When God Seems Late

Patrick Bonnie


Description:God always invites us to ask. But what are we to think when we ask but the answer doesn't come? Sometimes it seems God is late.

When God Seems Inattentive

Patrick Bonnie


Description:There are many things in life that don't make sense, but when difficult things come our way, we often feel God doesn't make sense. What can we learn in difficult times? What's up with God when we feel life doesn't make sense?

Free to Serve or Stuck on Self

Patrick Bonnie


Description:It seems to odd to talk about boasting, but Paul does that as he closes out the book of Galatians. If you look close, his boasting isn't about himself.

Humble & Bold or Conceited & Comparing

Patrick Bonnie


Description:Our flesh is all the evil we're capable of in our fallen state. The Spirit is the life and presence of God made alive in us at the point of faith. One leads to a life that's humble and bold. The other leads to conceit and comparing.

What's So Great About Fathers

Dr. Duane Cuthbertson


Description:Fathers set the tone for things at home. There's no sustitute. God wants Dads to lead well. Here's a basic path that leads to being a great Dad.

Spirit-led or Self-led

Patrick Bonnie


Description:Some people believe that without rules or laws a person won't be able to resist sinning, doing wrong. The scriptures teach otherwise. Paul, writes, "live by the Spirit and you won't gratify the desires of the flesh." Ok, I get it. But what does that mean and how do you do it?

It's Works or Grace

Patrick Bonnie


Description:What's your "yoke?" We all have one. Jesus invites people to take on His yoke. Paul counsels us not to fall into a yoke of slavery. It's actually quite simple. Our yoke shows in how we live our life.

Miracle or Man Made

Patrick Bonnie


Description:Galatians 4:21-31 is a confusing passage. How can Paul get away with teaching such an allegory? Good thing he did, because it's brilliant and applicable for those who want to live by faith.

Slaves or Sons

Patrick Bonnie


Description:Religion, rules, laws, performance based behavior will never bring us close to the Father, but Jesus will. God offers to adopt us, and because He owns the place, we learn never to be afraid.

Celebrate Recovery Sunday

Various CR People


Description:God is at work in amazing ways. You can hear it hear through a powerful story from our "Celebrate Recovery" Ministry. Listen in on how Dave and Amanda turned their lives around, got their family back together, and are now pursuing God.

Promise or Curse

Patrick Bonnie


Description:Paul writes passionately in Galatians 3 for churches to turn from the "law led life" and return to the "faith freedom forgiveness" life. One is a curse, the other God's precious promise.

Line in the Sand

Patrick Bonnie


Description:The early church was a living supernatural, social miracle. That is until people named "Judaizers" came along. They insisted if you wanted to be accepted by God you had to follow all the Old Testament laws. The church was quickly going backwards. Sadly, it still happens today.

The Great Escape

Patrick Bonnie


Description:Left to ourselves, we're all victims, trapped by our mistakes and regrets. Even religion can't help us break out of what's gone wrong. But Jesus can, and He shows us the way.


Patrick Bonnie


Description:Authenticity is always a big deal. When it's not present, the results aren't good. Watch Paul defend his authenticity as an apostle and show us how to have an authentic appeal to the people around us.


Patrick Bonnie


Description:The gospel is God's good news of new life and forgiveness once you surrender to Him through faith in Christ. That is good news right? Why would anyone try to change such good news? Paul exposes those who did and shows us how to keep an eye out for such tactics today.


Patrick Bonnie


Description:The book of Galatians has quite a bit of drama in it. It also has heroes, villains, name calling, and threats of, yes, "eternal damnation." Telling people once they accepted Christ they could start all over, was just too much for many in the ancient world. Suprisingly, not much is different today.

Compassion --> Church

Patrick Bonnie


Description:Jesus was a living, active model of compassion. We see Him handing off consistent patterns of how to do compassion to His disciples. Ummh, does that mean you and I are to do the same?

Compassion --> Jesus

Patrick Bonnie


Description:Compasson is the currency of heaven. We see this in the life of Jesus. He put people first and left the results up to the Father. How can we do the same?

Compassion --> God

Patrick Bonnie


Description:Compassion is hard to come by. Yet, when you need help, you remember the people who were compassionate to you. Why is it that copassion is so hard for us? Let's ask God.

Renewed Hopes & Dreams

Patrick Bonnie


Description:God is at work moving followers of Jesus toward Kingdom hopes and dreams. What does that look like and how do we know when we get it right?

Renewed Love

Patrick Bonnie


Description:The normal pattern of love is self-serving and self-absorbed. The Apostle Paul warns us that all our good acts are worth nothing if we don't have love. That's all well and good, but how does a person experience change so that they love like God?

Renewed Mind

Patrick Bonnie


Description:God's interested in changing our mind. He wants to transform us, make us new, rather than see us choose what's normal. What does this process look like?


Patrick Bonnie


Description:Hope isn't wishful thinking. It's not blind optimism or setting goals. What is hope according to God? Even more important, how is it real in our lives? What does it look like?


Patrick Bonnie


Description:Why would God do it? Especially when time after time people turn away from Him and love to go their own way. Yet there it is, the story of Christmas, God's incredible story of rescue.


Patrick Bonnie


Description:Most of the time we have life and work backwards. We work so hard we have to take a break to survive. When things go wrong we think God is pruning us, yet that's usually the result of wrong choices. We need to learn how to practice Biblical rest. That's how God produces fruitful work.

Jesus at Work

Patrick Bonnie


Description:What if we were to go to work with Jesus for a day? What would we learn about "success at work" according to Jesus?


Patrick Bonnie


Description:In sports success usually means winning. In business it's usally defined by money or power? What does success at work look like for a follower of Jesus?


Patrick Bonnie


Description:Work is a problem and has the potential to ruin us and capture our identity. How do we avoid having our work define us and become an idol in our lives?


Patrick Bonnie


Description:God created us to work. He also created us to worship. Work, if we get it right, is worship. But how did things get so messed up? What can we do it about it?

Stand Firm

Patrick Bonnie


Description:How can we stand firm in intimidating situations that are outside of our control? Read Daniel 3, as three young Jewish men stand firm, despite the threat of death. Their "furious faith," matches the "furious rage" of the king.

Stand in Faith

Patrick Bonnie


Description:In Daniel 10 we find out that Daniel prays, yet his answer arrives three weeks late. What's that all about! It's about standing in faith because God is at work in ways we can't understand.

Stand Strong

Patrick Bonnie


Description:In the book of Daniel, we're learning that courage is more of a lifestyle than a single choice. Because of his courage, we learn from Daniel how to "stand strong" in the midst of oppostion.

Stand Up

Patrick Bonnie


Description:In Daniel 2 & 4 we learn that courage isn't that we are strong, but that our trust in God is strong. Daniel steps into the gap where no one else will go!

Stand Out

Patrick Bonnie


Description:This series on Daniel looks at courage from several different angles. In Daniel 1 we learn how courage can arise in the difficult and daily circumstances of life.