An X-Stream Sunday!


Description:Pastor Josh recaps our weekend of X-Stream Day Camp!

Follow: Taking the Next Step


Description:Today our guest speaker and friend, Paul Michel, brings a very special message.

A Brewmaster's Legacy


Description:Pastor Josh presents a special (and unique) message for Father's Day on the importance of leaving a legacy.

Live, Learn, Leave


Description:This week, we welcome our guest speaker Matt Grindstaff.

How To Extend Someone's Life By Two Months


Description:Our lead pastor, Josh, unpacks the benefits of expressing gratitude, both to the recipient and the initiator. Also, what exactly does the Bible say about the proper way to express gratitude to God?

Light In Dark


Description:This week's guest speaker is Daniel Hood. Daniel is the Leadership Development Pastor at Second Baptist Church in Springfield.

Wk. 9 - Arrogance/Humility

James of Nazareth


Description:The New Testament book of James is written as a type of manual for new believers. It’s author crafted it in a way that, even today, it is incredibly practical and relevant for all followers of Jesus. In today’s teaching, James expounds on the subjects of arrogance and humility, and in the process asks us a very important question: What is your life? Today’s scriptures: James 4:13-17