Head Over Heels

Chet Hobbie


Description:Why the Bride? In this stand alone message, Pastor Chet explains why Jesus uses the metaphor of His Bride to describe His Church and encourages us to fall Head Over Heels for this wonderful thing called His Church.


Chet Hobbie


Description:Choosing to add value to people with our words rather than dragging them down.

Our Way, A Way

Chet Hobbie


Description:For this Mother's Day message, we focus on the practical aspects of parenting. Andy Stanley and his wife join us via video to present what they have learned as parents and offer wisdom and insight into raising our children with intentinality.

Cooling Off The Inevitable

Chet Hobbie


Description:Every family has conflict, but how we deal with it can change everything!

Cutting The Tension

Chet Hobbie


Description:Jesus exemplified for us how to live with the tension that is caused because of the gap between what is real and what is ideal specifically in family relationships. future family is based on a series by Andy Stanley

Oh Good, It's Easter

Chet Hobbie


Description:With all the tramatic events that happened during the past week, it leaves us with one thing to say ... Oh Good, It's Easter!

Make Ready

Chet Hobbie


Description:The Celebration of Easter will come alive when we take the time to Make Ready during Holy Week.

Together in Ministry

Chet Hobbie


Description:What a wonderful experience it is when we discover who God has created us to be and then to use our gifts and abilities for the sake of His Kingdom. The joy of ministry is not reserved for just a select few, but Christ's Church is designed so that we join together in ministry.

Generous Together

Chet Hobbie


Description:It's not just our money, but its all about our treasures. What might God do, if we were to be generous together?

Fellowship Together

Chet Hobbie


Description:Experiencing God's best in our lives is not done on our own, but is found when we make the effort to Fellowship Together. Fellowshiping together now can prepare us for what we might need tomorrow.

Together In The Word

Chet Hobbie


Description:God's Word, when it becomes a part of who we are together, helps to move us from simple hearers of the Word to becoming truly transformed followers of Jesus Christ.

Together Is Our Identity

Chet Hobbie


Description:Together is more than just a good idea when we can find the time, it is at the very essence of how we are made and who we are called to be. (Ephesians 1:3-14)


Chet Hobbie


Description:Life comes fast. We need to be alert for both opportunities as well as distractions that can keep us from living to our potential. Opening comments from video of Louie Giglio.


Chet Hobbie


Description:How do you handle life's interruptions? In Part 1 of the series called "Seeing Blind", Pastor Chet begins this year's LifeQuest with insights gained from a blind man named Bartimaeus.

Road Trip

Chet Hobbie


Description:As The Story continues, the Isrealites face the unfortunate concesquences for their unwillingness to trust in God. But God continues to be faithful to His promises despite their lack of faith.

The Perfect Relationship

Chet Hobbie


Description:God's passion is to be in relationship with His people, but their are some requirements in order for this to be possible. In this message, Pastor Chet explains what needs to take place so that the relationship between man and Creator can be restored.

You Still Amaze Me

Chet Hobbie


Description:Valentine's Day. Pastor Chet contineues with part 4 of his series, "Hope in the Darkness". What if we choose to still let the story of God amaze us?

Play 'till the Whistle Blows

Chet Hobbie


Description:Super Bowl Sunday. Pastor Chet continues in the series: Hope in the Darkness. When would you throw in the towel?

Deal or No Deal

Chet Hobbie


Description:Pastor Chet lays the groundwork for the church-wide campaign The Story.

PLAY Together

Chet Hobbie


Description:What might our potential be if we were to PLAY together. In this second part of the series PLAY, Pastor Chet paints a picture of possibilities if we will be willing to play together.


Chet Hobbie


Description:You are invited to PLAY with Trailhead in 2016. In this message Pastor Chet lays the foundation for the direction of Trailhead for the upcoming year. This is Part 1 of a two part series.

Will You, Will You?

Chet Hobbie


Description:What if we lived this life with intentionality and purpose so that our faith and values outlast us? In this four week series, we look at how to live as Outlasters.

Me on Me

Chet Hobbie


Description:In this series, we look at four different questions that will help us make decisions that have to be made.


Chet Hobbie


Description:This message is based on a series by Craig Groeschel.


Chet Hobbie


Description:This series is based on "Staying In Love" by Andy Stanley

The Juno Effect

Chet Hobbie


Description:This series is based on "Staying in Love" by Andy Stanley