How to avoid the feeling that everything is futile: Ecclesiastes 3

Al James


Description:In your most honest moments doesn't it seem like all you do and everything your work towards is all for nothing... Ecclesiastes says avoid that feeling by buying into the bigger story of life.

1 John 1:5-2:2

Al James


Description:Walking in the light means agreeing with God and seeking to agree with him more.Walking in the light means wanting not to sin. And yet if we do sin, we have an advocate who speaks in our defence.

Anzac Centenary Address

Al James


Description:Why did they go? Why did He go?We honour those that absorbed the pain of death in themeselves for the benefit of others becasuse it resembles so nearly Christ's absorbtion of death in himself for us. Lest We Forget.

Walking on Water

Mike Chin


Description:John 6:16-24

2 Samuel 7

Al James


Description:Promises alleviate uncertainty. If you want to know the outcome of your life, you need the promises of God.

1 Samuel 18

Al James


Description:How will you respnd to the Lord's anointed?

1 Samuel 17

Neil Flower


Description:Just as David trusted God to defeat Goliath, so to can we trust God in whatever life hands us.

1 Samuel 16

Neil Flower


Description:An unlikely choice, David is annointed king. God looks not at outward appearance but rather looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 15

Al James


Description:1 Samuel 15 calls all of us to hear and heed God's voice first amongst all the other voices around us.Along the way it raises the difficult issue of the violence of God that we encounter in the Old Testament. Why not explore this issue by downloading the attached essay (also available at )