The Essence of Esther

Dr. Lew Shelton


Description:Today we invite Dr. Lew Shelton to conclude our jourmey thru the book of Esther.Todays topics include:The King and His bride.The Snake in the Garden.A chance to bring change.

The Generosity of Authority

Brad Duncan


Description:Esther 10Today we look at the last chapter of Esther. In doing so, we deal with the subject of authority.We see God as the Ultimate Authority.We see the Generosity of Authority.We see the fruit of Authority.We see that we are SENT into our communities.

The Power of the Pen

Tim Thomas


Description:The Power of the PenEsther 9:20-32What power lies in the pen? If used correctly it has the power to document the power and faithfulness of our God as He moves in the lives of His people. Today we discuss the markers in each of our stories and our opportunity to celebrate them.

No other explanation...than God

Brad Duncan


Description:Esther 9:1-19Today we look at the Providential Hand of God in action. The tables have been turned, and the children of God are left celebrating.

God's Providence and Protection

Jason Peter


Description:Esther 8Today we look at Esther's growing relationship with the king and her growing identity and influence as queen.Based upon the text, it leads us to ask some Gospel questions: How does King Jesus feel about me? What does it look like to be in right standing with King Jesus? What is my Gospel Identity?

Esther Has a Secret

Brad Duncan


Description:Esther 7Today we look at two people and the secrets that they had. How were their secrets revealed? What impact did it have on their lives and others?We also look at an earthly king, and compare his actions to a Perfect Heavenly King.

The Hand of Providence in Darkest Days

Brad Duncan


Description:Esther 6Today we slow down our reading of Esther 6 in order to see the activity of God. The days are very dark - yet God is active and faithful!

The Banquet & Gallows

Brad Duncan


Description:Esther 5Today we look deeper into the character of Esther and Haman (Active Faith vs. Faithless Acts).Key questions we wrestle with are:1) What kind of plans are you making in life?2) How important is God's opinion in your life?

If I Die...I Die

Brad Duncan


Description:Esther 4Today we take another look at this pivotal chapter in the book of Esther.A key principle we address is Biblical counsel and advice.The key question is "God, can I trust you with the remaining life that I have left?"

For Such a Time as This

Brad Duncan


Description:Esther 4:1-14Today, as we look at the responses of both Mordecai and Esther as they are made aware of the death sentence they have received, we ask this key question: What will you do with the remaining time in live that you have been given?

Haman is in the House

Brad Duncan


Description:Today as we are introduced to Haman, we take a look at three snapshots of his life:1) Haman the narcissist.2) Haman's obsession with what he can't have.3) Haman "rides in a wagon."We conclude by comparing Haman's attitude with that of Jesus, and then ask ourselves "what areas of "Haman" are we allowing into our homes?"

Beauty & Character: A double threat girl.

Brad Duncan


Description:EstherBeauty & Character: A double threat girl.Esther 2:5-23Today we are introduced to Mordecai and Esther. During todays conversation we take a look at:The Providencial Hand of God moving.The character of MordecaiThe character of Esther.note: Attached is Week Three study guide (pdf). Study guides are provided every 2 weeks.

Disposable Relationships

Brad Duncan


Description:EstherDisposable Relationships: 5 steps to experiencing less in life.Esther 1:1-10-2:4Today we look at the relationship between a King and Queen, and then we learn 5 lessons regarding relationships. In this we say - if you want to experience less in life:Make life-altaring decisions when you are drunk.Look solely on outward appearances.Invest soley in what makes you look good.Place power over people.Always remember the grass is greener on the other side.

Introduction / A Kings Party

Brad Duncan


Description:EstherIntroduction / A Kings PartyEsther 1:1-9Today we begin our journey thru the book of Esther. Elements of todays teaching include:Introduction and overview of the book of Esther"A Kings Party" (vs 1-9)Discussion on excess, settling, and the Kingdom of Heaven.*Attached is a pdf of this weeks study guide.

Downtown Campus Update

Tim Thomas


Description:Today we pause to catch a vision of what God is doing with our The Shift Downtown Campus.


Mark Skinner


Description:What does it mean to enter into a covenant? A covenant with God, your church, or someone you love... Mark describes what it may look like to covenant with your church body and see the fruit of that kind of commintment as you grow in your community.


Mark Skinner


Description:What are the foundations of our faith? How do we put into practice the discipline of discovering what our fondational doctrine is? Mark leads us into this teaching on how to incorporate these truths into our lives.


Jason Peter


Description:Growing Pains"Stewardship"What does God have to say about how we steward our resources? The gospel confronts our flesh right between the eyes. Jason leads us into submision to the Lord in all areas of our lives, including our wallets.


Mark Skinner & Brad Duncan


Description:Growing Pains"Trials"Today we look at the subject of trials in the broken world that we live in. As we look at James 1:2-4 we are reminded of:God's activity in trialsThe great hope that we have as His children.


