Pastor James Walton


Description:The Big Idea in this series is to demonstrate that Jesus is more valuable, precious, and enjoyable than money, sex, power and drugs. #MSPDseries

On the Road Again

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:In this final installment of our series "When God Moves," Pastor Ron brings the book of Acts to a close with 4 points to remember on our road home.

Knock Knock! Who's There?

Pastor Annette Swor


Description:Knock knock! Who's there?Jesus was the Master of leading people with Questions. In fact, Jesus Himself asked an astounding 307 questions. Why is it that Jesus, who knew the answers, spent so much time asking questions to people like you and me?

Can The Power of God Change Lives?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron touches on Acts 19, then takes us into a conversation about how God does, indeed, change lives.

Running Scared?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Investing in meaningful relationships is one of the key ways we can fortify ourselves against fear. The Apostle Paul was one of our best examples of this. This week, Pastor Ron will look at six ways Paul showed us the way in Acts 18.

Paul in Athens

Pastor James Walton


Description:Pastor James shares about Paul's example to us in going out into the world to tell people about Jesus, rather than waiting for the world to come to us.

Finding God's Will For My Life

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron shares from Acts 16 this weekend, about Paul's time in Philippi, and how that teaches us about our importance in God's eyes and in His plan.

What Can Jesus Do For You?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Hearing the voice of God can radically change our lives. In the Bible, in Mark chapter 10, we read the story of a blind man changed forever by an encounter with Jesus. God's voice is never pushy - but if we listen, it can transform our lives.

Where is Jesus?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:The sober realities of Good Friday were soon replaced by the glorious confusion of Easter morning. Friends and followers ran throughout a graveyard and throughout towns wondering, "Where is Jesus?" Pastor Ron shares our Easter message and together we say, "He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!"

A Beautiful Collision

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What if the worst thing that ever happened to you could be the best thing that ever happened to you? We can't see ahead in the midst of the storm sometimes, but God is ever-present, and will always work for our best.

If God Loves Me, Then Why…?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Have you ever wondered what on earth is going on? Why is this happening? Is there a reason for all of this? Peter likely thought the same thing in the circumstances he faced in the beginning of Acts 12. But, oh, what a difference a few verses, and God's miraculous plan, make.

God's Love - A Centrifugal Force

Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:"God's Love: A Centrifugal Force." This is the thought-provoking title of Pastor Dave's message this weekend. He shares out of the book of Acts, chapter 10, and brings some very practical applications for our lives today.

When God Moves - Hide and Seek

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:"There is something deep in all of us that longs to be found." We have a God that is always seeking, always pursuing us in love. Pastor Ron returns this weekend with his message, "Hide and Seek."

When God Moves - Acts 10

Pastor James Walton


Description:"God empowers you to cross lines of division to bring the good news of salvation in Jesus to all people." Pastor James brings the important and life-changing truths of Acts 10 this weekend - how it affects both our knowing and sharing Jesus

Be a

Pastor Spencer Schaber


Description:What legacy are you creating right now? How are you impacting lives for the Kingdom of God?

When Jesus Interrupts

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What happens when our path, good or bad, is interrupted? What happens when we're derailed, thrown to the ground and turned around? Pastor Ron brings the amazing truths of Acts 9 this weekend with this message. Includes a powerful testimony of healing.

The "Unsafe" Gospel

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What are you going to do with your one precious life? The "Unsafe" Gospel. Pastor Ron brings it this weekend.

When God Moves - Part 11

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:The Church's first martyr, Stephen, said that God had left the house. What does this mean, and where can we find God?

A Storm is Coming - Part 2

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:When the storm of an external problem comes, how do you respond?

A Storm is Coming - Part One

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:As Pastor Ron dives deeper into the book of Acts, we see that the often idealized early church also had conflict. How did they deal with it - and how does that influence us today?

Hearing God Daily

Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:How can we lean into God and His presence daily? Is this a one-size-fits-all, or is there another way?

3 Ways to Celebrate Through 2016

Pastor James Walton


Description:Do you have a New Year's resolution? Pastor James helps us to see the way to lasting change.

What Does Jesus Offer?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:If God asked you, “What do you want for Christmas? I will give you whatever you want.” What would you say?

