Confronted by Hope

Michael Graham


Description:Michael Graham (Selah Church) examines the life of John the Baptist to see how we are confronted by hope.

Jesus Isn't a Fad

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks at the Parable of the Sower to help us define what a fruitful disciple of Jesus should look like.

Why MCs are the Most Important Thing We Do

Joel Ainsworth


Description:Pastor Joel talks about Why Missional Communities are the most important thing we do at Church at Cane Bay.

Parade of Losers

Charlie Swain


Description:As we come to the end of the Old Testament in "The Whole Story" series, Pastor Charlie shares how all the Old Testament heroes were insufficient Saviors. Jesus is the fulfillment of every Old Testament Promise.

The Word of God

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to Nehemiah 8 to see the value of the Word of God in the life of the believer.

Hope for the World, Hope for Ourselves

David Barton


Description:Pastor David looks to the book of Esther to see how God is always at work behind the scenes.

Courage on the Margins

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to the story of Daniel to see how Christians should live on the margins.

Spiritual Depression

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie examines Spiritual Depression through the life of Elijah.

The Problem Behind the Problem

Joel Ainsworth


Description:Pastor Joel looks at the problem of idolatry through the life of Solomon.

Our Right Place in the Story

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie tells the story of David and Goliath to show that Jesus is the hero of our story.

The Stewardship of Parenting

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to the early life of Samuel to discover the importance of stewarding your children for the Lord.

Redeemer in Ruth

David Barton


Description:Pastor David looks to the book of Ruth to examine the characteristics of a Redeemer.

The Sin Cycle

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to the book of Judges to show the cycle of sin that proves our need for a Savior.

Kingdom Living

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks at Kingdom Living through the lense of Joshua 2.

Complaining to Rejoicing

Joel Ainsworth


Description:Pastor Joel looks to Numbers 11 to see how God desires to change our complaining to rejoicing.

The Importance of Mothers

Gary Lee


Description:Pastor Gary walks through how Scripture highlights moms and issues challenges for all of us.

Ten Laws of Sanctification

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to the Ten Commandments as a means of God sanctifying us.

Exodus through Simeon's Eyes

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie examines the Exodus through the eyes of Simeon in Luke 2.

Joseph and Suffering

David Barton


Description:Pastor David examines the story of Joseph to deal with the issue of human suffering.

Joseph's Temptation

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to the story of Joseph to see how to respond to sin and temptation.

His Plan and Our Passions

Joel Ainsworth


Description:Pastor Joel looks at the story of Jacob and Esau to see that even our sin can't derail God's redemptive plan.

Easter Expectation

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie examines how the resurrection, His Story, changes everything about our story.

John's Plan of Invitation

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to John the Baptist and Andrew to see how they invite others to meet King Jesus. Please excuse the rough audio in the beginning.

Isaac and the Faithfulness of God

Joel Ainsworth


Description:Pastor Joel looks to the story of Isaac and Rebekah to prove God's faithfulness to His promise in the midst of great obstacles.

Abraham and the Lamb of God

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to the story of Abraham and his son Isaac in Genesis 22 to talk about the importance of consistent faith.

The Call of Abram

David Barton


Description:Pastor David looks to Genesis 12 and 15 to show that God wants His glory to be spread throughout the earth by faithful and obedient people.

Job and the Prosperity Gospel

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks at the story of Job to speak against how the prosperity gospel has infiltrated the church today.

Tower of Babel: Victim of Worldly Success

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie contrasts worldly success and godly success as he looks to Genesis 11.

Noah and the Grace of God

Joel Ainsworth


Description:Pastor Joel looks to see how the story of Noah looks back to the sin of Adam, but forward to the grace of God in Christ.

I am Cain

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie walks us through the first murder by Cain of his brother, Abel. While we might not identify with Cain immediately, we are closer than we think. Find out how sin works and why we can't handle it.

God Simply Is

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie kicks of the new series 'The Whole Story' as he lays a foundation from Scripture on 7 things about God that we know.

State of the Church

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks at our upcoming year through the lense of Proverbs 2 and our need to continue to seek the Lord for wisdom.

The Gospel and The Urgent Life

Joel Ainsworth


Description:Pastor Joel looks at Peter's message of urgency about the things of God, not the hectic things of life.

2015 with Gospel Goggles

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to 1 Corinthians 1 to encourage the church to view this past year through the lenses of the gospel.

We Seek a King

Joel Ainsworth


Description:Pastor Joel walks through the story of the Wise Men to show that Christmas isn't about us, but it's for us.

So We Might Find God

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie walks through the story of the shepherds in Luke 2 to see what we find in Jesus.

God Seeks

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to Luke 1 where Gabriel appears to Mary to examine the idea that God seeks us so we may find Him.

Encounters - Conversation with God

Chris Mims


Description:Chris Mims walks through parts of Exodus to see a few conversations that Moses has with God.

Encounters - Jesus Stays

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to Revelation to talk about the Encounter with Jesus that is to come.

Encounters - Jesus Transforms

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks at the conversion of Saul to help ask some important questions about our own lives.

Encounters - Jesus Changes Us

Joel Ainsworth


Description:Pastor Joel walks through the story of Jesus encountering the woman at the well to see the change that happens in her life.

Encounters - Jesus Rescues

David Barton


Description:Pastor David looks to Jesus as the hero in the story of the fiery furnace, as well as in our own lives.

Encounters - Jesus Exchanges

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie works through the prophecy of Isaiah to point to the sacrifice of Jesus that exchanges our failure for victory.

Encounters - Jesus Wrestles

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie teaches through Jacob wrestling with God from Genesis 32.

Encounters - Jesus Creates

Joel Ainsworth


Description:Pastor Joel examines the creation of man to see how Jesus shows up to create and reconcile.

Reception, Obedience, Celebration

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie looks to Joshua 6 for the themes of Reception, Obedience, and Celebration as we kickoff our Advance Campaign.

Giving 3.0

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie leads the church to examine our hearts to giving sacrificially through 2 Corinthians 9.

Advance Globally

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie speaks with Stephen Dinkins in Nairobi, Kenya about our new partnership to help Advance the gospel of Jesus in Kenya.

Advance or Retreat?

Charlie Swain


Description:Pastor Charlie challenges the church by asking if we are ready to advance or if we are going to give up and retreat.

Going with the Gospel Personally

Joel Ainsworth


Description:Pastor Joel looks at 1 Peter 3: 13 - 17 to better understand how we should go with the gospel personally in our culture.