Summer with Samuel: When God Begins a New Thing

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:The book of 1 Samuel represents a new era in God’s salvation history of his people. Beginning this week and throughout the summer we will be looking at the new work God was doing in the life of his people, thru Samuel. As we do, we will also discover new insights into who God is, his desire for us as his people, and the spiritual lessons we can learn from this biblical part of history.I Samuel 1:1-20Pastor Will Crawford

Follow His Voice

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:In John 10:1-18 Jesus refers to himself as the good shepherd. What does this tell us about who he is to us and how do we hear his voice above all the others in our lives.John 10:1-18Pastor Will Crawford

The Pursuit for Rest

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:Matthew 11:28-30As summer is upon us, many of us will have more down time and the opportunity to rest. After the hecticness of our normal lives, this is a much-needed break. So how can we maximize this opportunity to get the rest we need not just for our bodies and minds but for our hearts and souls as well?Pastor Will Crawford

United: In Contentment

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:Philippians 4:10-32Being content; it may be one the hardest qualities to have in life. Especially when things are difficult and we feel that somehow God has forgotten us. Yet over and over again the Bible teaches about being content. How can we live in contentment and how would our church be different if we were a people characterized by being content? This week as we close our study in Philippians we will try to answer these questions.Pastor Will Crawford

United: In Dependence

Pastor Will Crawford


Description: Humility and dependence are not characteristics that are celebrated in our society. Could it be possible that they are actually a key to what it means find our satisfaction in Jesus and to live united in Christian community? Join us as we explore this together this week.Philippians 4:2-9Pastor Will Crawford

United: Pressing in, Pressing on

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:What does maturing in our relationship with Jesus look like? Is it a matter of us knowing more of the Bible or spending more time in prayer? Well it might include those things however, Paul suggests much of it has to do with loving Jesus in a way that changes our natural perspective, creates new longings in us, sharpens our purpose in this life and frees us from chasing after the things our society says are most important.Philippians 3:12-4:1Pastor Will Crawford

Encountering Jesus: The Disciples

Pastor Luis Sanchez


Description:This weekend we will talk about Jesus’ last moments with His disciples –what He did, what He said and how this encounter changed their lives and the world forever.Matthew 28:16-20Pastor Luis Sanchez

Encountering Jesus: The Road to Emmaus

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:Jerusalem had never experienced a Passover like this one before. The city was buzzing not just with the execution of a man many said was a Rabbi, a Prophet, a Healer and maybe even the Messiah, but now, three days later, there were reports that his body wasn’t in the grave it was placed. What were those closest to Jesus making of all of this? Sunday we will look at two disciples in particular, the peculiar way they handled it all and how Jesus met them right where they were.Luke 24:13-35

Encountering Jesus: The Crowd

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:Luke 19:29-44As we continue on our journey to Easter we are going to look at the crowd that encountered Jesus on his way into Jerusalem. This was the last time Jesus would enter the city before his death. What does this event teach us and what was this encounter with Jesus like for those who were part of the crowd that day.Pastor Will Crawford

Encountering Jesus: Nicodemus

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:John 3:1-21Have you ever wondered what it would have been like have lived when Jesus did? What it would have been like to hear about what he was doing, catch a glimpse of a miracle he was performing or better yet get to encounter him first hand? As we prepare our hearts to celebrate Easter in a few weeks, we will look at some of the encounters people, just like you and me, had with Jesus and how it affected their lives. This week we will look at Nicodemus, a renowned teacher of the Jews, and see how his encounter with Jesus challenged his understanding, overwhelmed his intellect and questioned his beliefs.Pastor Will Crawford

United: All is Grace

Pastor Luis Sanchez


Description:Everything that we have as Christians is by grace, nothing that we get from God can be earned. What a statement! In this section of Philippians Paul addresses the themes grace, legalism and self-righteousness. Join us as we learn together what it means to live by grace.Philippians 3:1-11Pastor Luis Sanchez

