Grace Wins

David Crocker


Description:Grace wins, Grace always wins. Hear redomptive stories from the scriptures as God's plan for us unfolds.


David Crocker


Description:Today in church we celebrated our volunteers, we heard from our department heads. Wrapping things up Ps Dave shares why we need to Celebrate.


David Crocker


Description:This service was a practical lesson. All rostered volunteers were given the Sunday off, and only Staff were involved. Worship was hard, the atmophere was flat, But then we got to thank Volunteers


David Crocker


Description:Part of our plan is to help people connect with God and others. Ps Dave unpacks this idea in helpful ways

Patience and Suffering

Janelle Payne


Description:It's not about the magnitude of the darkness around you, but the strength of the light within you.

Fulfilling God's will daily

Etienne Pieterse


Description:Etienne and his wife Tanya lead YWAM Island Breeze here in Sydney


Dave Crocker


Description:Everything tends towards chaos or disorder. Ps Dave encourages us to not neglect the important things.

Praying with Faith

Dave Crocker


Description:Pastor Dave unpacks the passage from James 5:13-20. We are called to pray and to praise, however sometimes our prayers don't our prayers don't get anwsered.

Making Faith Work

Dave Crocker


Description:James 13-20 is a passage that shows the power of faith in healing but also the importance of our Soul.

Discovering the will of God

Dave Crocker


Description:God has a plan and a purpose for you, but it might not be what you thought

Wisdom Matters

David Crocker


Description:Our passage today is all about Wisdom. Wisdom has two sources, corrupte earthly Wisdom, or God inspired. Our key learning for today was...Your walk talks, and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than you talk talks.


Craig Wood


Description:Ps Craig ( shares an inspiring message about hope. "some people need to think about what they are thinking about."

Action Matters

David Crocker


Description:Today we continue our series from the book of James. Our focus today is in the second half of James 2 as we examine the tension between Faith and Works. Were James and Paul at odds?

Mercy Matters

Davis Crocker


Description:James 2:1-13 Ps Dave gives us some powerful insights into why mercy matters. #mercymatters

More than Overcomers

Etienne Pieterse


Description:Etienne and his wife Tanya lead YWAM Island Breeze here in Sydney

James part 2

David Crocker


Description:Ps Dave explores the text from James 1 titled Listening and doing. We should live lives that reflect the God centred life.

Stories Jesus Told part 8

David Crocker


Description:Today we explore the signifiance of the parables of Hidden Treasures found in Matthew 13:44-46

Stories Jesus Told part 7

David Crocker


Description:Today we explore the significance of the parables of the... Lost sheep Luke 15:1-7 Lost Son Luke 15:11-24 Lost coin

Stories Jesus Told part 6

David Crocker


Description:We all have reasons to take offence, we have all been wronged somewhere. Today we tackle the tough issue of forgiveness

Stories Jesus Told part 5

David Crocker


Description:The Parable of the Sower is really a powerful story of howto embrace significant moments in our life.

Stories Jesus Told part 4

David Crocker


Description:Today we unpack 3 significant stories that are actually one linked narrative. Lost sheep Luke 15:1-7 Lost Son Luke 15:11-24 Lost coin

Stories Jesus Told part 3

David Crocker


Description:Wise and foolish builders

Stories Jesus Told part 1

Dave Crocker


Description:in this message Ps Dave launches a new series on the Teachings of Jesus with parables.

Prayer part 2

David Crocker


Description:The unspoken piece of Roman Armour is prayer. Paul finishes Ephesians 6 talking about prayer. Today we look at a few differnet types of prayer that we can pray, and finish the series on the armour of God


Ps Dave Crocker


Description:The unspoken piece of Roman Armour is prayer. Paul finishes Ephesians 6 talking about prayer. Today we look at a few differnet types of prayer that we can pray.

The Schemes of Satan

Ps Steve Siclock


Description:Ps Steve from Revlution Church in Christchurch New Zealand continues with our series of the Armour of God, focusing on God's schemes an our response.

Carriers or Containers

Ps Carl Crocker


Description:Ps Carl Crocker from Life Church in Christchurch preaches a great message challenging us to embrace the mission

Don't Hold Back

Ross Nancarrow


Description: The bible is full of people who lived a life holding nothing back. Heb 11 is a challenge to live a life of faith as disciples discoovering who God is.

Helmet of Salvation

Dave Crocker


Description:What is Salvation all about, how does it make a difference in our life. Join us as we continue our series on the full armour of God

Missions Sunday

Etienne Pieterse


Description:What does it look like for us to live a mission focused life.

Shield of Faith

David Crocker


Description:Faith is a powerful piece of armour to protect our hearts fromt he attacks of Satan. Faith must be refreshed; faith is both a personal responsability and a collective benifit.

Shoes of Peace

David Crocker


Description:Today we talk about an important issue. There is a big difference between having peace with God and living with the peace of GodPeace is not a passive thing, but sometimes we must fight for it.

Breastplate of Righteousness

David Crocker


Description:Righteousness is a gift that we can position oursleves to receive. It helps us stand strong under the attck of condemnation the enemy seeks to throw at us. It helps us understand how God deals with sin.

The Belt of Truth

David Crocker


Description:THis week we explore the power of truth to destroy the lies of the enemy in the battle for our minds.

Understanding the war

David Crocker


Description:"we don't fight for victory; we fight from victory" Pastor Dave lays the foundation of our series on the full armour of God by helping us understand the demonic realm.

In not From

David Crocker


Description:Today we talk about the idea “IN not FROM”There are two thoughts that you need to get from that. 1. We are in this world not from this world. 2. God doesn’t always deliver us from the fire, sometimes he delivers us in the fire


Janelle Payne


Description:Janelle unpacks the Esther story looking at the choice we face between following God and allowing the opposition of Satan to win.

Don't miss the thing

David Crocker


Description:We look at the story of David and Goliath and the giants that are the opportunity to transition us to the future. "don't miss the things that leads to the thing that God has next

Lift up your hands

David Crocker


Description:Moses prayed and worshiped as Joshua fought. We need each other to get the breakthrough.


David Crocker


Description:Joseph made all the right choices and lived a life that changed the world. Things don't always go the way we want them to, but God can use every situtation. When you tell the story of your life what do you want it to say about right now?

Lessons from the life of Jacob

David Crocker


Description:Who would trade there future for a bowl of stew? You would and I would; we do it all the time when we make bad choices. Join us as we expolore the life of Jacob and learn from someone who encounted God.

The Covenant of Blood

David Crocker


Description:Pursuing relationship God initiated a covenant relationship with Abraham. In this Message Ps Dave parallels the work of God with Abraham and the work of Jesus on the cross. God's plan was established from the beggining. Grace and Love.

In the Beginning

Dave Crocker


Description:Everything else came from God's imagination but we came from his heart. The plan was set, satan got involved and God's response in Jesus was revealed at the very beginning. Far from satan defeating God's best plans, he enabled God's real plan to take place.