Who is Jesus?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Who do people think Jesus is? Who does God say Jesus is? Who do you say Jesus is? We'll look at these important questions this weekend.

Why Did Jesus Come?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What great gifts does the Lord bring to us - not just this season, but throughout our lives?

Go To The World

Pastors Ron Swor and Arlene Tatum


Description:Listen to the amazing ways the Lord is opening doors around the world for the gospel. Testimonies of God working through local people who said yes.

When God Moves - Part 10

Pastor James Walton


Description:The story of Ananias and Sapphira is a tricky one. What really happened here?

When God Moves - Part 9

Emily Fry


Description:When people write the history of the Church, what will they say about us in this time?

What Do You Have?

Pastor Ben Dixon


Description:What do you have? How does the Lord use what we do have? A powerful word, and a prophecy for New Life at the end of the message.

A Pastor's Heart - A Family Time

Pastors Ron Swor and James Walton


Description:Pastor Ron and Pastor James share the heart of where New Life is, and where we are going as a church family. You can also agree with us in prayer over Pastor Ron and Doug Sprague as they leave to visit our missionaries in Albania.

When God Moves - Part 8

Pastor Spencer Schaber


Description:We may be bold, but are we bold about Jesus? How can we be empowered by the Holy Spirit?

When God Moves - Part 7

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Does God still use people today? How can we be the type of person that He uses for His glory?

When God Moves - Part 6

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:How can we stay connected, every day, to our Source of Power?

When God Moves - Part 5

Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:What happens to us when God moves? What happens to those around us? How can we impact our world by the power of the Holy Spirit?

When God Moves - Part 4

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron shares about the power of the Holy Spirit - and we hear from Kevin Logan his powerful testimony of the Holy Spirit's work in his life. This is our story.

When God Moves - Part 3

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:How can I keep my story real? Pastor Ron continues in Acts chapter one as we examine the answers to that question.

When God Moves - Part 2

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron takes a deeper look into the book of Acts, chapter one, as we see how this book applies to us today.

When God Moves - Part 1

Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:Pastor Dave begins our series with an introduction to the Book of Acts.

Authentic Faith - Part 8

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron brings our series to a powerful conclusion as he shares from the book of James, chapter 5, verses 9-20.

Authentic Faith - Part 7

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What kind of faith do you have? The beauty of the book of James is that it encourages self-examination, helping us grow in our faith.

Authentic Faith - Part 6

Pastor Jeremy Wallace


Description:The book of James is passionate and diverse in its themes. Pastor Jeremy Wallace weaves together the importance of patience, persistence, and being people of our word.

Authentic Faith - Part 5

Pastor James Walton


Description:Do we obey God in order that we might get things from God? Or do we obey in order to simply get God Himself? We'll be seeing how the Gospel and religion differ, and how humility makes all the difference.

Authentic Faith - Part 4

Pastor Spencer Schaber


Description:Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Pastor Spencer shares some powerful truths about how very impactful that power is in the lives of others.

Authentic Faith - Part 3

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Is there a controversy? Do Paul and James disagree? What is the Royal Law?

Authentic Faith - Part 2

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Trials from the outside. Temptation from the inside. How can we build authentic perseverance to weather both? What is God's answer for not just surviving trials, but thriving?

Authentic Faith - Part 1

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:How can we "count it all joy" when we have trials? What benefits can be found in perseverance?

Jesus in Jerusalem

Pastors Ron and Annette Swor


Description:There is nothing quite like seeing the sights that Jesus saw, and walking where He walked. Pastors Ron and Annette take us, through scripture and pictures, from His triumphal entry to His empty tomb.

Jesus in the Galilee

Pastors Ron & Annette Swor


Description:Take a walk through the Galilee - where so many important parts of Jesus' ministry took place.Pastor Ron also shares his heart about the recent Supreme Court decision.

Losing Your Whisper?

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:The still, small voice of God is crucial to walking with the Lord in this noisy world. How can we get back to hearing it?

The Book of James

Immersion Discipleship Graduates


Description:Pastor Annette Swor, ID Director, introduces a testimony from graduate Cris Flores, as well as a message from graduates Jessica Powell and Joy Strube. All together, a powerful message about choosing to follow Jesus.