Death to Self

Gilbert Thurston


Description:The "Standard Definition" of success says, "Look out for #1...Put your own interests first...Do what's best for you to get ahead". But listen in this message as Gilbert shares that to live Life in HD we have got to change our thinking. Using the words from the Apostle Paul in Philippians chapter 2 you'll discover 3 new mindsets that will you begin seeing life with even greater clarity.

Thankful in All Things

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Life even when it looks good can always be can be lived in HD! However, sometimes life isn't good....pain and suffering are a part of the human experience and can get us down. But does it have to be that way? Listen in this message as Gilbert shares how to be thankful and rejoice no matter what!

The Final AHA

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Listen in this message as Gilbert shares that beyond Awakening, Honesty and Action there is One Final AHA that you must have in order for your AHA journey to be complete.

Immediate Action

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Once you've been awakened to the fact that something is wrong in your life and you become brutally honest that "it's my fault and my fault alone", without action the first two steps are useless. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares 3 questions you must ask yourself in order to be motivated to get up and take action.

Brutal Honesty

Gilbert Thurston


Description:It's not enough just to be awakened to the fact something is wrong in your life, if you don't get brutally honest about what got you there, why you're still there and what you'll need to do to escape it, you'll remain stuck in your sin or bad habits. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares 3 ways in which you must get honest if you want to have your own AHA experience.

Sudden Awakening

Bill Butler


Description:Listen in this message as Bill shares what it looks like for God to awaken you to the gravity of your sin and gives you 4 great questions to ask yourself to access your current situation.

The Distant Country

Gilbert Thurston


Description:In the story of the Prodigal Son the son leaves the Father's house and heads off to a distant country. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares that our sinfulness is the distant land and the 2 consequences we'll face if we continue living there.

The AHA Experience

Gilbert Thurston


Description:The story of the Prodigal Son begins with the young son leaving his Father's home for what he thought would be a better life. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares the 3 reasons we do the same thing when it comes to our relationship with God and how the beginning of this story also gives us a clue of how it will end.

Play Your Own Game

Gilbert Thurston


Description:A common mistake of sports teams is running a game plan they were not designed to accomplish. Unfortunately, many people do the same thing with their lives. We are constantly comparing our possessions, gifts, skills, talents, abilities, personalities and experiences with what others have and it keeps us from becoming all that Jesus would have for us to be. Listen in this message as Gilbert gives 4 practical steps to help you defeat jealousy and envy in your life so you can play your own game plan and not someone else's.

Play By the Rules

Gilbert Thurston


Description:One of the greatest challenges we'll face in following the game plan God has for our lives is playing by the rules. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares how to live a life of integrity by looking at a great story from the life of David who instead of following his emotions instead chose to follow God's Word.

Practice Makes Perfect

Gilbert Thurston


Description:How you perform on Game Day is largely dependent on how well you've practiced. Listen in this message as Gilbert explains why the spiritual practice of reading the bible is so important and gives 3 practical questions and tools you can use each time to get the most out of your time in God's Word.

Clarify What a Win Looks Like

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Until you know what a win looks like you can't devise a strategy for winning. This applies not only to games but to life as well. Listen as Gilbert shares 3 questions you can ask yourself to start clarifying what a win in life will look like for you.

Why Are You Playing

Gilbert Thurston


Description:How crazy would it be for a professional football team to show up to a game without a game plan? Crazy right?!?! So if people are smart enough to do that to pass a piece of dead cow over a goal line, why is it that most humans don't have a game plan for their lives? Listen in this message as Gilbert shares the benefits of having a game plan and sets the stage for the rest of the series where you'll discover the unique plan God has for you.

Which Way is Forward

Nathan Buck


Description:Once we realize how much the horizontal voices of our society affect us, how to we know which way to move forward with God? Listen in this message as Guest Speaker Nathan Buck explains.