Brad Duncan


Description:Growing Pains"Conflict"Today we look at the subject of conflict and the path that God has given us for Biblical Conflict Resolution.Key topics discussed are:A change of perspective on conflictThe source of conflictThe purpose of conflict.Our posture in conflict.

Living on Mission

Dave Graffenberger


Description:Growing Pains"Living on Mission"Today we address one of the pitfalls in a growing church, and that is to rest on the laurals of our past. We are blessed to have Missionary Dave Graffenberger lead us thru the teaching. Dave addressed the:Condition (Romans 3:23)Provision (John 3:16)Command (Matthew 28:19-20)Power (Acts 1:8)


Brad Duncan


Description:Growing Pains"Care"Today we take a look at the subject of care. As the church grows (in a Biblical model), our ability to care for one another should increase.Today our we look atThe power of storyThat we are all ministers of the Gospel.


Brad Duncan


Description:Growing Pains"Loneliness"Today we take a look at the subject of loneliness. Loneliness is something that we all experience in life as individuals, and sometimes even in the context of a growing church. In this we ask:What is the purpose of loneliness?What is the gift of loneliness?

Chaos in Mission (pt. 2)

Jason Peter


Description:Growing Pains"Chaos in Mission (pt 2)"Today we look at bearing fruit in the midst of chaos. How do we bear fruit in chaos?REMAIN in the vine.EMBRACE the pruning.EXPECT the harvest.

Chaos in Mission (pt.1)

Scott Henderson


Description:Growing Pains"Chaos in Mission (pt 1)"Today we look at our story of chaos. As we do this we look at two orignins of chaos:man createdGod OrdainedAs we look at two different stories of blindmen being healed we are then led into some answers regarding staying on mission in the midst of chaos.

Humble Beginnings

Brad Duncan


Description:Growing Pains"Humble Beginnings"Today we begin our Growing Pains series. As an introduction to the series, We pause and go back and retell the story of the planting of The Shift Church. We recognize that it is not our story, it is God's story.We begin to identify some of the growing pains that we are currently experiencing.We conclude today with a HUGE celebration....installing 17 people into the office of Deacon!

Women Walking Together

Brad Duncan


Description:Women Walking TogetherTitus 2:3-5Todays messages speaks into the lives of the women within the community of faith. It addresses a significant need, as well as, a great hope that is experienced thru the lives of Jesus-loving women!

Prayers in Gospel Partnership

Tanner Sheahan


Description:Colossians 1:3-14Today, church planter, Tanner Sheahan shares his story of being called to plant a church as he walks us thru Pauls prayer according to Colossians 1:3-14. In this we discuss:Faith in Christ.Gospel root and Gospel fruit.Being a faithful minister of Christ.Being filled with wisdom.Walking in holiness.Being strengthened in power.Giving thanks.

Who Needs a Savior?

Mark Skinner


Description:Isaiah 53Todays text deals with the primary subject of our great need.Do you recognize your great need?Do you recognize that Jesus meets you in your great need?

Why are you looking for the Living among the dead?

Brad Duncan & Tim Thomas


Description:Easter MessageLuke 24:1-10This Easter we took a look at the Resurrection of Jesus thru the lens of the women who gathered at the tomb. During this discussion we focused on 2 principleS and 2 questions:PRINCIPLES #1: CULTURES PATH OF LIFE...LEADS TO A TOMB.Key question: Am I looking for the right thing?PRINCIPLE #2:JESUS' PATH FROM THE TOMB...LEADS TO LIFEKey question: Am I looking in the right place?

We are Acts 29

Brad Duncan


Description:ACTS:The Spirit is moving the Church is growing"We are Acts 29"Acts 28:11-31Today we conclude our journey thru the book of Acts. As we conclude we look at 3 principles found within the text:We all long for hope, but we aren't very good living in hope.Opportunities to share our great hope are not limited to church.We are not called to live as our own sub-culture.

Miraculous Provision

Brad Duncan


Description:ACTS:The Spirit is moving the Church is growing"Miraculous Provision"Acts 28:1-10Today we see God's protection and provision of Paul on the Island of Malta. God has made a promise to Paul that he will get to Rome. In the midst of shipwreck and snake bites, we see God's ongoing intervention into the life of Paul.

Resurrection on Trial

Brad Duncan & Tim Thomas


Description:ACTS:The Spirit is moving the Church is growingThe Resurrection on TrialActs 25-26Today we see two different court room scenes. We see weightless charges and a strong defense. In the midst of this is clarity as to what Paul is really being charged with. He believes in life after death - specifically the resurrected Jesus.*Note we appologize for the recording of this message. We had difficulty with our recording process and missed the first portion of this teaching.

