Called To Purity


November 26th

Description:Paul continues his "What To Wear". "What Not To Wear " catalogue.

enChroma Glasses


Description:Here is the video I reerence in my September 24th message maybe watch it first!

Find Yourself In God's Story


October 1st

Description:What's your story? Do you have a story? Better yet are you in a story? Ephesians 1:1-14 shows us that the real story of a believers life is within the context of God's larger story. Your life story is part of something much bigger if you really understand it!

Of The Holy Spirit

Pastor John Blackman

December 10th

Description:WHen it comes to Christmas messages even the strange characters called the wisemen, often get more recongnition for their role, than the Holy Spirit does! Matthew Chapter 1 helps remind us, that Jesus being made alive in Mary's womb, was not only an important miracle, but possibly also an important prototype !

Of The Holy Spirit


Dec 10th

Description:The Holy Spirit gets less mention at Christnas than the wisemen do! Matthew 1 should help fix that!

Paul Prays That We Will "Get It"

Pastor JB

October 8th

Description:Rather than first pray and the then get down to the work of communicating. Paul mirrors Jesus' teaching method from the Upper Room Discourse. First teach, then get down to the work of praying that your listeners/readers will "get it". To really know God and his outpouring of blessing requires an act of God itself! I dare you to start praying this prayer!

The enChroma Epistle


September 24th 2017

Description:This is the intro to our Fall series on Epheisans ...enjoy!