Which Way Is Up

Nathan Buck


Description:We are living in a crazy times where the voices of others around us are telling us how to think, act and feel. Listen in this message as Guest Speaker Nathan Buck reminds you to Check Your Vertical instead of all the horizontal thoughts and opinions coming your way.

It's Already Written

Brian Miller


Description:God has a plan for your life! Listen in this message as Brian shares how our fears often keep us from fulfilling that plan and what to do about it.

Anxious For Nothing

Brian Miller


Description:We are all afraid of something and whether our fear is real or irrational, if we let ourselves get caught up in a sea of worry, we run the risk of drowning in it. Listen in this message as Guest Speaker Brian Miller shares what we can do when it feels like our anxiety is overwhelming.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:With just 2 short words Jesus changed forever how people thought about prayer. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares what those 2 words are, what barriers keep us from living it out and finally the 4 ways in which God answers every single prayer that we pray.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:Everyone preaches...the question is who or what are you preaching? As followers of Jesus we're called to preach the good news of Jesus life, death, burial and resurrection for the forgiveness of our sins. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares the story of Philip and the 5 simple things he did to share his faith that we can do as well.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:Why for the last 2000+ years have Christians taken communion together? Listen in this message as Gilbert shares how 5 different meals in the bible help to explain not only communion but the whole story of mankind as well.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:Many people say, "Oh I was baptized as a baby". But that's not really baptism. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares how various Greek words got confused and the history behind how infant "baptism" and baptism by sprinkling got started. By the end you will have a clear understanding of not only how Jesus got baptized but why you need to be baptized in the same way.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:Everybody worships...the question is who or what do you worship. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares how Jesus came to change how we worship God and how that looks today (Hint: It has very little to do with a church building).

How I See Myself

Gilbert Thurston


Description:When you look in the mirror what kinds of things do you say to yourself? Listen in this message as Gilbert shares 4 different phrases you should constantly be reminding yourself of if you're going to stay in sync with God's desires for your life.

How God Sees Me

Gilbert Thurston


Description:In order to love others in the same way God loves us, we must first know how it is that God views us. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares 4 "sticky note" messages God wants to place on your bathroom mirror and then wraps-up the message with a powerful illustration of why this is so important.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:Religion can be toxic to your soul. Listen as Gilbert shares how the yeast of the Pharisees and of Herod polluted people in Jesus day and how we can avoid their mistakes today in our own lives and faith. Jesus didn't come to establish a religion, He came for something far greater than that!

Hidden Sin

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Have you ever had a sin that you've confessed to God for forgiveness yet you keep coming back and doing it over and over again? Does it feel like you just can't stop? Is it something you keep hidden from others? If so, then listen in this message as Gilbert shares an important aspect of confessing our sins that we often forget. If you desire freedom and healing then don't miss out on this powerful message.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:Comparison will only lead to envy, jealousy or pride. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares 2 ways we can Detox our souls from this toxic sin.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:The question isn't whether or not you will have doubts, the question is what will you do with your doubts? Listen in this message as Gilbert shares 3 ways to Detox from doubt when it has poisoned your mind.

Mom- Mother's Day 2017

Gilbert Thurston


Description:For some Mother's Day is a day of great rejoicing. For others it's a tough holiday for a variety of very painful reasons. Listen in this message as Gilbert honors all women and helps to take some pressure off the ladies by explaining why Proverbs 31 is one of the most misunderstood passages found in scripture.

Empty Promises

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Often times we chase after all that the American dream has to offer, only to find ourselves frustrated, tired or unfulfilled. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares how to deal with empty promises and unfulfilled expectations.

Empty Relationships

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Many people are searching for THE ONE...but then they get married and are ready to trade in that one for another one. The result is often single people feel empty without a spouse while those in a marriage often feel like they're in an empty relationship. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares how to find the who will never, ever let you down.

Empty Wallet

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Ever feel stressed out by your financial situation? Ever feel like you're enslaved to debt? If so, listen in this message as Gilbert shares 6 steps to financial freedom that will keep you from having an "Empty Wallet".