United - Shining Stars

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:For most followers of Jesus, there is a desire in us that our lives would somehow reflect the beauty of the treasure we have found in him. Yet, the reality is, that far too often the community of believers has fallen woefully short in doing this. The apostle Paul says our lives, lived together, can be like shining stars in the sky. Who wouldn’t want to live this kind of life?!Pastor Will Crawford

United - The Nature of Humility

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:It is impossible for our church, or any other, to live in unity together without humility. Humility is the foundation that unity is built upon. This last week we looked more at what humility is, how it is seen preeminently in the incarnation of Jesus, and how important humility is as we seek to live in community together, while advancing the gospel!Pastor Will CrawfordPhilippians 2:5-11

United - The Power of Unity

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:We don’t often think of unity being a key element in the church both to stand strong in the face of adversity and to be effective in advancing the Gospel however, the Bible teaches it absolutely is! This past week we looked closer at what Paul said about the power of unity in the church, the things that often threaten biblical unity, and how we can, not only protect and preserve it, but also restore it when it is broken.Pastor Will Crawford

United – Unstoppable

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:Philippians 1:12-26How do we live life in a way that no matter what the circumstances we face and the situations we go through Jesus will still be exalted and be made more known to those around us? Is it possible to exalt Jesus in our death as well as life? This week, in the second part of our series, we are going to be looking at the unstoppable nature of the gospel and how living a Jesus centered life can exalt him in life and death.Pastor Will Crawford

United – Sharing in God’s Grace

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:Philippians 1:1-11Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi is only 4 chapters long and yet in it, Paul writes some of the most quoted and dearly loved verses of the Bible…For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion.I can do all things through him who gives me strength.And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.Over the next several weeks we will look looking deeper into this letter, who the apostle Paul was writing to, what he was teaching the church in Philippi and how that truth can instruct our church and lives today.This week we will look at some of the historic background behind this letter and dive into the first chapter as we begin to uncover the special relationship Paul had with the church in Philippi and how that relationship impacted and advanced the gospel.Pastor Will Crawford

New: Living Like the New Family of Jesus

Pastor Luis Sanchez


Description:Today Jesus is forming a new family made up of all people who have put their trust in Him. This new family is made up of people from every walk imaginable. This last Sunday we wrapped up this series we talked about what sets us apart as the new family of Jesus’ and how living out His Kingdom on this side of eternity is a dress rehearsal for the next. Pastor Luis Sanchez

New: New Identity

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:The Bible is full of descriptive terms showing us our true spiritual identity in Jesus. Often what we read about ourselves in the Bible is so foreign to how we would describe ourselves and how others define us. What is this new identity we are given as people who follow Jesus? What difference does it make in our own lives, to our relationship with Jesus, and to how we see the world around us? What do we do with the false identities we have been believing for so long about ourselves?

Life New and Renewed

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:2 Cor 5:11-21Often something that was once new and exciting can become old, common and dull. What does it mean to become a new creation in Jesus, why do we need to be made new in Jesus and what do we do if that new life becomes old, dull and stagnate?Pastor Will Crawford

Do You Want Change?

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:When Jesus is doing a ‘new thing' it often means us giving up our plans and desires on what those things should be and how they should unfold. This past week we looked at a story in the life of Jesus’ ministry, see what it meant to those who wanted to be apart of what he was doing, and how some other people responded to the new kingdom he was bringing. We gained insight in how the ‘new thing’ Jesus does often will mean a radical shift in our perspective and priorities and even may cause us to have to give some things up both personally and corporately.Pastor Will Crawford

Out with the Old in with the New

Pastor Luis


Description:At the beginning of every year we get the opportunity to reset. And ask God, “What are you up to?” Some years we build mostly on the year prior. Yet in some seasons, it is as if He does a hard reset and does something new altogether. This last week we talked about what it takes to receive the new thing that God wants to do. Could he be wanting to do something new in the Pacific Northwest? On South Whidbey? In your family? In your heart. ~ Pastor Luis Sanchez

Is It Really Over?

