Kelsey Irwin


Description:Songs PlayedLive It Well- SwitchfootClothed In Skin- Benjamin DunnWhere were You- Ghost ShipMy all in Thee- Young OceansAll the Poor and Powerless- All Sons and Daughters

You Will Be My Witness- Acts 1

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs PlayedAlways Been About You- Fellowship Creative. My God My King- All Sons And Daughters. Set a Fire- Will Regan. He Shout Love- Silver Pages.

Easter 2017 John 21

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs PlayedI Wonder- LeelandMightier- Aaron StumpfelGreat Are You, Lord- All Sons and DaughtersHallelujah, To Saving Grace- BellariveIn Christ Alone- King’s Kaleidoscope

7 Statements of Jesus on the Cross

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs: Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens - Young Oceans. Multiplied - Need to Breath. Taste of Eternity - Bellarive. Lament - Robbie Seay. Praise the Invisible - Daniel Bashta.

Lent Week 5: The Work of the Holy Spirit

Associate Pastor Justin Amos


Description:Songs: Psalms 23 - Mike Crawford. Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go - Robbie Seay. Here's My Heart - David Crowder. Where Were You - Ghost Ship. Psalm 118 - Robbie Seay.

Remain in Me - John 15

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs: Adoption - Ghostship, Clothed in Skin - Benjamin Dunn, I am Set Free - All Sons & Daughters, Beautiful Things - Gungor, Fast From, Feast On - Page CXVI

Lent week 3: Love and Obedience

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs PlayedLove Invades- Robbie SeayBe thou My Vision- Ascend the HillMightier- Aaron StrumpfelShine Your Light- Robbie SeayOnly You- David Crowder

Lent Week 2

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs:Song of Hope - Robbie Seay Alive Again - Matt Maher I Wonder - Leeland Fast From, Feast On - Page CXVI Live it Well - Switchfoot

Lent: The Upper Room Week 1

Associate Pastor Justin Amos


Description:Jesus, Savior Pilot Me- WayfarerCome Thou Fount- David CrowderDivine Romance- Phil WikchamFast From, Feast On- Page CXVIHow He Loves- David Crowder

Trust the Process- Genesis 49-50

Phil Zweerink


Description:Songs PlayedPraise the Lord ye Heavens- Young OceansMy Soul SIngs- Cory AsburyWhite as Snow- Jon ForemanMightier- Aaron StrumpfelAll the Poor and Powerless- All Sons and Daughters

God's Plan for Restoration; Genesis 42-43

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs PlayedMy All In Thee- Young OceamsHouse of God, Forever- Jon ForemanPsalm 118 (steadfast Love)- Robbie SeayIt is Well- Bethel Music

Our Response to Suffering

Associate Pastor Justin Amos


Description:Songs: Live it Well - Switch Foot Adoption - Ghost Ship Good, Good Father - Chris Tomlin He Shouted Love - Silver Pages Shine Your Light On Us - Robbie Seay

Jesus in Genesis; Genesis 39

Dave Hinde


Description:Songs: Multiplied - Need to Breathe Great are you, Lord - All Sons & Daughters White as Snow - Jon Foreman Brokenness Aside - All Sons & Daughters

2016 Summary Video

Preemptive Love Coalition


Description:Video presented at the start of services regarding support around the world in 2016.

The Dreamer; Genesis 37

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs PlayesAlways been about you- Fellowship CreativeClothed in Skin- Bejamin DunnMy God My King; Oh Our Lord- All Sons and DaughtersVapor- GungorI Will Be Still- Youn Oceans

Life of Jacob Genesis 25-35

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Priase the Lord Ye Heavens- Young OceansLive it Well- SwitchfootTaste of Eternity- BellarivePraise the Invisible- Daniel BashtaHallelujah to Saving Grace- Bellarive

State of Wellspring

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs :Praise the Lord all Praise and Blessing - Matt Scott Live it Well - Switch foot Come Let it Shine - All Sons & DaughtersWhere Were You? - Ghost ShipBe Thou My Vistion - Ascend the Hill

Batisms, Relfection/Prayer. Testimonials

Pastor Bob Miller, Kelsey Irwin


Description:No songs Played today.Please see attached PDF slides below as they corrsepond to the service. Recording was paused during service for reflection and prayer corresponding to the attached slides

Testimonial Video

Lauren Gunderson


Description:Video Presented during service on 1/1/17

Christmas Eve

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs PlayedJoy to the WorldGod Rest Ye Merry GentlemenO Come O Come EmmanuelO Holy NightSilent Night

Advent Week 4: Love and The Guest House

Sam Donahoo and Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Beautiful Things- GungorAll the Poor and Powerless- All Sons and DaughtersCome Thou Long Expected Jesus- Marcy PriestOh, Love that Will Not let Me Go- Robbie SeayThe Light Came Down- Josh Garrels

Advent week 3 - Peace

Pastor Bob Miller, Amy Brooks


Description:Songs:Adoption - Ghostship The Light Came Down - Josh Garrels Brokenness Aside - All Sons & DaughtersYour Glory/Nothing but the Blood - All Sons & DaughtersHallelujah Christmas - Cloverton

Advent Week 2- Joy

Associate Pastor Justin Amos, Tammy Flowers


Description:Songs PlayedJoy to the worldLift up you mighty heads- Mike CrawfordThe light came down- Josh GarrelsPraise the Invisible- Daniel BashtaGod with us- All sons and Daughters

