lives have in store and He knows the master plan that will bring the most blessing to your life. Follow along with us this week and hear more about the One who has the master of all master plans.

Queen Bee

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:This mother's day, Pastor Ken celebrates our mothers and takes a look at the one and only female Judge over Israel. When we look at the life of Deborah, and what God did through her, there is no denying the power of a woman who is where God wants her to be, doing what God wants her to do. We all have a place and a purpose in God's plan, and even in the smallest gestures. Our moms are every day heroes, many serving and walking the path that God laid before them never to enter the annals of history yet leaving a profound mark on the world we live in.

The Power of Christ

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:People often ask, "How can you know your religion is the right one?" In America today, we lose sight of one very important thing: the power of Christ. All throughout His ministry, Jesus demonstrated his power to us. Our message this week looks at some of the exciting highlights that Christ accomplished while He walked this earth in bodily form. Even more exciting than this are the words of Christ before He left. A miraculous promise meant for ALL who call upon His name for their salvation. Follow along to see these things revealed in His Word.

Be The Temple

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:This week we take a look at the presence of God. In the Old Testament, God was not very available to His people. Only certain people, on certain days of the year, and under very specific conditions had access to the dwelling place of God. Jesus changed all that! With Christ at the right hand of the Father, the Holy Spirit dwells among His people in a few different ways, and the Bible calls our physical bodies the temple of God! Join us to learn about this exciting revelation about the place God calls home.

The Good Fight

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:The apostle Paul brought an illustration to the early church that we are running a race, that we are fighting a fight. So often we are wowed by teachings that say we will have everything we want, and be as comfortable as we need to feel happy with our lives. God does provide, and He promised to never leave or forsake us but we are in a battle, and we are running a long race. Follow along as Pastor Ken unpacks some Scripture about this race and how we can run to win.

Easter Sunday

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Pastor Ken delivers a special message this Easter Sunday. We spend a lot of time examining ourselves and put a lot of stock in what we think. Is there a reality, is there a truth? How do we know who we can trust and can we even trust ourselves? None of us are perfect and that is reality, but we also are who God made us. As we go through life, we turn into other things, contrary to the truth we were created for. Lets walk through the scriptures and see some examples of the world around us where people have fallen victim to the lies in their own minds and see what God has done for us.


Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:We finish off this series, Who Needs God, by talking about some universal reasons we hide from the truth that God has provided. It is so easy for us to see God in a negative light and see ourselves as having failed Him. It is true, we are fallen creatures but this is not the end of our story. Join us to see what He has done for you and live in the truth of your creator.


Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:One of the arguments against God is the idea that because injustice exists, a good God must not. This idea is faulty on many levels and we know that God, perfect in love and power, is also just and good. Where does the idea that life needing to be fair come from? Is that something we are promised by God? Who doles out justice on this earth, and who makes the rules? Follow along as Pastor Ken completes part five of the Who Needs God series.

Jesus Tells Me So

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Last week we looked at the negative impact of a Bible-tells-me-so God, and a Someone told me so God the week before. If we reject both of these notions, then how are we to know God? Before we had our Christian Bible, we had Jesus, walking among His followers. What are the things that He said? Can we trust the words of Jesus? Follow along as we explore what Jesus said that God was like.

The Bible Tells Me So

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:We get caught up in many great debates and theological discussion about what the Bible means, or how we should interpret it. The Bible is our source of truth and the basis for our beliefs. Of course, the Scriptures are Inerrant, Infalliable, and Inspired - shouldn't it be this way? For the early church, this was not the case. The Bible is all these things, but was it the Bible that was raised from the dead? Was it the Bible that brought you to faith? Join us as we journey through the early church history to see what the Bible was or was not.

In the Middle

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:This week we take a look at another segment of the population; the in between people. Many of us grow up believing in God, but as time goes on and those believes are challenged, we abandon them for a number of reasons. A few of those reasons we will go through today. Maybe the problem isn't with God, maybe your own views and expectations of a Good, Loving God are not Biblical or don't ring with the truth. Follow along and hear about some common reasons for people to question their faith.


Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Pastor Ken begins another series titled, "Who Needs God." This week we look at the modern day Exodus happening here in the US. So many of our young people, and even some long time "religious" people are leaving their religion, and God, behind. A whole new class of people has been created to describe this group, but what is going on really? As people move away from their faith and their beliefs, they are moving toward a new set of standards of beliefs. We are going to examine Atheism today and see what its pontiffs think about the state of their religion compared to what many people believe it is about.

What are you Afraid Of?

Pastor Kevin Frost


Description:We are joined this week by our newest staff member, Pastor Kevin Frost! He shares with us this week about the power we are given to overcome fear. Fear is one of the most covered topics in the Scriptures, and one thing is clear: God says to not do it! We can often feel powerless in the face of our fears, but in that moment God wants to deliver you from fear and bring you victory. Join us as we take an exciting journey through the Bible to see how some of our heroes of the faith dealt with their fears.

What Does Love Require

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Finishing up this series on What a Christian is, we revisit some of the themes from the past 7 weeks and it all culminates into the question: What does love require of me today? It is easy to get caught up in debates on politics and morals. Fight with each other over what is right and wrong, and we haven't even scratched the surface of theology. What really matters is that you love God and you love people. What does this mean, and what does it look like when put into practice? Join us as we wrap up this series and find out.

Loopholes and Hypocrites

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:When we hear from the world what they think about Christians, one word that comes up is hypocrite. While nobody likes to hear this word, is it true? When we look at religions, we see a set of rules. Rules, as they say, are meant to be broken. As humans we are always looking for a loophole, for some way to avoid doing what we know is right. This has become a harsh reality for "Christians." So what are we expected to do, as His disciples? Certainly hypocrite is not something that we should be defined by. How do we take the meaning of the Holy Scripture and ensure that we aren't putting our own spin on His words to suit ourselves? Let's take a look at what Jesus had to say about it.

Grace and Truth Part 2

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:We continue on this week looking at the charge for followers of Christ to be full of Grace and Truth. One very well known parable Jesus told is about a prodigal son. As we examine this story, we can see the underlying themes Jesus is laying out for all those who hear the message, including you! There is no apology for the tragedy of sin and the consequences are real, but then grace comes in, restoring relationships. Follow along with us as we unpack this parable in a new way.

Grace and Truth

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:If we call ourselves disciples of Christ, and we know that we are supposed to love other people as Christ did, how are we supposed to interact with them? How can we show them love while showing them the truth of their need for Jesus. These questions will help us shape the very foundation of our conversations with strangers and those we know very well. Luckily, the answer is laid out clearly in the Holy Scripture for us. Follow along with us and see what the Bible has to say.


Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:In this segment of our What is a Christian series, pastor Ken considers one of the reasons that the followers of Christ remain on this earth. It would be so much easier if He would just take us home the moment we are saved so our eternity with Him in heaven can begin. While we will eventually be called home, right now, at this moment, we are called to be exactly where we are. We are called to be salt and light. This all sounds like a great piece of Christian speak so follow along with us as we examine the Holy Scripture and see what God has to say on the topic.


Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:The Bible talks a lot about judging others, and we all believe that judging a person or a situation is wrong. This view is just not a Biblical point of view. We don't need to be judgemental, but we need to take care of the things we accept. There is a big catch though. The Bible is clear about who and when we are supposed to make judgement on situations and it probably isn't what you think. Join us in the Scriptures as we continue this series on what a Christian is.

Love One Another

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Now that we have learned that a a Christian is a disciple of Christ, what shall we do? What makes us stand out? Is there anything that someone from the outside looking in would be able to point out and say, there goes one of those Christians? What is it about you that gives anyone the idea that they want what you have? Follow along with the second installment of this series to see what the Holy Bible has to say about it.

A Disciple

Pastor Ken Bosse


Description:Ringing in the new year, we start an 8 part series on what it means to be a Christian. The word has never really been well defined and it means a whole lot of things to a whole lot of people. We would think of a Christian as someone who follows Christ, but what does that mean? What is the Biblical precedent to define what a "Christian" should be? Follow along to see where the term Christian came from and what it means for those who follow Him.