Building a Beautiful World

David Kenney


Description:Not only CAN YOU make a difference, but you've probably had a far greater impact on way more people than you realize.

The Good Sam Club

David Kenney


Description:The Bible says we are to bear one another’s burdens. We are told to care and love and encourage one another. And I’m afraid that we know the story of the Good Samaritan so well, that there is a real danger that it will lose its meaning.

Rebuild & Restore

David Kenney


Description:You see it’s not just “broken people” – it’s broken people who allow themselves to be used by God. Thomas didn’t think he had value, Peter thought it was “over” and Jesus goes after these people and picks them back up and says, “I can still use you.”

Building a Community

David Kenney


Description:Our job as a church is to continue to chase after broken people. And not with the law to show them where they fail, but with love to show them that they’re free.

Here Comes the Rain Again

David Kenney


Description:Who is this man called Jesus? He is the one who can calm the storms that rage in your life – and all you have to do is surrender to Him.

The Road You Take

David Kenney


Description:The Jews were God’s chosen people, they were blessed, but now after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – God’s people would finally fulfill the second half of Abraham’s promise. Abrahams promise was that we would be blessed to be a blessing….

Becoming A Super Fan

David Kenney


Description:Does God want "fans" or "followers?" . . . or both?

Tent Building 101

David Kenney


Description:Where do you need to be more attentive in the building of you spiritual imperishable house?

Belize Mission Update 2017

Mission Team


Description:The Team from Belize gives their update on their 2017 trip

A Sip of Heaven

David Kenney


Description:The Garden of Eden was Heaven on Earth because the Bible says that God walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the garden, but sin entered the world and God left…. And the book of Revelation says… in those days there will be a new Heaven and a new earth and God is coming back … to stay.

You Can Drop It Or Throw It

David Kenney


Description:Have you ever had a spear thrown at you? None of Jesus’ teachings on conflict management seem very practical.

Blessed is the Nation

David Kenney


Description:Can we be like other American pioneers and see an issue or a cause that perhaps gets us motivated to want to get behind it and be a real instrument of change? Can we obey and step out in faith and boldly proclaim “I want to join Jesus in this amazing endeavor he calls the Church and I want to build something beautiful together with Him.”

Divine Dirt Clods

David Kenney


Description:Your breath is the physical reminder of God’s presence in your life.

The Road That Leads to Passion

David Kenney


Description:Father's Day Message 2017

I wish life was like a sit-com

David Kenney


Description:Gossip and slander and rumor is toxic and it will destroy your relationships, it will destroy marriages, it will destroy community and churches – don’t give it life.

Built for a Purpose

David Kenney


Description:God knows you better than you know yourself, but that shouldn’t make you afraid, or cripple you with wonder – it should free you and release you because you don’t have to hide – God knows you and loves you.

Buried in French Fries

David Kenney


Description:We give from our heart – because we acknowledge it all belongs to Him anyway and it’s our privilege that in the short time we have on earth, occasionally He asks us to work along side of Him and help Him build something beautiful.

A Friend is a Noun

David Kenney


Description:If you truly cared about another person, you won’t want them to miss out on the most important relationship they can have in this life.

More Precious than Jewels

David Kenney


Description:Mother's Day 2017 Service

Whose Kingdom are you Building

David Kenney


Description:If you’re looking around and you just feel you’re surrounded by the enemy, don’t listen to that first impulse that says you should run away. Maybe God has thrown you in that fiery furnace for a reason.

Love Serves

David Kenney


Description:What we do need are people who are willing to emulate the self-sacrifice that comes from being a servant.

Throw off the Bowline

David Kenney


Description:What lion has God called you to fight? What wall has he called you to build? When we read these stories in the Bible of our heroes… we see men and women wiling to take risks.

Easter is a Relationship

David Kenney


Description:Listen, if you don’t know love – God wants to show you loveIf you don’t belong anywhere – God wants to show you where you belong If you haven’t experienced mercy – God wants to give you grace

Sunrise Service 2017

David Kenney


Description:On that first Easter morning, there was a search, a surprise and a gift.

Good Friday

David Kenney


Description:The message of the cross, while terrible, contains a message of hope for us who benefit from it. Through the power of Christ on the cross there is forgiveness and a new chance at life because of what Jesus accomplished there for us.

The Stone The Builders Rejected

David Kenney


Description:You are the temple. Jesus is the cornerstone. It’s always been God’s grand design … to live and to tabernacle with his people.

The Cross & The Birdcage

David Kenney


Description:Redemption means: the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt. That’s how we define redemption – but what does it look like?

An Act of Grace

David Kenney


Description:It's a Love Story - A lenten series on the love story of God as told by the book of Hosea - part 2

History of Walden Church

Pastor Emeritus Jack Treend


Description:Pastor Jack Treend sits down to give a quick overview of how it all began for Walden Community Church.

The New Has Come

David Kenney


Description:Pastor David takes a look at the Biblical and Traditional understandings of Baptism.

Why Do Christians Suffer?

Jack Treend


Description:Pastor Emeritus Jack Treend takes a look at the reasons Christians suffer and compares that with the longsuffering of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.