Integrity under Pressure

Brad Duncan


Description:ACTS:The Spirit is moving the Church is growing"Integrity under Pressure"Acts 24Today we see Paul before Felix. It is a pressure-filled environment. In this we see the reponses to pressure from:Jewish LeadersFelixPaulA key question is: Am I living a life worth following?

Captivity & Freedom

Brad Duncan


Description:ACTS:The Spirit is moving the Church is growing"Captivity & Freedom"Acts 23:13-35Today's we look at the effects of emotions that have been left unchecked, as we discuss captivity and freedom.

Take Courage....

Mark Skinner


Description:ACTS:The Spirit is moving the Church is growing"Take Courage"Acts 22:30-23:11Today's setting is a courtroom scene. We see Paul before his accusors. Two snapshots capture our attention:Paul has a clear conscious regarding his ministry.Jesus is the giver of courage to Paul.

The Power of your Story

Mark Skinner & Tim Thomas


Description:As Paul is about to be drug off to be flogged, he sees his opportunity to "share his story" with those watching. We are deeply impacted by the story of Paul and his conversion, and by the stories of those around us that we love. Let"s listen...

Grace comes to town & is Arrested

Brad Duncan


Description:ACTS:The Spirit is moving the Church is growing"Grace comes to town and is ArrestedActs 22:27-36Today Paul is brutally attacked and arrested in the city of Jerusalem. Three themes we look at:MisrepresentedAttackedAbused

Gospel Influence

Katie Gulemi


Description:ACTS:The Spirit is moving the Church is growing"Gospel Influence"Acts 21:1-26Today Paul arrives in Jerusalem. Upon his arrival may welcome him and receive him. He is also made aware that there is significant opposition to him. Todays conversation centers around how Paul "purifys" himself for Gospel Influence within the city.

Paying Careful Attention (reprise)

Brad Duncan


Description:ACTS:The Spirit is moving the Church is growing"Paying Careful Attention" (reprise)Acts 20:17-38Today we revisit Acts 20:17-38. This text should sound familiar - it was the same text that Neal McKinney taught from on his last day at The Shift Church on 6/26/16.The text is Paul's last words to the Church in Ephesus.Pay careful attention to yourselfPay careful attention to the flock.

A Suitcase full of Encouragement

Brad Duncan


Description:ACTS:The Spirit is moving the Church is growing"A suitcase full of encouragement"Acts 20:1-16Today we return to our journey thru the book of Acts. The text today is bookended with information about Paul's travels encouraging the church. Placed in the middle is a relatable story of life's uncontrolable moments.

Vision Sunday



Description:As we look to 2017 we ask the question "where is God leading us?" Listen as different departments answer the question"what can I expect this year?"Today wraps up with Brad Duncan sharing a 10 minute teaching on The Gospel.

Fulfillment of a Vision

Tim Thomas


Description:The last installment in the Journey of a Vision series. All roads leading up to Jesus himself being the ultimate fulfillment of the Vision.

The Maturing of a Vision

Brad Duncan


Description:THE JOURNEY OF A VISIONPart Three: The Maturing of a Vision.What dreams has God given you today? What is God "birthing" in your life? Today we look at a key principle - that babies aren't born mature. In this we look at 3 seasons of life:The Babe-in-Arms (season of new life)The School Child (season of discovery)The Maturing Adult (season of influence)

The Birth of a Vision

Brad Duncan & Tim Thomas


Description:THE JOURNEY OF A VISIONPart Two: The Birth of a VisionWhat dreams has God given you today? Today we look at the birth of a vision and unpack 3 principlesBaby's (visions) are born at unexpected times.There is pain before the beauty.A personal connection to what is born.

A Visonary and His Idea

Brad Duncan


Description:THE JOURNEY OF A VISIONPart One: A Visionary and His Idea.Today we take a look at the idea that God had before the foundation of the earth. What was that idea?How does it intersect with my life?What is the big picture?

Love All

Tim Thomas


Description:Conclusion of our Advent Conspiracy Series. Todays conversation centers around Jesus' love and our growning Gospel Identity in Him.

Give More

Brad Duncan


Description:Today's Conversation of Faith centers around the relational gift of God to mankind thru the birth of Jesus, God the Son. The Advent of Jesus was 100% relational, so what would it look like for us to give relational gifts this Advent Season?

Spend Less

Tim Thomas


Description:Spend Less:Why do we attempt to put a price tag on love? How much do I have to spend on you to tell you I love you? If the TRUE message of Advent was that of a relational gift from God to mankind, why do we spend ourselves in debt in an attempt to say "I love you?"

Worship Fully

Brad Duncan


Description:What would it look like to have this be the BEST Advent Season that you have yet to experience?Today we kick off our Advent Conspiracy Series with a fresh look at The Stoy.Due to a technical difficulty todays podcast has been re-recorded.