Pastor Luis


Description:As the year comes to an end, this last Sunday we talked about what the Bible has to say about endings and new beginnings. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Peace and Patience

Pastor Matt Erickson


Description:This last Sunday morning Pastor Matthew Erikson from Hope Church, Oak Harbor took us through the fourth Sunday of Advent and the theme of peace. We discovered how peace and patience are linked together as we wait for God's promises to be fulfilled.Isaiah 9:6

Joy to the World

Pastor Dave Pierson


Description:During Advent, especially, we love to sing, “Joy to the World!” But what is joy and how can we experience it? A famous theologian once said, “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” Rev. David Pierson

Waiting While God’s Working

Pastor Luis


Description:This past Sunday the Church the world over will began the Advent season. Advent, is the preparation period during the Church year that allows us to celebrate Jesus’ first coming intentionally. Advent creates space for us to focus and center our hearts and lives on Christ’s first coming as we ascend through December into Christmas. The first week of Advent focuses on hope.Leading up to Jesus’ coming the Jewish people hoped for a promised deliverer—their Messiah, no one hoped more than a devout man named Simeon. This past Sunday we looked at Simeon’s life and assignment in waiting for the Lord.Luke 2:22-40

Enduring Thankfulness

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:Showing gratitude today seems to be all the rage. Even celebrities like Oprah are telling people about the power in being grateful in their lives. And yet before any of these people got on the bandwagon, God’s word has taught us to be a people characterized by gratitude.“Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind, for he satisfies and fills the hungry with good things.” Psalm 107:8-9. How can we be a people characterized by thankfulness and gratitude even when things in our lives may not be all that great?


Pastor Will Crawford


Description:In Luke 10, Jesus shares one of His best known parables. He teaches, the Good Samaritan. It is, without a doubt, one of the strongest examples of what it means for followers of Jesus to love others as he did. What was Jesus teaching here? How does the truth Jesus shared here impact us today and how should we live this truth out personally?Luke 10:25-37Pastor Will Crawford

The Parable of Jesus: Keep Praying!

Pastor Luis


Description:This past week we looked at a parable where Jesus teaches us on the attitude we should have when we pray.

The Parable of Jesus: Changing Our Minds is Good

Pastor Luis


Description:This last week we continued in Jesus’ parables. We looked at a story that Jesus told about a man and two sons, their intentions, their actions and what we can learn from their responses to God’s invitation to His Kingdom.Matthew 21:28-32• Pastor Luis Sanchez •

The Parable of Jesus: The Wheat & the Weeds

Pastor Dave Pierson


Description:This last week we continued studying the parables of Jesus, in which he addresses the deepest questions of our hearts, human history and the Kingdom of God. We studied the Parable of the Wheat and Weeds, and we learned from Jesus about the goodness of God, the vexing problem of evil and our response to these realities. Matthew 13:24-30• Pastor Dave Pierson •

The Parable of Jesus: Introduciton

Pastor Luis


Description:Stories are powerful. Every culture has them. The best of stories have a lesson behind them. Jesus told stories, which in the Bible are referred to as “parables”. Parables are stories with a spiritual meaning. They help connect things we are familiar to with things we may not understand…at first. This last week we started a series on the parables of Jesus.Pastor Luis Sanchez

Missions Weekend

Jeremy & Renee


Description:Missionaries, Jeremy & Renee Bergevin, were here to share how God is at work in Mongolia.

Faith for the Journey

Pastor Will Crawford


Description:How do you respond when things get so difficult in life you aren’t even sure you will even make it through? Most of us call out to God and ask him to make it all stop. When the disciples faced troubles, they did the same thing. This past Sunday we looked at one of those situations they faced, how they responded and what Jesus taught them. – Pastor Will (Pastoral Candidate)

September on the Mount: Jesus and Fasting

Pastor Luis


Description:So far in the Sermon on the Mount we’ve covered the meaning of discipleship, the attitudes that God blesses and the heart that followers of Jesus should have towards Him and His teachings. This past Sunday we continued in the Sermon on the Mount we will talk about what Jesus said about fasting. - Rev. Luis Sanchez

September on the Mount: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Pastor Luis


Description:In chapter five of Matthew’s gospel, Jesus takes six Old Testament laws and interprets them for His followers. Jesus reveals that being right with God is more than changing how we act and more than striving to keep our interpretation of heaven’s standards. This is difficult, but there’s hope…Rev. Luis Sanchez

