Sunday Worship in Honduras

worship song


Description:This video was sent to us by Dan & Chris Moore who are currently teaching at The Leadership Center in Honduras.

King Yertle

Ellen LaCroix


Description:Seminarian Ellen LaCroix uses Genesis 11:1-9 as the basis for her sermon today. We hope you find this sermon refreshing and inspiring.Ellen welcomes your feedback on the feedback page.

A God Who Creates Purpose

Ellen LaCroix


Description:Ellen LaCroix is a second year seminary student at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. As a student, Ellen is learning and preparing for ministry and she needs your help in this learning process. Please use Feedback for Ellen page (found when you exit this player) to offer Ellen feedback on the messages she presents. What did you think? What questions did this sermon leave you with? What are some areas you would suggest Ellen work on in her preaching? Thank-you for helping Ellen continue to grow.

Jesus Loves Me

Heart to Heart Children's Village


Description:Three little girls share a song during the June 2014 mission trip to Heart to Heart Children's Village.

Heart to Heart Children's Village

Honduras Fall 2013 Mission Team


Description:Short clips of children at an orphanage in Honduras. Support this organization at

Making Tortillas

Dan Moore


Description:Filmed at Heart to Heart Children's Village in Tegucigalpita, Honduras.