Hosting Hope: Importance of Sponsorship | Uganda

Childrern's HopeChest


Description:Video Presented During Service 12/4/16Joy to the World - Lincoln BrewsterLIft up your Heads - Mike CrawfordPraise the Invisible - Daniel BashtaGod with Us - All Son's and DaughtersThe Light Came Down - Josh Garrels

Advent Week 1: Hope and Food For Kids

Associate Pastor Justin Amos, Sheila and Kenzie Gilbert


Description:Songs PlayedPraise the Lord Ye Heavens- Young OceansClothed In Skin- Benjamin DunnI Am- David CrowderThe Invitation- the FollowersGod With Us- All Sons and Daughters

Empty the Bucket

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs: Adoption - Ghostship He Shouted Love - Silver Pages My All in Thee - Young Oceans It is Well - Bethel Music Only You - David Crowder

Orphan Sunday

Sam Donahoo


Description:Good, Good Father - Chris TomlinAdoption - Ghost ShipI wonder - LeelandWhere were you - Ghost Ship

Orphan Sunday

Zac & Kylie Miller / Josh & Kelsey Davis


Description:Good, Good Father - Chris TomlinAdoption - Ghost ShipI Wonder - LeelandWhere Were You - Ghost Ship

Orphan Sunday

Kayla (Childrens Division)


Description:Good, Good Father - Chris TomlinAdoption - Ghost ShipI Wonder - LeelandWhere Were You - Ghost Ship

Jesus in Genesis

Dave Hinde


Description:Praise the Lord Ye Heavens - Young OceansWake up - All Sons and DaughtersSet a Fire - Will ReganLament - Robbie SeayPsalm 118 - Robbie Seay

Operation Christmas Child



Description:Video Presented in Church 10/30/16

The Lord Will Provide- Genesis 22

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Your Love is Strong- Jon ForemanMy God My King/Oh Our Lord- All Sons and DaughtersLament- Robbie SeayWhite as Snow- Jon ForemanWhere Were You- Ghost Ship

God's Covenant with Abraham

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Our God Alone - The BrillianceI will be still - Young OceansYour Love is Enough - Jon ForemanBe thou my vision - Ascend the HillI wonder - Leeland

The Calling of Abraham - Genesis 12

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs:Good, Good Father - Chris TomlinMy All in Thee - Young OceansDivine Romance - Phil WickhamGreat are you Lord - All Sons and DaughtersI Wonder - Leeland

Jesus in Genesis - The Tower of Babel

Brad Edgar


Description:Songs:Search Me - Mike CrawfordAlways Been About You - Fellowship CreativePraise the Lord Ye Heavens - Young OceansHe Shouted Love - Silver PagesHouse of God Forever - Jon Foreman

10 Year Impact



Description:Video about Wellspring and several people who have been attending

10th Anniversary

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs Played:I am set Free- All Sons and DaughtersYou Have Stirred My Soul- Robbie SeayBeautiful Things- GungorVapor- GungorHallelujah, to saving Grace- BellariveIn Christ Alone- King's Kaliedoscope

Jesus in Genesis - The Flood

Associate Pastor Justin Amos


Description:Amazing Grace - Chris TomlinRich and Poor - Robbie SeayLament - Robbie SeayIt is well - Bethel MusicHow he loves - David Crowder

Genesis 3

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs:Holy Lamb of God - Mike CrawfordIn Christ Alone - Kings KaliedoscopeOnly You- David CrowderPraise The Invisible- Daniel Bashta

Jesus in Genesis Act 1

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs PlayedAlways Been about You- Fellowship CreativeYou Never Let Go- Matt RedmanGood, Good Father- Chris TomlinOur God Alone- The BrillanceMy Soul Sings- Cory Asbury/Bethel Music


Rob Willoughby, TJ and Nicole Halsey, Sean Stagner


Description:Songs Played:Alive Again- Matt MaherFall On your knees- David CrowderMy All In Thee- Young OceansSometimes- David CrowderRich and Poor/Sing to Jesus- Robbie Seay

Cast Your Anxiety on Him 1 Peter 5: 7-11

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs: Come Thou Fonunt - David CrowderPraise the Lord, Ye Heavens - Young OceansHe Shouted Love - Silver PagesHallelujah to Saving Grace - BellariveYour Love is Strong - Jon Foreman

Excerpt from Henry Cloud

Henry Cloud


Description:exceprt of video by Henry Coiud on Leadership Boundaries

Leading and Following with Humility- 1 Peter 5

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Songs PlayedGood, Good Father- Chris TomlinGreat are you Lord- All Sons and DaughtersBrokeness Aside- All Sons and DaughtersHouse of God, Foreever- Jon ForemanPsalm 118- Robbie Seay

Time is Ticking

Pastor Bob Miller


Description:Set a Fire - Will ReganPraise the Invisible - Daniel BashtaYour Glory - All Sons and DaughtersBehold the Lamb - Daniel BashtaI will be Still - Young Oceans

Intern Sunday

Justin Amos, Sam Donahoo, Paityn Howat, and Mack Starr


Description:Songs:Clothed in Skin - Benjamin DunnPraise the Lord Ye Heavens - Young OceansShine Your Light - Robbie SeayOceans - Hillsong UnitedAll the Poor & Powerless - All Sons & Daughters

You Gotta Have it to Give It

Ladell Thompson


Description:Songs PlayedMultiplies- NeedtobreatheI am set Free- All Sons and DaughtersI Wonder- LeelandWake Up- All Sons and DaughtersBrokenness Aside- All Sons and Daughters