God Pursues You

Dan Hudson


Description:A look at the song "Song of Solomon" and a discussion of how God pursues us in order to save us and have a relationship with us.

King of My Heart

Dan Hudson


Description:Pastor Dan talks about the song "King of My Heart" and the struggle we all face trying to live out our faith with Jesus as our King at all times.

Dealing with Anxiety and Social Media

Dan Hudson


Description:Rejoice, lay low and relax. Those are some of the Apostle Paul's final words to the church at Philippi in Philippians 4.

Moving Forward In Your Faith

Dan Hudson


Description:Philippians 3:12-21. There is a time to move on from your past mistakes and hurts and move forward in your faith. Knowing when is a sign of the mature believer.

Putting Jesus First

Dan Hudson


Description:A study of Philippians chapter 3, where Paul tells the church how to make their lives count for God.

Fear and Trembling

Dan Hudson


Description:It’s time to put on your boxing gloves and fight for your faith! Not fight other people for your faith, but fight yourself. Fight your temptations, the pagan world-view that continually tries to take over your thinking. Fight your apathy, your spiritual laziness; fight for your salvation!

All the Feels: Anger

Dan Hudson


Description:What makes you angry? Instead of trying to just "not" be angry, take a look at what causes your anger and attack that. Once you know what you are facing you can "be angry and not sin."

All the Feels: Love

Dan Hudson


Description:If our faith does not impact how we live and who we love, then it is absolutely worthless. This fresh look at the Good Samaritain reminds us we can have the right theology, but if it doesn't move us to love people we don't get it.

All the Feels: Pride

Dan Hudson


Description:We all deal with it - that inward voice that tells us we are better than everyone else. We are smarter, have better ideas and are generally superior to those around us. The only problem is, that attitude is the opposite of how we really should be as Christ followers. We are called to humility, not pride and arrogance.

All the Feels: Sadness

Dan Hudson


Description:It’s okay to be sad – even Jesus wept. We’ll take a look at how Jesus helps us in our time of need by looking at the story of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.

All the Feels: Joy

Dan Hudson


Description:We often look for happiness in comfort food, relationships and activities, but real joy comes from being in the middle of God’s will, engaged in God’s Kingdom work.

Easter: The Humility of Jesus

Dan Hudson


Description:We look at how the Easter story impacts our lives every single day of the year by giving us an example of how to live and giving us confidence in our faith.

Philippians 1:27-30 Living Worthy

Dan Hudson


Description:Philippians 1:27–30 (ESV) let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ. We discuss exactly what this means to the Christ follower who doesn't want to come up short!

Philippians 1:19-26

Dan Hudson


Description:We look at the infamous text of Paul in Philippians 1:19-26 where he gives 3 very bold statements that can help us measure our maturity as believers and followers of Jesus.

Philippians 1:12-18

Dan Hudson


Description:We often wonder what kind of work God is doing in our lives when we experience pain. Sometimes He uses our pain to help other people - even to advance the gospel.

Philippians 1:1-11

Dan Hudson


Description:The Apostle Paul prays for a church that lives in a community very much like ours. As Christ followers are pushed out to the fringe of society, Paul prays for them to remain faithful, focused and loving.


Brett Ricely


Description:Brett, a church planter in Salt Lake City, Utah, talks about bringing the good news of Jesus to the people around us.

A Bible Based, Family Focused Church

Dan Hudson


Description:We talk about what it means to be a Bible based church that is family focused.

Being a Christ Centered Church

Dan Hudson


Description:What does it mean to be a Christ Centered church? How do we live as Jesus people in the world today? We discus this in today's teaching.

Jesus and Tolerance

Dan Hudson


Description:Is Jesus the only way to heaven? Are all religions equal? We'll take a look at the modern view of tolerance and see how it compares to what Jesus said.

Why Does God Allow Pain in the World?

Dan Hudson


Description:Why does God allow pain in the world? How could a loving God allow things like famine and disease? Why doesn't God just "fix" things and take away the pain and evil in our world? Good questions - we tackle all of those in today's teaching

Is Jesus the Son of God?

Dan Hudson


Description:In our Room for Doubt series we discuss the reality of Jesus. Was He God? Did He resurrect from the dead? How can we be sure?

How Reliable is the Bible

Dan Hudson


Description:Some people think the Bible is full of myths and mistakes. Are they right? We look at some of the common arguments that try to discredit the Bible.

How Do We Know God Exists?

Dan Hudson


Description:How can we know, beyond Scripture, that God exists? How can you respond to someone who asks how you know God is there?

The Perfect Gift: Joy

Dan Hudson


Description:Genuine joy isn't forced or faked, it pushes fear, doubt, pain and regret out of your heart.

The Perfect Gift: Peace

Dan Hudson


Description:While all of us have rebelled and ignored God, creating a hostile relationship with Him, God desires to forgive us and give us peace.


Dan Hudson


Description:We are given the perfect gift of God's Son. In turn, we can't help but let that love overflow into the lives of the people around us.

Talking to Your Kids About Dating

Dan Hudson


Description:You know it's going to happen - your kids are going to grow up and start dating. So how does a Christ follower talk to their kids about dating? What advice do you give them?

Raising Godly Children

Dan Hudson


Description:As parents, there is nothing more important than passing your Christian faith on to your children. This morning, in our "Table Talks" series, we will have a conversation about how to effectively disciple your children to encourage them to become followers of Jesus and productive members of society.

God is Faithful

Dan Hudson


Description:God is faithful all the time. He may not always keep harm or struggle from coming our way, but He will always without fail be faithful to help us through the difficulties and the good times in life. You can count on Him one hundred percent of the time!

Who is God?

Dan Hudson


Description:How you view God is directly related to what kind of reltionship you will have with Him. It is critical that a person understands who He says He is as opposed to who you want Him to be.