Happily Ever After: Week 2

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Pastor Les continues the series on Happily Ever After, bringing a message for two groups of married couples, those who are happily married and those who find themselves barely married.

Happily Ever After: Week 1

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:We begin a new series on marriage and relationships this week called "Happily Ever After" with a unlikely subject for those who have never been married or find themselves single again.

Mountains And Valleys

Dr. Jimmy Harper


Description:Dr. Jimmy Harper, Campus Pastor at Lee University, is our guest speaker today. Pastor Jimmy brings a message about the purpose of mountains and valleys in our lives and how God works through those seasons to bring us closer to Himself.

Love Your City: Week 4

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:We wrap up our series on "Love Your City" with a message from the book of Acts about what a 'love your city' church is, and what that church can do for the community surrounding it.

Love Your City: Week 3

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Pastor Les Woodard brings us the message for Week 3: Love Your City, of being the Salt and Light of the Earth.

Love Your City: Week 2

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Our 2018 Vision series "Love Your City" continues as Pastor Les shares how love for our cities must come from a love that is being continually revived, refocused, and refilled.

Love Your City: Week 1

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:We begin 2018 with our Vision Sunday message, where Pastor Les shares his vision for our church and our city. A command to reach our community and family with a simple message: "Love Your City"

As The Lord Lives, I Will

Kevin Summitt, Youth Pastor


Description:As we end 2017 at RCOG, Pastor Kevin brings a message from the book of Ruth.

Christmas Stories: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Our message series titled Christmas Stories continues with a look at the movie "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" as we consider how one song can make a big difference!

Christmas Stories: The Polar Express

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Our series Christmas Stories continues as explore how the 4 main character in The Polar Express reflect 4 characters from the story of the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Stories: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:This year's Christmas series Christmas Stories begins as we look at Charles M. Schultz timless classic A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Attitude Adjustment: Faith

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:We wrap up our series on Attitude Adjustment with an expansion from last week on replacing a attitude of doubt with an attitude of faith.

Attitude Adjustment: Doubting

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Our series on Attitude Adjustment continues as Pastor Les speaks on replacing a doubitng attitude with an attitude of faith.

Attitude Adjustment: Thankfulness

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Attitude Adjustment continues as Pastor Les shares how to replace a complaining attitude with an attitude of thankfulness.

Attitude Adjustment: Complaining

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:A new series called "Attitude Adjustment" begins today as Pastor Les shares how a complaining attitude can lead our lives into a dry, joyless, willderness.

gods at war: week 5

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Our gods at war series concludes this week as Pastor Les talks about the gods of pleasure: entertainment, food, and sex.

gods at war: week 4

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:gods at war continues as Pastor Les shares about the god of love from the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah found in Genesis 29.

gods at war: week 3

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:In week 3 of "gods at war," Pastor Les shares from Daniel 4 and how our ultimate battle lies within us - a battle against the god of me.

gods at war: week 2

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Week 2 of "gods at war" focuses on Proverbs 4:23 and how guarding our hearts is a big part of winning the battle over the gods that war for our hearts.

Wayne Wozniak: Colombia Update

Wayne Wozniak, Missionary to Columbia


Description:Wayne Wozniak, Missionary Educator to Colombia, shares an update on the latest happenings on his missionary work in Colombia.

gods at war: week 1

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Pastor Les begins the series "gods at war" by talking about the most discussed problem in the Bible - idolatry.

Encountering God At The Altar

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Pastor Les shares a step by step approach to how each of us can encounter God individually and through coroporate times of prayer from Hebrews 10.

Handfuls for Harvest

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Pastor Les concludes the series "Handfuls" by sharing how God uses what He has placed in our hands to reach the harvest.

Handfuls In Process

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:The series from the book of Ruth "Handfuls" continues as Pastor Les looks at the life of Naomi and shares how we must choose to push past our bitterness and recognize the redemption and renewal God promises us.

Handfuls of Redemption

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:The series from the book of Ruth "Handfuls" continues as Pastor Les shares how Boaz granted Ruth handfuls of protection, provision, and promise and how God can do the same in our lives.

Handfuls On Purpose

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:Pastor Les begins a new series from the book of Ruth called "Handfuls." In this first message he shares how Ruth was blessed with handfuls on purpose and how God promises those same blessings to us.

Routine Reset

Les Woodard, Lead Pastor


Description:It's Back to School Sunday. Pastor Les shares a message about how to reset to your routine - one focused on cultivating a relationship with Jesus.

Faithful To The Finish

Wayne Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Pastor Merritt's final message to RCOG as he speaks about God's faithfulness to fulfill his promises and how important it is to finish strong.

My Times Are In Your Hands

Wayne Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Pastor Merritt shares a message from Psalm 31 on how God divinely orders our steps and has every aspect of our lives in His hands.

America At A Crossroads

Wayne Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:As we prepare for 4th of July celebrations, Pastor Merritt brings a message about our Nation's Christian History and how Christian's can be effective in the current times.

Breaking Free From Limitations

Bryan Merritt


Description:Pastor Bryan Merritt of Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO visits us with a message about Breaking Free From Your Limitations.

Transferring Your Faith

Wayne Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Happy Father's Day! Pastor Merritt brings a message for Dads about Transferring your Faith and the tasks that Fathers must do to be a Godly example.

The Holy Spirit Within

Wayne Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Pastor Merritt continues sharing how the Holy Spirit works in our lives and the purpose of Spirit baptism and Spiritual gifts.

The Holy Spirit Within

Wayne Merrit, Senior Pastor


Description:On Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Merritt shares a message on the work on the Holy Spirit in our lives as taught by Jesus in John 14-16.

Memorial Moments

Les Woodard, Associate Pastor


Description:Pastor Les brings a message on Memorial Day weekend about the memorial moments in our life that God brings to direct us and ultimately transform us.

Graduation Sunday

Kevin Summit, Youth Pastor


Description:Graduate recognition Sunday.

Mothers Of Faith

Wayne, Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Happy Mothers Day!, RCOG celebrates Mothers Day with 3 special guest speakers, discussing the subject, Mothers of Faith.

Encounter: Restoration

Wayne Meritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Pastor Merritt continues the Encounter series with a message on what it means to be restored.

Encounter: Hope

Wayne Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Happy Easter! As we celebrate, Pastor Merritt brings a message about how the story of Jesus' resurrection is an Encounter with Hope.

God's Purpose: Our Church

Wayne Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Pastor Merritt concludes the series, God's Purpose by discussing Our Church and what makes a Church.

God's Purpose: My Family

Les Woodard, Associate Pastor


Description:Whether you are a child, young adult, parent or grandparent, God has a purpose for you and your family.

Gods Purpose: Our World

Wayne Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Our Church celebrates World Missions Sunday, as Pastor Merritt speaks on God's Purpose for our World.

Gods Purpose: My Life

Wayne Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Our "God's Purpose" series continues as Pastor Merritt shares how God has an individual purpose for each of us and how we can discover that purpose.

God's Purpose - Week 1

Wayne Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Pastor Merritt begins a new series this week on God's Purpose, for our lives and the lives of our family.

Put Away Your Sword

Les Woodard, Associate Pastor


Description:Pastor Les shares a message from the story of the arrest and trial of Jesus on how we can reach the lost through balancing the grace and truth of Jesus.

Every Place You Set Your Foot

Wayne Merritt, Senior Pastor


Description:Pastor Merritt brings a message about how God's blessings will follow us wherever we go.