Empty Tomb

Gilbert Thurston


Description:In this Easter message, Gilbert shares how over and over eyewitnesses claimed that Jesus tomb really was empty. Can their stories be trusted? Listen as Gilbert gives you 3 points to consider to help you make your own decision.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:Does God hate? The answer is yes. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares more from the team's recent trip to Haiti and explains 2 things God most definitely hates and what you can do about it.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:If God IS love then why do you sometimes not feel His love? Listen in this message as Gilbert shares 3 possible reasons and illustrates his points by sharing some details of Exponential's recent trip to Haiti.


Nathan Buck


Description:What does it mean to contend for the faith? Listen in this message as Nathan Buck answers that question and further explains how to get the gray out of your life.

Psalm 1

Nathan Buck


Description:Listen as Nathan describes 3 different types of computer hackers and what that has to do with our lives today.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:In "The End" what happens to the Dragon, the Beasts and to the Harlot? Listen as Gilbert concludes this series on the Book of Revelation by talking about just how dominant Jesus will be when He returns again and how all that impacts our lives right here and right now in 2017.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:A Dragon, 2 Beasts and the number 666. Listen in this message as Gilbert simplifies what in the world the Book of Revelation means by these things and shares how they impact our lives right here and right now.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:Are you experiencing pain in your life? If so, the Book of Revelation is for you! That's right the same Revelation with all the weird stuff in it. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares 7 steps you can take from right out of the Book of Revelation that will help you get back on your feet and living victoriously.


Gilbert Thurston


Description:The Book of Revelation is down right weird to many people! Why in the world would John write about demons, beasts, harlots and so many other things using strange metaphors like a beast with 7 heads and 10 horns? Listen in this message as Gilbert shares the very logic reason for this and helps you discover how Revelation can help you through your own trials and tribulations at you might be facing today.

The Power of One Vision

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Everybody ends up somewhere, but few people end up somewhere on purpose. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares the 4 phases of having a vision for your life.

The Power of One Day

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Life is busy and often times we feel tired, wore out and over worked. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares the solution to this problem and gives 3 benefits to taking scheduled time off each week.

The Power of One Invitation

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Jesus plan for sharing what it means to be His follower is...YOU! And there is no Plan B. Yet stats show that 3/4 of all Christians never share their faith with others. Listen in this message as Gilbert explains how just memorizing one verse from scripture is all you really need to be effective in sharing the message of Jesus with others.

The Power of One Prayer

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Many people believe that prayer is powerful but not nearly as many people believe that their own prayers are powerful. Listen in this message as Gilbert uses the analogy of a boardroom to explain The Lord's Prayer and helps you discover what may be keeping you from having your own prayers answered.

The Power of One Decision

Gilbert Thurston


Description:One of the most important decisions we can make in life is, "Am I going to just float by life or truly try to make a difference". Listen in this message as Gilbert shares 3 important strategies for making sure you answer this question in the proper way.

The Power of One Person

Gilbert Thurston


Description:Can you change the world? If you're like most people you say, "No, I'm just one person, what difference can I really make?" But listen in this message as Gilbert shares story after story of people who changed the world and gives 4 lessons from the life of John the Baptist so that you to can truly make a difference with your one and only life.

Hope for a New Year

Gilbert Thurston


Description:This is the time of year that we often makes resolutions and then fail to keep them. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares 3 lessons we can learn from Moses who was reluctant to do what he was called to do but ultimately did it and as is now known as a hero of the faith. Moses had his excuses but overcame them and you can too!

The Polar Express

Gilbert Thurston


Description:The Polar Express is all about overcoming obstacles to believe. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares how that applies to our increasingly skeptical culture and how to overcome your own obstacles to belief.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Gilbert Thurston


Description:The Grinch's heart was 2 sizes too small and it made him hate the holidays. Listen in this message as Gilbert shares why people today become like the Grinch, the heart-breaking story of the 7 year-old actress who played Cindy Lou Who and what the bible has to say about having your heart changed.