Patterson Road

New Song Drama Team / New Film Pictures


Description:Patterson Road is the tale of a Depression-era con man Victor McNeil, who, during a scheme gone wrong, lets another man take the fall and stand trial for him. On the run from the police, the governor's crackdown on crime, and a frying pan-wielding "old dame," Victor learns that while you cannot change your past, you can change your future if you accept the grace afforded to us by the Cross. The Patterson Road cast (in order of appearance) includes David Teer, Eric Otto, Lisa Garcia, Catrina Phillips, Bekah Brown, Justin Thompson, Torey Rasberry, James Kurtz, Matt Hensarling, Davita Ford, Simeon Hughes, Kendall Ford, Greg Jackson, Will Tuley, Jenn Thompson, Michelle Hensarling, Heather Jones, and Chris Schumacher. The film is written and directed by Michelle Hensarling, the production coordinator is Catie Tuley, and the DP/Editor is Michael Jackson. Music is produced and recorded by Melissa Hughes and Alex Fredette. Additional musicians are Kristen Jackson and Krys Scroggins.

Love United To Truth

New Song Drama Team


Description:Talent: Eric Otto, David TeerWritten by: Michelle HensarlingDP: Chris JacksonCamera: Matt Hensarling, Chris Jackson, Michael JacksonEditor/Post-Production: Michael Jackson