This is Jesus: The People He Redeems

Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:Who does Jesus redeem? Pastor Dave shares about Jesus' love for the whole world.

This is Jesus: The Company He Keeps

Pastor Alpha Hayward


Description:Pastor Alpha Hayward, senior pastor of Revolution Church, brings a powerful word about being the Church.

This is Jesus: He is Our Hope

Pastor Annette Swor


Description:Pastor Annette shares a compelling story about our hope in Jesus.

This is Jesus: The Freedom He has Brought

Pastor Collin Wrede


Description:Are we willing to step out and walk in the freedom the Lord has brought us?

This is Jesus: The King and His Kingdom

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron begins our "This is Jesus" series with his message about the Kingdom of God.

This is Us: Family Future

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What is the most important thing we can both keep with us and pass on as we look to the future as a church?

This is Us: Family Realities

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:We all have the realities we don't broadcast. The Lord's grace is enough to cover them and heal us.

This is Us: Family Values and Traits

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:What are some of the characteristics we share in the body of Christ?

This is Us: The Family Mission

Pastor James Walton


Description:We exist to make disciples who make disciples for Jesus. What does this mean? Pastor James shares.

This is Us: The Family Tree

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron shares the history and legacy of our larger, and local, Foursquare family.

This is Us: Mercy for the Untamed

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:When we are untamed, we trust Jesus to break through the barriers and bring peace and reconciliation.


Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:What's next in your walk with Jesus?

You're Invited

Pastor Collin Wrede


Description:You're invited, into a life of all that Jesus has for you.

Don't Play it Safe

Pastor Collin Wrede


Description:Pastor Colling shares about taking risks in our relationship with Jesus.


Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:Pastor Dave shares ways we can be rooted in our walk with Jesus.

When Faith Hurts

Shannon Rants, MA, LPC


Description:What do we do with our pain? What does pain say about our faith. Shannon shows us how pain and faith dwell together in a sacred space.

JHOG: Our Town - Compassion in Canby

Ray Keen


Description:How can we show the love of God in our hometown of Canby?

JHOG: Living as Gospel People in a Season of Exile

Kevin Palau


Description:How do we respond as Christians to the world around us in this community?

JHOG: Creation Care

Pastor James Walton


Description:What is our role in caring for the creation that God has entrusted to us?

JHOG: Choose Mercy

Pastor Jenna Anderson


Description:Continuing our Justice and the Heart of God series, Pastor Jenna Anderson - Global Outreach Director at Westside Foursquare Church - brings a powerful message about showing God's mercy to the world around us.

GET SMART: Serving

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron shares about the importance of serving others as a part of our walk with Christ.[technical note: there was an interruption in recording. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please see for the complete video.]

GET SMART: Wisdom for a Broken Heart

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:The Book of Proverbs has so much to say about how God can help us with a broken heart.

GET SMART: Adultery

Pastor James Walton


Description:Pastor James masterfully walks us through an important topic, using the many references in the Book of Proverbs.

GET SMART: Parenting

Pastor James Walton


Description:Pastor James shares, with candor, humor, and insight, six behaviors that Proverbs encourages parents to instill in their children.


Shannon Rants


Description:Shannon is joined by two other moms, and all share their unique stories in this moving Mothers' Day message.

GET SMART: Character

Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:What we do is crucial to our walk with the Lord. The book of Proverbs is a great "how to" book to follow as we do.


Pastor Ron Swor


Description:The words we speak are more important than we might think. Pastor Ron shares about this from the book of Proverbs.


Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron begins our series with an insightful look at Proverbs 1.

Jesus Has...Risen!

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:In this Easter message, Pastor Ron shares what the Resurrection means to us today.

Jesus Has...Suffered

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:This Palm Sunday, Pastor Ron shows us that the Advent continues through the cross of Christ.

Jesus Has...Obeyed

Pastor James Walton


Description:Pastor James continues our series as we make our way to Passion Week.

Jesus Has...Entrusted

Pastor James Walton


Description:What has Jesus entrusted us with...and how can we be faithful to that trust?

Jesus Has...Forgiven

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron tells the story of Zacchaeus, and how we are like him, and can follow his path to repentance.

Jesus Has...Rescued

Caleb Brown


Description:Caleb Brown, of the Ministry Training Institute brings his powerful testimony of God's power to rescue.

IMPACT: Part 8 (Conclusion)

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron concludes our series with an in-depth look at Philippians, chapter three, and how we can learn from the life of Paul.

IMPACT: Part 7

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron continues in Philippians, chapter four, showing the impact of generosity and humility.

IMPACT: Part 6

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron encourages us, through Philippians 4, to rejoice!

IMPACT: Part 5

Pastor James Walton


Description:Pastor James shares the impact of Philippians chapter 3.

IMPACT: Part 4

Pastor James Walton


Description:Pastor James brings a contemporary look at Philippians 2.

IMPACT: Part 3

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron shares the impact of Philippians, Chapter 2.

IMPACT: Part 2

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:After a special announcement about Pastor CJ, Pastor Ron continues our series in the book of Philippians.

IMPACT: Introduction

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Pastor Ron shares the overview of the impact of the book of Philippians.

IMPACT: Pre-Intro

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:On our snow day, Pastor Ron shared a warm-up to our introduction to the book of Philippians.

New Year's Day Video Podcast

New Life Pastoral Staff


Description:The Pastors at New Life share their greetings and thoughts for 2017.

All I Want for Christmas is Peace

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:At our Candlelight Service, Pastor Ron shared the peace of knowing Jesus Christ.

All I Want for Christmas is Joy

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:Joy is something we all long for. What determines joy in your life? How can we find the real source of joy?

All I Want for Christmas is Courage

Pastor Ron Swor


Description:The Christmas story is a great lesson in how God helps us have courage as we follow Him.

All I Want for Christmas is A Second Chance

Pastor James Walton


Description:Pastor James kicks off the Christmas season with the miraculous grace of God toward Zechariah and Elizabeth.

"Where Are The Nine?"

Pastor Dave Metsker


Description:Pastor Dave takes us through Luke 17 and shares and important message on being thankful.

The Danger of Greed and the Blessing of Contentment

Pastor James Walton


Description:Pastor James wraps up our mini-series with an important message about avoiding the snare of the love of money.