September on the Mount: Kingdom Standards

Pastor Luis


Description:This month we will spend 4 weeks on Jesus’ most famous speech, The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). It was a "life-sermon" for Jesus, something that he personally lived-out and a sermon that he likely preached multiple times and in multiple settings. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus shares God’s loving vision for His people. Jesus believed that if could catch God's vision for us, that we could live consequential lives and make a great difference in the world. This past week, specifically, we talked about God’s standards of “good” and what we can expect when we live up to his standards of goodness. Rev. Luis Sanchez

A Tale of Two Mountains

Dave Pierson


Description:This past week’s message took a look at the 10 Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. What did Jesus mean when he said that he came, not to abolish, but to fulfill the law?” C.S. Lewis made the remarkable claim that Jesus is turning his followers into “the same kind of thing as himself.” Join us as we explore what Jesus’ transformational impact might mean for our lives and in our world. Let the adventure begin! -Dave Pierson

The Song After Sadness

Pastor Luis


Description:This past Sunday we turned our attention to the Psalms of new orientation, Trevor Hamaker says the following about the Psalms, "In times of orientation, everything makes sense in the routines of our lives. In times of disorientation, the predictable routine has been broken and we sense loss, darkness, and despair which can last weeks, months, or years. In times of new orientation, we are filled with gratitude, wonder, and praise as we realize that God has lifted us out of the pit and set us on a new course that is both similar to and different from the one we were on in our time of orientation.” These categories often mimic what we find to be true in our lives—that in life, God meets us in both our valleys and peaks.Regardless of what season you are in today, “disorientation" doesn’t last forever. God eventually shows up and helps us out of our haze! When he does that, the psalmist have one response in common, praise!

A Persevering Faith in a Secular Age

Pastor Steve


Description:The call for perseverance given to Christians who are facing an obstinate, challenging and hostile culture is not a new one, but one that has been repeated many times in different ways since the beginning of the church. Yet for many today, maybe you, it is a new call, and one you feel ill equipped for. This past Sunday we looked at the practical dimensions of this call in what today we increasingly call “a secular age”, an age that lives without practical reference to God, an age when our educated classes seem willing to believe “anything but Jesus,” and an age that views Christian faith as an obstacle to its ambitions. Our goals will be to seek understanding, compassion, resilience and yes confidence! That’s why this text was written.

“God, Can I Complain for a Minute?”

Pastor Luis


Description:The book of Psalms was and is the hymnbook of the Jewish people. While it includes songs of celebratory worship it also records the songs, poems and prayers of people in distress. Scholars call these psalms, the “Psalms of lament". These songs and prayers are real, raw and have an edge of desperation to them. This past Sunday we explored the question, “Why does that Bible include the Psalms of lament?” We looked at Psalm 142:2. - Rev. Luis Sanchez

Consider Christ

Pastor Steve


Description:Summer can be a time to refocus our thoughts and energies. To that end our attention this past Sunday was simply, but deeply be on the person and work of Christ alone. Christ has been made out to be many things down through history. The list is amazingly long. Sadly for many people he is no more than a curse word. Strangely, even ironically, a culture that deeply rejects Christ, his life, his teachings and his atoning death, may still try to use him or a caricature of him for its own purposes. This understanding should shape our very lives and ministry as a church. Pastor Steve

A Summer’s Hope for Rest: Where Can You Find It?

Pastor Steve


Description:This past weekend we looked at Isaiah 30:15-22Summer is a time for vacations and that reminds us of our need for rest, renewal and recreation. Have you ever wondered though why even in the midst of vacations you don’t feel refreshed at times, even worn out? This past Sunday we looked at some of the most amazing verses from the book of Isaiah written in the 8th century B.C. that focus our attention on the spiritual dimension of rest and how much God intensely desires that for us. Pastor Steve Miller

Its Ok not to be Ok

Pastor Luis


Description:This past weekend we will be in Psalms 51:16-17.We talked about ruthless honesty and trust before a just and merciful God.